Does Month-to-Month Storage Exist?


Month-to-month storage, that is also flexible storage can be hard to find. Many storage companies want you to sign a contract for at least a year. There are a few companies that do give you this option, but what these companies often don’t tell you though is that storage contracts for less than one year have a higher month-to-month rate. Part of the reason self-storage companies do this is they aren’t sure when you are going to stop using their facilities and they don’t know how fast they will be able to rent out your storage unit afterwards. By upping the price, they are ensuring they still are getting a good deal. This is great for the facility owner, but what about the renters who only need storage space for a couple of months or even just a few days?

Most self-storage companies don’t care if you are intending to store your stuff for only a few months or weeks between apartments. Because they charge per month, you are responsible to pay rent for the whole month or for a minimum of several months, depending on the company. Self-storage facilities usually have better deals than other types of storage facilities, but depending on whether the storage unit is gated you could have limited access to your storage unit. Some gated storage companies allow 24-hour access to your units but others have automatic gates that are open for the majority of the day.

Neighbor Storage

Enter Neighbor, the friendliest new face to hit the storage market. Neighbor has the largest variety of storage contract lengths out there. We have storage contracts for a couple of days and others that are month-to-month. We also have a wider range of storage sizes than other self-storage facilities. All of us at Neighbor know how hard it can be to find a storage contract that checks all the boxes and fits within our budget, which is why our self-storage units are a fraction of the price of other storage companies.

Although we have renters storing for several years, our services are also ideal for college students looking for short-term self-storage. If you are going away on an internship or going home for the summer and need a place to store your stuff (and want to pay 50% less than at a storage facility), check Neighbor out. If you need a place to put all your stuff for a couple of days between housing contracts, let us help. We are uniquely able to fill your short-term storage goals with a storage contract tailored to your needs.

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