KUTV Channel 2 – The Airbnb of Storage

KUTV Channel 2 – The Airbnb of Storage

Check out Neighbor – The Airbnb of Storage on KUTV’s Tech Report with Jeff Lind from Codeword! Neighbor is disrupting the 33$+ Billion self-storage industry, helping families make an extra $50-$300 a month in passive income, and saving renters 50% in storage costs! Neighbor now has 1000s of users across Utah!

Neighbor – The Airbnb of Storage

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Video Transcript:

Holly Menino: “In this morning’s tech report we are joined by Jeff Lind from Codeword and we are talking about Neiybor today. Neiybor is essentially the Airbnb of Storage Space which is connecting Utah communities.”

Jeff Lind: “They are serving two groups. Some of us have extra storage lying around the house like an attic, empty garage, basement, etc. Then the other side of us are all looking for storage units that are close, accessible, and cheap. And so what they do is connect those communities together.”

Holly Menino: “That’s an interesting concept and we haven’t really heard about his before!”

Jeff Lind: “No we really haven’t. They really are the Airbnb of Storage. If I have open space I go online and I list it. What happens next is somebody looking for storage in my neighborhood will use that space however big it is and you can earn up to $200+ a month for just renting out your empty space.

Holly Menino: “For just renting out your empty space!”

Jeff Lind: “Right. It’s about 50% cheaper and it is a lot closer as well.”

Holly Menino: “Okay, now the one thing I think about is security. How do you know your stuff is secure and safe where you are renting the space from?”

Jeff Lind: “So everyone that goes online has to get approved on both sides of the transaction so it is not a bunch of chuckle heads floating around on there together. These are all recognized people who have the storage space and actual belongings. Both those hosting and renting have been approved by the service. You also have the option to list how accessible your storage area is, how it is locked, and how it is secured. So as a renter I can see how much access and security I will have.”

Holly Menino: “So how is this taking off in Utah? Are we seeing a demand for this?

Jeff Lind: “We’ve seen a lot of demand for this on both sides. In particular Neiybor is looking for more people to store stuff because there are so many people looking for storage space.

Holly Menino: “Really? Especially for those transient people going through a life change.”

Jeff Lind: “College students, moving, random storage where you just want to keep something close. You can go anytime and get it if you want. Just a couple guys from Utah making a difference.”

Author: Neighbor

Neighbor is The Airbnb of Storage. Connecting hosts with unused space to renters in need of storage. Earn extra cash by renting out your empty space today! Neighbor provides an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners to make passive income and gives renters storage at 50% the cost of traditional self storage.

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