Just Ask The Neighbors

Baking by a Christmas Tree

Just Ask The Neighbors

How many times have you been baking and realized you didn’t have an ingredient you needed? Happens all the time for me. When I was growing up, my sisters and I would bake together. (Or, to be realistic, my older sisters would bake and I would just eat the cookie dough).

There were many times that we were missing a few ingredients – a few eggs, a cup of flour or sugar – and we’d send our youngest sister to the neighbors behind us to borrow what we needed. And, when all of the goodies were made, we’d always give a few to our neighbors in return for what we’d borrowed. So, we both benefited – we need, they share, they get cookies, we get cookies.

This simple trade of goods and resources we learned as nine-year-olds is still applied today, but on a much larger scale. In fact, it’s become a huge portion of our economy. Where one person lacks, another person can fill that need. Now known as the “sharing” economy, we can use our neighbors in our town, our state, across the country, even across the world to fulfill our needs.

Take AirBnB, for example, where you can rent your house out for people to stay. Or Uber – skip the taxi and grab a ride with someone in their own car. And now, Neighbor, where you can rent your space for storage.

Self Storage Redefined

To some, storing your stuff at your neighbor’s house could make you a bit skeptical. Believe me, I totally understand. Luckily, most peer-to-peer businesses use ID verification, like Airbnb & Neighbor, to name a few. And while the idea of a sharing economy may seem new and scary, it’s something that’s been done for centuries and after Airbnb and Uber, the sharing economy is becoming the norm.

Neighbor to neighbor, space to space, it not only fills your needs, but also does it more efficiently and at a lower cost. In Neighbor’s case the average price is 50% less than that of a storage facility, saving many renters hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. On the other hand, a host for Neighbor can make some decent monthly income and all they’d have to do is let someone else’s stuff sit in their space. Sounds pretty good, right?

So if you’re looking to save a little cash, or maybe make some extra cash, there’s an entire marketplace out there for you to use. Whether it’s borrowing a few eggs for some cookies, hitching a ride with Uber, or using someone else’s empty closet for your storage, you can count on your community to fulfill that need for you. After all, what are Neighbors for?

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Neighbor is The Airbnb of Storage. Connecting hosts with unused space to renters in need of storage. Earn extra cash by renting out your empty space today! Neighbor provides an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners to make passive income and gives renters storage at 50% the cost of traditional self storage.

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