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Hi this is Sarah and Nathan. We just moved into our house last month and really enjoy the privacy and quiet it offers. We are both employed with GE and work 2nd shift. The property is fairly large, especially the driveway and back yard. As you can see in the pictures, the driveway is straight and long, easy to pull in and out of. The back yard is fenced in and has a lock on it. We can rent out about 20 feet of the grassed back yard and about 70 feet of the driveway. We will be parking our 1 vehicle at the end of the drive, which is not part of the 70 feet. We also have 2 security cameras that we are able to view hear and speak through and are live feed cameras and also record. Which we watch closely. If we have multiple customers, we will need at least 24 hours to get in contact with other customers in order to move vehicles around or out. Pricing varies depending on space needed. $120 for cars and trucks. $200 for boats. $300 for RV's.
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