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Ultimate Guide To Finding College Student Storage

Contents of College Storage Guide

Find Storage Units For College Students

If you’re like most students, you may not have enough room in your home to store all your belongings. After all, we all have a tendency to let things pile up over time. Self-storage is one alternative that allows you to store your possessions in a secure location, when you simply no longer have the room. Self-storage can be used for an abundance of different reasons, including renovating your home, decluttering or going home for summer vacation.

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How to Find Student Self Storage with Neighbor?

Neighbor is a self-storage company intent on connecting those with additional storage space with those that are looking to store. Unlike other self-storage facilities, Neighbor takes the hassle out of finding proper storage space for your belongings and instead connects you with those in your community that are offering up their space for a fraction of the cost. To begin storing with Neighbor, simply join on our website and specify whether you are looking to host or rent with us.

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What are the most popular storage units for college students?

3x3 - Student Storage Space

While you are not likely to find a unit much smaller than a 3’ x 3’, a space this size is recommended if you are looking to store smaller items, such as books or school supplies.

These are usually considered storage lockers and are best used to store the smaller items in your possession. These units typically have shorter ceilings so if you are looking to store larger items then you should rent out a 5x5 or larger storage space.

5x5 - Student Storage Space

A 5’ x 5’ personal unit is ideal for storing belongings that could fit in a small room or a large closet, such as chairs, smalls desks, small bookcases, lamps and suitcases. Many often use this size storage space to store seasonal decorations.

These are the second smallest standard storage unit sizes and are the most economical and financially available units. These are extremely affordable and will fit into any college budget. Neighbor has all sizes of spaces available so we will never run out of room for your stuff!

5x10 - Student Storage Space

5' x 10' storage units are basically a step up from a 5x5 unit. They provide the space you need to fit a larger desk or a larger bed frame but they can't hold much more than a 5x5. In the end you may be better off finding a 10x10 unit.

Although, these units do have the vertical height you need of about 8-to-10 feet of space where you can stack similar sized boxes right up to the ceiling.

10x10 - Student Storage Space

A 10’ x 10’ unit can hold the content of three rooms, such as mattresses, armchairs, sofas, dining room tables and desks. This size self-storage unit is best used for moving, traveling for extended periods of time or even deployment.

If you have any particularly large or oddly shaped belongings then you will want a 10x10 storage unit space. These spaces also allow you to possible share with another student and save money on your storage rental every month by splitting the cost!

Average Neighbor Student Storage Prices

Storage Unit Size Average Storage Facility Price Neighbor's Lowest Student Price
3 x 3 $30 $14
5 x 5 $55 $25
5 x 10 $75 $35
10 x 10 $125 $65

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Prices are Seasonal so book your space early with Neighbor!

Neighbor stands apart from competitors with its year-round booking capabilities. Unlike other storage facilities and companies that charge seasonally and fill up quickly, leaving you on a slowly dwindling waiting list, Neighbor is capable of connecting you with a host in your area without hardly any way at all!

Neighbor allows you to book early and efficiently secure a space to store your belongings.

Storage prices typically peak in the late spring and early summer as moving season comes around. Prices also swing to the extremes in college towns during this period. You know you aren't the only student looking for a storage unit this coming summer.

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So why wait till you get stuck on a waiting list or worse yet, end up paying triple what your storage unit is worth! Book with Neighbor's certified student listings and you'll get a great price with no waiting list. You can even rent months in advance and place secure that storage space for yourself when summer comes.

What Amenities should you consider?

Climate Controlled

Climate controlled storage facilities manage both temperature and humidity, which work together to manage any moisture in your unit. These facilities are often recommended for those looking to store anything that could potentially be varnished over a period of time.

Drive Up Access

If you are considering placing larger items in a storage unit, then a facility with drive up access could be a necessity for you. Unless you have a group willing to carry your belongings for an extended amount of time, look into storage spaces that allow you to drive up and place items in your unit without the inconvenience.

Indoor vs Outdoor Units

Indoor units are commonly found in suburban areas and often offer climate controlled and secured storage spaces. Outdoor units are usually more spacious than Indoor and often house larger units for you to pick from. Indoor facilities are ideal for storing smaller, personal belongings whereas Outdoor units are better built to store larger and more spacious items.

