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Overview of Boat Storage

Everyone needs boat storage! Boats are a popular recreational vehicle choice for many people. Tubing, water skiing, cruising, and fishing are just a few of the many exhilarating water sports you can do with a boat. Once your weekend outing is over, however, you’ll need somewhere to stash your faithful watercraft until the next lake trip.

One option is to store it at home, but very few people have the extra space. That’s where Neighbor comes in. All you have to do is enter your zip code, address, or city and you’ll be able to browse a list of boat storage units available near you. Give it a try, or read on for more storage tips and advice.

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Neighbor makes it easy to find and book a storage space for your boat near you. Unlike traditional self storage facilities, Neighbor connects people in need of storage space with other people who have extra room. Just type your location into the search bar and you’ll see a list of storage units in your area.

You can compare price, size, amenities, and location to find your ideal space. After you’ve selected your storage space, you can make a reservation request and get in touch with the host. Neighbor handles all the payments and provides a secure messaging platform for you to use.

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Average Boat Storage Prices

Storage Unit Size Average Storage Facility Price Neighbor's Lowest Price
10 x 20 $85 $35
15 x 30 $120 $65
15 x 40 $135 $85
15 x 50+ $150+ $100+

Boat Storage Facility Amenities

Depending on your boat and your situation, there are a number of features you should look for in a storage space. Here is a brief guide to common boat storage amenities you can choose from.

Indoor 24/7 Access Locations

Most storage units allow 24/7 access, meaning you can come and go as you please. Check on your boat as much as you'd like! Several storage facilities also have an onsite manager or host for added security and convenience.

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate control is important if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, precipitation, or humidity. Protect your boat with climate controlled storage. This option is only available for indoor boat storage spaces.

Cheapest Boat Storage

The price of boat storage depends on the size of your boat, but typically the cheapest way to store a watercraft is to use outdoor storage. Through Neighbor, you can find a variety of cheap storage options including outdoor boat and indoor storage units for less than $100 a month.

Indoor Covered Storage

Indoor covered boat storage means your watercraft will be safely locked away in a garage-type space. This is one of the best ways to protect your boat during the winter. These spaces are usually climate controlled, and provide the best protection from the elements.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is the cheapest way to store your boat, but can cause some damage if your boat isn’t covered properly. This type of storage space is usually a driveway or paved area where you can park your boat and boat trailer.

Open Lot Boat Storage

Parking your boat in an open lot is a cheap and convenient way to store your boat, but often has minimal security features. Open lot storage spaces are open fields or expanses of land where boaters can park their boats and trailers.

Boat Wet Slip

Wet slip storage means storing your boat in a designated spot or “slip” in the water. This storage method makes for an easy launch, but some watercraft are not meant to be stored in the water for long periods of time. Make sure wet slip storage is recommended for your type of boat before deciding on this storage method.

Indoor Boat Dry Lift

A dry lift keeps your boat secured just above the water, giving you the convenience of lakeside storage and protection of dry storage. This is one of the best ways to protect your boat's motor during the winter. Dry lift storage will keep your boat safe from marine growth and wave damage while remaining on the lake.

Security Features

One of the most important features in a storage space is security. All storage units are equipped with basic protection like fences and walls, while some offer access codes, security cameras, and 24/7 surveillance.

Types of Boat Storage Units

Every kind of boat has specific storage requirements and best practices. Some watercraft are best stored indoors, while some are fit for outdoor storage. While searching for a boat storage space, keep in mind which type of storage is best suited for your vessel.

Jet Ski Storage Unit

Jet skis are easier to store than most watercraft because they only take up a small amount of space. You should never store these miniature vessels outside for extended periods of time, so look for an indoor storage solution. A 15x20 storage space, or half of a garage, will easily fit your jet skis. Be sure to cover them properly and store them on their trailer.

Indoor Jet Ski Storage

Houseboat Storage Unit

When it comes to storing your houseboat, the most common methods are dry lift storage and indoor covered storage. If you choose indoor storage, a small houseboat will fit into a 20x40 space, but you will need a specialty storage space if you have a large boat. Be sure to properly block and stabilize your boat if you choose to store it indoors.

Houseboat Storage

Yacht Storage Unit Sizes

The best way to store your yacht is to use wet slip storage or a specialty yacht lift. Using a lift can be expensive and cumbersome depending on the size of your watercraft, so wet slip storage, or dockage, is the recommended storage method. You can find dockage space in the private sector for a reasonable price or look for slip space at a storage yard.

Indoor Yacht Storage

Speed Boat Storage

You can store your speed boat on it’s trailer using indoor or outdoor storage. Indoor covered storage will offer your boat the most protection, but if you’ve taken the necessary steps to winterize your boat and invested in a cover, outdoor storage can save you money. Most boats will fit into a 15x30 storage space, but if you plan to store your boat trailer and other gear with your watercraft, look for a 15x35 space.

Indoor SpeedBoat Storage

Sailboat Storage

Sailboats can be stored indoors or outdoors as long as they are covered and blocked properly. Small sailboats such as sailing dinghies, beach catamarans, daysailers, and racer-cruisers will easily fit into a 15x30 storage space. You will need a 20x40+ space to store larger racing and cruising sailboats.

Sailboat Storage

Kayak Storage

It’s always best practice to store your kayak in an indoor climate-controlled space such as a garage. If you decide to use outdoor kayak storage, be sure your vessel is covered and safe from the sun and weather. Most small storage spaces will have ample room to store multiple kayaks.

Indoor Kayak Storage

Pontoon Boat Storage

Indoor covered storage or outdoor storage is recommended for long-term pontoon storage. If you plan to use your boat year-round, use dry lift boat storage to protect your watercraft from water damage. You will need a 15x25 to 20x40 storage space for your pontoon boat depending on the size.

Indoor Pontoon Boat Storage

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