Things to Know About Neighbor

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Things to Know About Neighbor

Demand for self storage is at an all-time high in the United States. With a limited supply of storage units, high prices, stiff contracts, and bad experiences have become the norm in the self storage industry. If you are currently renting a storage unit, you’ve probably realized that you’re paying way too much money every month for a small concrete block, but you have no better options. Neighbor is looking to change that.

Neighbor is an online storage community, dedicated to bettering communities and providing the lowest storage prices around. You can find storage spaces with a variety of features close to your home with low prices and flexible month-to-month contracts, all through Neighbor’s online marketplace.

What Does Neighbor Do?

Neighbor connects people looking for storage space with people in their community that have extra space. Homeowners with unused space–a spare room, unfinished basement, RV pad, garage, etc.–can list their space on Neighbor’s website. Renters can view spaces for rent online and find a storage rental that suits their needs.

Neighbor’s online community not only makes it easy to find affordable storage, it also makes it easy for homeowners to make extra money every month by renting out their unused space. Unlike traditional self storage, Neighbor benefits the community by allowing people to earn money while providing affordable storage to renters.

How Does Neighbor Work?

Register Online

You can join the Neighborhood by registering as either a host or a renter. A host is someone with extra space they want to rent out for income, and a renter is someone looking to store their belongings at an affordable rate.

List Your Space

As a host, you can list your space for free on Neighbor. Add details and photos to the listing, and set the monthly price. The listing is added to Neighbor’s rentals and becomes available for renters to view.

Find Affordable Storage

Search for rentals in your area by size, price, and type. After filling out a renter profile, including a list of items you want to store, you can request to reserve an available space.

Connect and Store

Hosts and renters can connect through Neighbor’s secure messaging platform to work out details and answer questions about the storage space. After a reservation request is accepted, Neighbor handles all the payments.

How Do Neighbor’s Prices Compare?

Traditional self storage units usually start at $45 a month for a tiny space and go all the way up to $150 or more for larger units. Neighbor’s storage spaces are 50% less on average than traditional self storage. Check below to see how Neighbor’s prices compare to other self storage prices.

  • 5×5 Units – The average self storage price for these tiny units is $45, but Neighbor’s average price is only $20. That’s less than half the price!
  • 10×10 Units – This is the most common size of storage unit and traditionally costs around $96. Ouch. Neighbor’s 10×10 units have an average price of just $42.
  • 10×20 – Plan on spending $137 to book a unit like this in a storage facility. Neighbor’s average price for large spaces like this is $62. That’s less than the average price of a 10×10 unit in a storage facility!


FAQs for Renters

Is my stuff safe?

Neighbor prides itself on being a secure community for hosts and renters. Hosts must verify their email, phone number, and identity before listing their space.

While Neighbor hosts do a great job of keeping your stuff protected, you do have the option to get renters insurance for around $10 a month. You can contact Neighbor if you are interesting in purchasing insurance, or check your current homeowners/renters insurance policy to see if your items are covered.

Where can I find storage?

Storage spaces across the nation are being added to Neighbor’s listings every day. While most listings are in Utah, there are several listings available in other areas. If you can’t find a space near you, join the Neighborhood and invite your family and friends to help grow the community!

How much does it cost?

Booking storage through Neighbor costs 50% less than traditional self storage on average. Hosts set the monthly price for their space but are encouraged to price their listings competitively. On top of the list price, there is a 15% service fee that goes to providing customer care and a secure platform.

How do payments work?

Neighbor’s online automatic payments make it easy to make secure monthly payments. As a renter, you’ll add your payment information to Neighbor’s secure website before making a storage reservation. After you have been approved by the host, your credit card will automatically be charged monthly until you cancel your rental.

When can I access my things?

For each listing, hosts will choose a level of access–24/7 access, business hours, or upon request. You will be able to take this into account when deciding which space to rent. In addition, hosts and renters can discuss and set expectations for how often renters are allowed access through Neighbor’s messaging platform.

What can I store?

Like traditional self storage, there are certain items you should not store in storage spaces listed on Neighbor. Some of these items include drugs and illegal items, hazardous materials, and perishable food. Hosts might also choose to restrict other items from being stored in their spaces.

When you make a reservation, you will be required to list the items you are planning on storing. You can message the host for any questions you have about use of the space and what you can store.