How to Save Money as a Student Renter?

If you’re looking for a short term storage space or you’re simply not in the market to spend any additional money on a storage unit, then forego any additional amenities and features offered to you. If possible, simply ask for a storage unit without any additional charges and maintain it to the best of your own ability. Ask for student discounts!!

Student Storage

Are There Student Discounts? Heck Yes!

Find Student Discounts:


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Should I store my Furniture?

Yes! Storing your furniture is a great way to clear up space within your home for moving or downsizing. For college students, storing your furniture during summer break is an easy way to forego taking home all your belongings and it won’t break the bank. Self-storage is a great alternative for any in or out of state college student.

Should I just ship my stuff home? No, Choose Neighbor!

Shipping can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and can often be a long and grueling process. To avoid shipping cost and maintenance, simply consider storing your belongings with a self-storage company like neighbor. You’ll have any unneeded, for the time being, belongings safely kept and off you hands in no time and for a fraction of the price!

Where can I find the cheapest packing materials?

To ensure your belongings are safely kept in a storage facility, you may want to consider looking into packing materials. Items such as boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape can be found at your local convenience or hardware store. Or if you just so happen to have any additional materials laying, no longer of use to you, around even better!

College Student Packing Guide

How to pack college books:

  1. Store books in unused boxes or storage containers.
  2. Place books on edges in the box.
  3. Alternate bounds of books.
  4. Fill to the top or until heavy.
  5. Close the box and secure with packing tape.
  6. Label the box.

How to pack clothes:

  1. Wash all clothes before packing.
  2. Roll or fold clothing and place in a sealable storage container.
  3. Vacuum seal clothing for short term storage.
  4. If possible, opt for a climate-controlled storage facility.

How to pack a Suit or a Dress:

  1. Find a medium-sized suitcase.
  2. Lay down one half of the suit or dress in the bottom of the suitcase and leave the other half out.
  3. Layer in other clothes you are packing, then fold the other half of your suit or dress over top.
  4. Feel free to layer as much as you’d like, these will prevent creases and wrinkles in your clothing.

How to pack a suitcase:

  1. Try to pack as lightly as possible.
  2. Fold or roll clothing to save as much space in your suitcase as you can.
  3. Take an extra plastic bag or two for dirty clothes.
  4. Keep your liquids in sealable plastic bags. Place shoes at the bottom of your luggage.

How to pack your car when your moving:

  1. Use vacuum storage bags for larger items such as comforters and clothing.
  2. Pack using bags, as opposed to boxes and luggage, this will save you space when packing.
  3. Protect valuable possessions by placing them in safe and un-damageable locations.
  4. Also consider packing these belongings first so that they are out of sight.
  5. Make sure all windows are kept clear for driving.

How to pack electronics:

  1. Use various packing materials, such as bubble wrap or foam, to keep electronics safe.
  2. Take pictures of electronics before disassembling them and keep all accessories together.
  3. Put electronics into a box and label it.

How to pack up and move furniture:

  1. Decide which furniture pieces you would like or need to take apart.
  2. Take pictures of the furniture before disassembling it .
  3. Purchase packing supplies in order to keep fragile furniture safe.
  4. Consider renting or borrowing a truck to transport large furniture items.

How to pack up and move a TV:

  1. Disconnect your TV from any power cords and keep them in a labeled box.
  2. Cover the screen of your tv with foam or bubble wrap to prevent from potential damage while transporting.
  3. Put the TV in a box and secure it with cushioned items, such as blankets or pillows.
  4. Make sure to keep your TV upright when transporting it.
  5. How to pack up and move exercise equipment
  6. Take apart the equipment if necessary and transport it upright.

How to pack up and move cross country:

  1. Begin your trip cross country by decluttering and ridding yourself of any possessions no longer of use to you.
  2. Make sure to wrap, pad and label your belongings.
  3. Consider renting or borrowing a truck to help transport your belongings cross country.
  4. Or rent a storage unit from Neighbor.

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