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a grandfather clock placed in a new home

How to Move a Grandfather Clock

Your grandfather clock is a valuable and beloved possession. It’s not a sturdy piece of furniture to be heaved onto a dolly and packed into a moving truck. Instead, …

Bedroom Organization

Bedroom Organization: 35 Clever Bedroom Storage Tricks & Hacks

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary.

It should be a place that’s calm, quiet, and clean. And it’s not just us saying that — science actually says you’ll sleep better in a clean bedroom. If that’s not a reason for some bedroom organization, we don’t know what is.

But many people neglect their bedroom. It’s a more private part of the house, which means company doesn’t see it as often, and it’s easy to put off cleaning and organizing. If you’ve been putting off cleaning this part of your home, don’t worry! Our tips and tricks will make bedroom organization a breeze, and have you on your way to the tranquil, calm environment you deserve in no time. …

Survey: Quarantine Brought 60% of Families Closer Together

Survey: Quarantine Brought 60% of Families Closer Together

We wanted to know how quarantine was affecting families who were now spending more time together than they were used to, so we surveyed them. We found that a majority of people say despite some challenges, changes to their routine brought on by the coronavirus pandemic ultimately did make their families closer.