What Is The Be Neighborly Campaign?

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What Is The Be Neighborly Campaign?

To be Neighborly is more than just being a good neighbor. As a company we believe in making a difference within the community and want to highlight other companies that are doing just that. Every week we hope to spotlight the actions of a local company or individual making a difference no matter how small. Service and volunteering is what will bring communities together for a common cause and Neighbor wants to make sure these causes are not forgotten! If you know of someone or a company making a difference then don’t hesitate to comment and let us know!

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So why should you care? First, there are never enough employees to cover and address all the desperate needs of the communities in which we live. Second, the health and well being of everyone involved is positively impacted when we volunteer. We All Win. It’s that simple!

This year across the United States there were 62.6 Million volunteers and over 7.8 Billion hours donated. Utah stands at the head of all the states so lets keep it that way!

Overall, in Utah in 2016:

  • 43.2% of residents volunteer, ranking them 1st among the 50 states
  • 844,023 total volunteers
  • 170.36 million hours of service donated
  • $3.8 billion of service contributed
  • 64.8% of residents donate to charity

Won’t you be our Neighbor?

Author: Dallin Preece

Dallin is a husband and father, growth marketer, and SEO enthusiast at Neighbor. Neighbor is the Airbnb of Storage. They are disrupting the self storage industry with new technology and the sharing economy. Learn more at Neighbor.com

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