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10'x10' storage unit full of boxes and furniture

The Ultimate Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing the right storage unit size is critical. You want to choose a storage unit that will hold everything you need to store, but you do not want to end up paying for more storage space than you really need. This storage unit size guide will help you determine …

Man taking boxes out of an outdoor storage unit

Renting a Storage Unit and How to Choose the Right Type

Renting a storage unit is a common practice whether you own or rent your home. In fact, 10% of households use rental storage options, and it’s estimated that the storage industry generates $39 billion each year. There are a variety of reasons you may decide to rent a storage …

Find student storage with Neighbor

Ultimate Guide to College Storage

As a student, summer plans can be a little unpredictable. Will you have a job? Can you afford a storage unit? Will you live in a dorm room near school? Will you move home? And what are you going to do with your belongings in the meantime? It can …

Self-Storage Is Meeting Demand By Getting Younger, Cooler, and More Creative

Self Storage Is Meeting Demand By Getting Younger, Cooler, and More Creative

When you picture a self-storage facility, you likely envision the traditional kind of facility we’re all familiar with: long hallways lined with storage units in a sprawling complex that requires some serious real estate.

You probably don’t picture a brightly-lit, 10,000-square-foot warehouse space in San Francisco’s downtown market district, surrounded by high-rise buildings and with a coworking space operating above it. But in 2020, self-storage is beginning to look different from what we’re used to.

man cleaning his motorcycle in preparation for motorcycle storage

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Storage

Your motorcycle is one of your prized possessions. Maybe you only use it during warm summer months for the occasional joyride, or maybe your motorcycle is your main mode of transportation. Either way, you will come across times that you want to store your bike, and, just like when …

customer managing home goods in their own self-storage units

Are Storage Units a Good Investment During a Recession?

If you’re an investor searching for a port in a storm, you might have heard about a once-obscure sector of the real estate investment portfolio — self-storage. It doesn’t sound sexy. It isn’t sexy. But it’s solid.

Historically, self-storage investments have outperformed other real estate sectors, and even the stock …

woman who knows how to store jewelry in velvet-lined boxes

How to Store Jewelry: 3 Key Considerations

Storing jewelry properly extends its lifespan and reduces the risk of damage and loss (just like when you store photographs). When you’re thinking about how to store jewelry effectively, consider these three things:

What type of jewelry are you storing?
How long are you storing the jewelry?
What environment …

woman storing photographs in plastic sheet protectors

How to Store Photographs

Photographs can be some of the most precious possessions in a home. But when they aren’t on display, what are the best ways to store photos? Photos require proper handling if you want them to maintain their quality. In this guide about how to store photographs, we’ll go over …

indoor boat storage in a "boatel"

A Quick Guide to Boat Storage

If you are a boat owner or you are thinking about buying a boat, it is exciting to get your boat out on the water and have fun. But if you haven’t already thought about it, boat storage is an important thing to consider. 
What To Consider When Looking for …

Self Storage Industry Statistics (2020)

Neighbor, the leading peer-to-peer storage operator in the United States, has researched and compiled the following U.S. self storage industry statistics and data. This yearly resource will be updated as new data becomes available and is intended to serve as the ultimate guide to self storage statistics. For questions or …

Best places to store a car

Places to Store a Car and Which Option is Best

Looking for places to store a car? You’re not alone. Long term overseas travel and work is becoming more normal. More people are moving to city areas where they may only need a vehicle a few times a year. And military service has always been a reason to look …


Cheap College Student Storage

Are you looking for a cheap college student storage space to store your stuff while you move, leave for an internship, or summer sales job?

Neighbor, like an Airbnb of storage, and connects people who need storage space and those who have unused space in their homes. Instead of owning their own …

How to Store Books - Neighbor Blog

How to Store Books Properly: 10 tips and tricks

Books are one of the most sentimental items we keep around our homes. Think of what they represent: A good story, knowledge, a symbol of our intellect and personality. But when the books start piling up the question becomes, how to store books?

The emotions we have about our books …

The Storage Facility Manager's Guide to Occupancy Rates

The Storage Facility Manager’s Guide to Occupancy Rates

The storage facility industry has continued to be a profitable business. Still, success isn’t guaranteed. Even a new built, well-managed storage unit isn’t perfect without attention to two things: occupancy rate and competitive prices.

Storage occupancy rates are always fluctuating. Recently, trends of minimalism, a slowing housing economy, and the …

History of self storage header

The History of Self Storage: From China to Omaha

To understand the history of self storage, it helps to know where the industry is at today. The self storage industry is worth over $40 billion. Surprised? Don’t be. In 2018, there was an estimated $5 billion spent on new storage facility construction, a more than 340% increase from …

10 long term car storage tips

10 Long Term Car Storage Tips and Checklist

Every October, I like to park my Corvette in a garage for the winter. Okay, I don’t own a Corvette, but if I did, I’d take care of it! Truth is, there is more than one reason to find long term car storage aside from owning an expensive car.

