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Rent out your unused space to store your neighbors' belongings. It's easy, safe, and free.

How much is your empty space worth?

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How to Host

You can start making money on Neighbor in as little as five minutes.

List for free

Want to list your garage? Free. Your unfinished basement? Gratis. Your spare bedroom? No charge. An unused shed? You get the picture. Did we mention we have an app?

Respond to renters

Interested renters will reach out to you. You can see what they will be storing or even meet them in person before agreeing to anything. Message them directly from our mobile app.

Make money

As you let your Neighbors store their belongings in your home, your community grows a little closer. And your wallet, a little fatter.

Safety FirstLock

Every interaction on Neighbor is founded on trust.

Renters trust hosts to take good care of their belongings, and hosts trust renters to be careful with what they store. We do all we can to foster an environment of trust on our platform.
Hosts can talk to potential renters or even meet them in person before letting them use their space. Neighbor's $1M Host Guarantee also protects hosts from personal liability.

Free $1M Host Guarantee

Nationwide customer support

Chance to screen potential renters

Ability to require photo ID

Easy Payments

Getting paid is both simple and guaranteed.

Payout Protection

Host payouts are guaranteed while the storage space is occupied, even if the renter stops paying.

Safe & Secure

Hosts are paid out through Neighbor's secure payment processor trusted by Google, Spotify, Target, Amazon, and millions of other businesses.

Automatic Deposits

After quickly and securely connecting a bank account to Neighbor, host payouts are directly deposited automatically at the end of every month.

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