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RV Storage in Saint Johns: FAQs

The average cost to store your RV in Saint Johns is $95 each month.
The RV storage size depends on the vehicle class. For example, a Class C RV should have between a 20- and 40-foot-long, 15-foot-high storage unit, while a small travel trailer will require at least a 10 X 10 storage unit.
Find RV storage close to home by entering your city into the search bar or by zooming into your desired areas on the map tool. You'll see convenient RV storage units all throughout Saint Johns.
Check out a few of Neighbor's most popular offerings:
  • Access any time: Need the flexibility of getting to your vehicle at any time of day (or night)? No problem. Rent a Saint Johns RV storage unit on Neighbor that provides flexible access.
  • Security: See to it that your RV has the most secure storage possible by selecting a listing that offers security like a padlock, 24/7 surveillance, alarm systems, or an access code.
  • If you're not using your RV full-time, you should start your engine once a month.
    Here's what to do if you're using long-term Saint Johns RV storage: Patch any holes or cracks to prevent rust, defrost the fridge and clean the inside, clean the exterior and use an RV cover, and start the engine monthly.
    When temps drop to the low 30s, it's a good idea to winterize your RV. First, put antifreeze in the pipes. Second, take out and store batteries and replace A/C filters. Finally, patch any cracks or holes to stop rodents from getting in.
    Try not to store your RV outside in the winter. Limit potential weather damage with a climate-controlled RV storage unit in Saint Johns.
    To store a RV outside during the summer heat, make sure you follow these steps. Wash and wax the outside; use tire and window covers and an RV cover; empty, wipe down, and unplug the fridge; empty water tanks; and increase circulation by opening air vents.
    Consider renting climate-controlled RV storage to prevent mildew and mold from developing and keep wood finishes from cracking.
    Insurance is suggested for RV storage in Saint Johns. Usually, renter's or homeowner's insurance will cover potential theft or damage while your RV is being stored, but check your policy to confirm.

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