Can a host cancel my reservation early?

If a host needs to cancel your reservation, they are required to give you notice at least 4 weeks in advance to avoid paying a fee. If the situation arises, Neighbor encourages hosts and renters to sort out the issue with each other and encourages the renter to cancel their reservation.

What is Neighbor’s refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation 1 week before it begins. You will receive 80% of listing price, not including the 15% service fee, if you cancel within 1 week. No refunds will be offered to renters who cancel after the reservation has already begun.

FAQs for Hosts

How do I make money?

The equation is pretty simple: your unused space + Neighbor = extra money in your bank account. Simply register as a host with Neighbor and create a listing for that extra storage closet or spare bedroom. You determine the price and lease terms of your space, and renters can view your space online. Once you have a renter, Neighbor will automatically deposit money into your bank account every month.

Do I have to pay to rent out my space?

Registering and listing with Neighbor is absolutely free! Once you have rented out your space, there will be a small processing fee of 3.34% plus $0.30 taken out of each payment you receive.

What am I responsible for?

Once your space has been rented out, you are not liable for any damages that occur to renter’s storage items unless the damage was caused by you.

If your own property is damaged by a renter, Neighbor provides a host guarantee of $1,000 if your own insurance doesn’t cover the cost of damages. The renter might be required to pay an additional fee if the cost of damages is more than $1,000.

Is it safe?

As a host, you can choose which renters you want to rent to. You can view renter profiles, items they want to store, and send messages back and forth. When a renter makes a pending reservation, you have 48 hours to accept or deny the request based on the renter’s profiles, storage items, and desired length of storage rental.

How Did Neighbor Come To Be?

The idea for Neighbor came about when one of the founders began the search for an affordable storage solution. Instead of settling on an overpriced storage unit with a stiff contract, he found someone with extra space in their garage where he could store his stuff.

Neighbor was born as the place where people needing affordable and flexible storage could find and connect with people who have the extra space. Since launching, Neighbor has grown to include several states and cities, and is continuing to grow every day!

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Reviews of Neighbor

See what our users have to say about Neighbor:

“Neighbor solved all my storage problems for my small company! I run a dress rental company, and as my inventory grows, I need to continually find locations to store my inventory. Since my small company isn’t able to afford a warehouse or larger store, we often find ourselves in a situation not knowing where to put our extra inventory, or the inventory for next season that isn’t needed quite yet. We need to be able to have access to this inventory multiple times a month though to do photo shoots and other things, and want to make sure our inventory is kept safe and clean (most storage locations are very dirty). Neighbor was the perfect solution to our problems! The Neighbor worked with my company to find storage locations inside someone’s home where our inventory would be kept safe, and made agreements that we could have access our inventory anytime as long as we gave the homeowners an appropriate amount of notice”

-JoCee P.

“They were awesome in helping us find a last minute storage place! I thought it might be a little weird at first but we had a great experience. The guy who stored our stuff for us was super cool and great about communicating and getting back to us when it was time to pick up our stuff. And it was wayyyyy cheaper than other options. It’s a great option for those of us who don’t have family close by.”

-Grace S.

“Definitely the best storage option in the Provo area. Prices are cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else and they’re super chill with the dates that you’re going to be gone and when you can pick things up.”

-Devon J.

“I had to go home for the summer to work, and I would be coming back to school without a car, so I needed a place for the majority of my stuff! Neighbor was very helpful and quick to answer any of my questions! They made sure everything was correct and that my invoice came through! The host of the house I was storing in was very nice and even helped me with my things! I am very pleased with how easy this process has been! Thank you Neighbor!!!”

-Shelby M.

“Neighbor has been a fantastic service for me. I have an empty two-car garage and rather than having it just sit empty, Neighbor has helped me rent the space out. The process has been very easy and it has always been a win-win for both me and the tenant.”

-Josh R.

Why Should I Be Using Neighbor?

If you are moving or downsizing, trying to cut down on clutter, looking for summer storage, or have extra space in your home, you can benefit from Neighbor!

Neighbor is the latest innovation in the self storage industry, and has something to offer everyone in the community. Forget about over-priced storage facilities, and start getting to know your neighbors. Whether you save money on storage or make money renting out your own space, you end up with more money in your pocket every month when you use Neighbor.

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