You …

Two men going through warehouse storage

Renting a Warehouse? Here are Five Things to Consider

Unless you’re part of a huge company, chances are you’ll rent your warehouse space, not own it. And when you look for warehouse space to start storing your product, it seems like most warehouses are geared toward big businesses who need shipping and logistics automation.

If you’re a small …

Climate controlled building fan

Climate Controlled Storage Units: Do you need them?

Ever browsed the internet for cheap storage units near you? Then you’ve probably come across the word “climate controlled”. What is climate controlled storage? And do you even need it? A climate controlled storage unit goes for 20-50% more than a non-climate controlled space. Since this could cost you hundreds of dollars, we’ll …

Dry Boat Storage: Finding a Solution that Works for You

While wet slips may be popular in coastal areas, dry boat storage provides more storage options. You can store your boat on a rack, in a storage unit or personal storage, or storing with Neighbor. Dry boat storage can protect your boat year round at an affordable cost.

When you bought …

Storage Auctions - Neighbor Blog

Storage Auctions: A beginner’s guide

You’re likely acquainted with self-storage, but have you ever heard of storage for auction?

Introduced in the 1960s, self-storage has steadily grown in use throughout the years. Storage facilities assist a wide variety of people to store their belongings in secured units whilst undergoing periods of transition. However, one fault …

Mountain Retreat

How to Store a Mattress

Let’s face it, your bed is your best friend. You spend one third (hopefully) of every day snuggled in and dreaming away. Finding the right mattress set is nearly impossible, not to mention crazy expensive. Once you’ve landed the perfect set, it could last well over a decade if …

How to Store a Tent - Neighbor Blog

How to Store a Tent

So there I was, laying in a tent with my two of my best friends. We sat as the wind blew our 10-man tent standing nearly 7” tall so that it lay barely inches above our noses. That was a crazy night. We set up camp at the opening …

Motorcycle Storage-Neighbor Blog

11 Tips to Winterize and Store Your Motorcycle

We all wanted to be that cool kid, the one with the motorcycle. Then we grew up, and some of us actually got motorcycles. One of the best ways to ruin that image you created for yourself in buying the motorcycle is by letting your motorcycle fall apart. You …

RV Winter Storage

How to Prepare your RV for Outdoor Winter Storage

Your RV is a loyal companion all summer long. It travels hundreds of miles without stopping for a break. It puts up with your dusty sweat-coated clothes littering the floor and and keeps you safe from the blistering heat. The least you could do in return is give your …

Guide to Storage Facilities - Neighbor Blog

Storage Facilities Guide

Self storage is a great option for keeping your belongings safe and out of the way. You might be looking for storage if you’ve recently downsized, are in the process of moving, or just want to get rid of some clutter in your current home. There are over 50,000 storage …

Neiybor Car Storage - Indoor Vehicle Storage

Car Storage: Everything It Takes To Store A Car

There’s more to storing a car then just placing it in an empty garage. Car storage is super important especially when you are moving or going through any other dramatic change in life. Here are ten helpful steps to take to make sure your car stays in top condition …


Do I Need Insurance For My Storage Unit?

What a heavy word. Do alarm bells go off in your head when you hear it too? It’s one of those necessary evils that we all want and need, but don’t really like thinking about. It can seem completely overwhelming, and yet it is a part of life.

Now we …


Does Month-to-Month Storage Exist?

Month-to-month storage, that is also flexible storage can be hard to find. Many storage companies want you to sign a contract for at least a year. There are a few companies that do give you this option, but what these companies often don’t tell you though is that storage contracts for …


Storage Auctions: Treasures vs. Busts

You need some extra storage space. Maybe you’re downsizing, maybe you’re going away for the summer. Whatever it is, you decide to rent out a self-storage unit. And then you see all of your stuff in storage auctions on the popular reality TV show, Storage Wars, and you realize …

Winterizing a boat

How to Winterize a Boat: 5 Easy Steps

Too many boats die quietly every winter. Your boat may not be able to come inside and warm up, but if winterized properly it won’t be spending extra time in the repair shop in the spring when it should be out on the water.

A properly stored winterized boat can …


Neighbor Storage vs Traditional Self Storage

Neighbor Storage vs. Traditional Self Storage
Neighbor Storage is an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners with unused storage space to rent that space to people in need of storage. Demand for self storage has never been higher in the USA and supply is limited, which means high …

Blue Storage Units

What Is The Ideal Storage Unit For Me?

When looking for a storage unit or a place to store your belongings, you want it to be four things: secure, well-maintained, accessible, and affordable. And now, there’s a way you can have all four of these options through Neighbor. This will make your storing life a thousand times better, …