Even Stevens – A Sandwich Shop with a Cause

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Even Stevens – A Sandwich Shop with a Cause

Even Stevens

Even Stevens Sandwiches

Today, one of the biggest challenges in the world and even the United States is hunger. There are focus groups, dedicated charities, consulting firms, and even celebrities trying to solve the hunger crisis. Yet, according to USDA, there are still 42 million Americans, including 7 million children, who don’t know where their next meal will come from. This is a staggering number. We all need to be taking the initiative and making a difference in our own communities. Within Utah, there is one business tackling the problem head on. Even Stevens Sandwiches. 

Founded in 2014 in Salt Lake City, Even Stevens is a local Sandwich shop found all over Utah. In addition to great food, their business model involves a 1 for 1 program. For every sandwich they sell, they give away one away to the homeless or food deprived. They are making a huge impact in every area they are located. As of October 27, 2017 they have given away 1,995,005 sandwiches to the hungry in the surrounding communities of their 19+ locations. They are making an impactful difference. If you are a business looking to pay it forward, follow Even Stevens advice and create a business with a cause.


Thank you Even Stevens for being Neighborly!


Join the fight against hunger today by:

  • Organize a food drive or fundraiser with a local food bank
  • Check out JustServe.org and volunteer
  • Volunteer at local soup kitchen or food pantry
  • Check out Utahns Against Hunger
  • Educate yourself on hunger-related policies and programs and email your Utah government official to advocate for policies that ensure aid for hungry families
  • Join the conversation by talking to friends and neighbors about the issue or posting on social media


Learn more about Neighbor the sponsor of the Be Neighborly Campaign.

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