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FAQs about storage in Philadelphia

How much does it cost to rent storage in Philadelphia?

On average a Neighbor storage unit in Philadelphia costs $103 per month.

What is the most popular storage rental in Philadelphia?

15x15 spaces are the most frequently booked storage type in Philadelphia.

What is the cheapest storage space in Philadelphia?

In the past 24 hours, the cheapest storage spaces in Philadelphia were priced $64/month, $66/month, and $67/month.

Who is the most highly rated storage provider in Philadelphia?

Based off ratings from real Neighbor customers, the best storage providers in Philadelphia were Jinggang N, Megan M, and Irvin D.

How can I find storage near me in Philadelphia?

On a large screen, our map view can help you find storage space just down the street.

Also, our comprehensive list of available Neighbor storage spaces in Philadelphia is a great place to start.

How much storage do I need?

As a rule of thumb, a 5x5 will fit one piece of furniture or several boxes, a 5x10 will fit the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment, a 10x10 will fit the contents of a small home, a 10x15 will fit the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home, a 10x20 will fit the contents of a 4 bedroom home, and a 20x20 will fit a lot more.

How much space do I need to store a vehicle?

Motorcycles and other small vehicles generally require a 5x10 storage space while most cars and trucks will fit within a 10x20. For larger trailers, RVs, and other vehicles you will likely need to pull out the measuring tape as they can require anywhere from 10x40 to 20x60 spaces.

Do I need climate-controlled storage?

We recommend climate controlled storage for most electronics, collectibles, personal items (books, clothing, and photos), and sensitive materials (glass, leather, and metal).

If you live in a dry climate, climate control isn't as much of a concern, though you should still consider temperature's effect on your items.

Should I winterize my vehicle before storing?

If you expect freezing temperatures during the period that you plan to store your vehicle, you should definetely consider winterizing your vehicle before storing to prevent unecessary harm to your vehicle.

Storage Units in Philadelphia

About Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, has a rich history containing some of the most important landmarks of the American Revolution, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. In addition to being the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is the sixth-most populous city in the United States. Philly, as it is commonly known as, features a strong economy and beautiful parks. Whether you're looking for the gateway to America's past or simply a storage unit in Philadelphia, you won't be disappointed.

Storage Unit Amenities

When choosing a self storage unit in Philadelphia, there are many amenities to consider. The first is whether or not to rent a climate controlled storage unit. This is particularly important if you are storing sensitive items for long periods of time or in particularly humid areas. Keep in mind, however, that there is a different between climate control and humidity control, with the latter focusing specifically on eliminating humidity. These storage units will run more expensive than exterior, non-climate controlled units. On Neighbor, you will find garages, sheds, attics and other storage areas without climate control. Basements, office space, and bedrooms will likely have climate control. In addition, you'll want to consider whether the storage is located on ground level or up or down a set of stairs. If on the ground floor, convenient drive-up access is also a valuable amenity if you are storing large furniture, need frequent access or are looking to store items with wheels.

Choosing a Storage Unit Size

While traditional storage units typically come in sizes like 5x5, 10x10 or 20x20, Neighbor storage comes in all shapes and sizes. While the average renter typically needs between 50 and 200 square feet, it is always better to be safe than sorry by renting a space slightly larger than you think you might need. If you are storing a mattress or large furniture with other small items, you'll want to rent at least a unit that is 5x10 (50 square feet) or larger. Height is another aspect that you'll want to consider as tall storage units will allow for stacking and other organization techniques.

Long-term Storage Tips

It's important to think about your storage plans to determine how and what you can load into a storage unit. While leaving a box of clothes in storage for a 1-2 months won't require any special preparation, if you are planning to store items for a year or more you'll want to prepare properly. Be mindful about the type of materials you store and if they are sensitive to extreme heat, cold or humidity. While weather in Philadelphia won't produce many extreme swings in temperature, winter can drop into the low 20s F. Be careful about storing leather or wood in non-climate controlled areas. Avoid storing items in plastic bags as they hold in humidity and moisture. If storing appliances that may have moisture, leave the doors ajar and remove as much bacteria as possible. Vaccum-sealing fabric items, such as clothing, can also protect against damage when storing items long-term in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Weather

Whether storing family heirlooms or apartment furniture in Philadelphia, knowing the outdoor temperatures by month can help you decide if you want indoor or outdoor storage. July is the hottest month in this part of Pennsylvania with an average high of 89 degrees F with January being the coldest month with average lows of 28 degrees F. Humidity in the summer is bearable, reaching 58% on average.

Storage Unit Pricing in Philadelphia

Self storage unit prices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tends to be relatively volatile compared to other nearby regions. Prices are highest in December and lowest in May.

Storage Unit Insurance

Most self storage facilities don't offer insurance. If they do, it's often through a third-party and can be expensive for a small amount of coverage. Neighbor, however, provides renters with a $25,000 Guarantee, included in your monthly payment, to help protect against property damage.

About Neighbor

Neighbor's online community connects hosts with unused storage space on residential or commercial properties in Philadelphia, PA with renters looking to store their items. Neighbor self storage spaces are, on average, 50% cheaper than traditional self storage units and offers you additional safety, protection, and convenience with our verified hosts, liability protections, and automated billing. We're confident that we can help you find the closest, cheapest, and safest storage units around Philadelphia.