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Neighbor Storage vs Traditional Self Storage

Neighbor Storage vs. Traditional Self Storage
Neighbor Storage is an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners with unused storage space to rent that space to people in need of storage. Demand for self storage has never been higher …

Moving storage boxes

To Store, Or Not To Store?

So you just found a Host on Neighbor and you’re ready to move your items to their space. But before you do, let’s just double check to be sure your possessions are ready for storage. Here are a few …

Neighbor Self Storage Infographic

How Does Neighbor’s Self-Storage Work?

Becoming a Host or a Renter with Neighbor is easier than asking your neighbors if you can borrow an egg. Neighbor is changing the way storage units work. Self Storage is a thing of the past as Peer-to-Peer storage …

thanksgiving preparations

Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

Most of us share some pretty typical Thanksgiving traditions – the turkey, rolls, family,  going around the table and saying what we’re thankful for, etc. But if you’re looking to “spice” up your Thanksgiving traditions, all you have to …

paying for christmas

Pay for Christmas… Without Money!

How are you going to pay for Christmas?
1.  Make Homemade Gifts
My family grew up on a very tight budget. We rarely went out to eat, and if we did, it was to Wendy’s. I can’t remember ever getting my …

Meet Ezra

“We had just bought this house, and we figured because we have a lot of extra space in the basement we might be able to find someone who would use it… we hosted a good number of students with …

Blue Storage Units

What Is The Ideal Storage Space For Me?

When looking for a storage unit or a place to store your belongings, you want it to be four things: secure, well-maintained, accessible, and affordable. And now, there’s a way you can have all four of these options through …

Diverse Neighbors

What Is The Be Neighborly Campaign?

To be Neighborly is more than just being a good neighbor. As a company we believe in making a difference within the community and want to highlight other companies that are doing just that. Every week we hope to spotlight …