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The most money you'll ever save in five minutes. Here's why you should switch to Neighbor Storage today.

Easy online rentals, secure warehouses, garages, and private rooms for business storage, and Neighbor handles all payments automatically.

Neighbor's hosts and renters are guaranteed damage protections for up to $1,000.

Neighbor's responsive customer care team, secure 256-bit SSL encryption, and month to month contracts.

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Business Storage Guide

Overview of Business Storage

Self-Storage is great for Business Storage. Whether you use storage for business documents, files, project materials, excess retail inventory, or are moving offices and need a place to store all the furniture that doesn’t fit in your new office space, Neighbor has the perfect spot for you.

Neighbor offers 50% cheaper storage per square foot than any other self storage facility in your area. In fact, Neighbor has charities and for profit businesses storing their inventory in our storage spaces.

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Popular Business Storage Features

50% Cheaper

On average, Neighbor is 50% cheaper than all other storage facilities. Less Expenses = Greater Bottom Line. Need we say more? Sign up for Neighbor today.

Convenient Access Hours

Set up times with your host so you have the flexibility to come and go as you please during certain hours. That way both you and the host are happy with the arrangement and you score awesome storage space that is way cheaper than other storage facilities and you get the access you need to your inventory or belongings.

24/7 Security

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your most sensitive materials are protected in the homes of Hosts that care and protect their property and rooms. For many businesses, the ability to access their units are hindered by time restraints. If your company needs to have the freedom of grabbing supplies, documents, show materials then a 24-hour access storage space is the ideal and cheapest solution.

Super Nice Hosts

All of Neighbor’s hosts are always helpful and accommodating. We want this to be the easiest part of your busy day whenever you visit your storage space.

Climate Controlled Units

Protect your valuable business documents, records, inventory, furniture, or even filing cabinets in a storage unit that is temperature controlled by hosts that actually live there. No more malfunctions at the storage facility, no more boiling hot storage sheds, just a friendly Neighbor home storage space where the hosts live and breath the same regulated air as your storage space.

Drive-up Units

Just drive write up to your storage unit and you’ll never have to worry about moving that heavy filing cabinet around corners, up stairs, or longer than a distance of 10 feet because you can just pull the truck bed right up to a Neighbor host’s garage or shed.

Month to Month Payments

What if you don’t know how long you need storage? Perfect. Neighbor has you covered with month to month payments where you can save hundreds of dollars by not getting trapped by a storage facility in a 6 - 1 year long lease. That’s what I call convenient and affordable!

Clean Areas

Modern storage facilities can be extremely clean. However, most storage facilities are old and archaic in nature. Store with Neighbor and you get a well taken care of and cleaned storage area for your space every month. No more dust and grime on the floor. Instead a clean garage or bedroom with air conditioning and a perfect host to guard your belongings.

Lower Cost Per Square Foot

The majority of all commercial month to month storage rentals mean no 6-month or 1-year lease for hundreds of dollars. Rent with Neighbor for 50% cheaper storage spaces and the flexibility to start and stop renting whenever you want.

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Average Business Storage Prices

Storage Unit Size Average Business Storage Price Neighbor's Lowest Price
10 x 10 $85 $45
10 x 20 $105 $75
15 x 20 $125 $85
20 x 20 $180 $115
30 x 30 $250 $175
40 x 40 $300+ $225
Warehouse Space $300+ Pricing Available Upon Request

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What Industries Benefit From Storage?

  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Retail
  • Movers
  • Realtors
  • Apartment Managers
  • Interior Designers
  • Home Stagers
  • Construction Storage
  • Office Storage
  • Warehouse Storage
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