5 Moving Tips That Make Life Easier

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Moving is a thrilling but busy time of life. Whether you’re relocating due to a job promotion, marriage, or just a change of scenery, moving your household goods can be overwhelming. Can moving tips make a difference? Definitely.

Factor in all you have to do: sorting items, packing them up, throwing things away, transportation, finding good self storage, booking a truck, and finally moving everything (not to mention unpacking). Thinking about the process just wears us out.

Working smarter, not harder is the name of the game. The moving tips below will help you to know how to move house successfully.

 Essential Moving Tips and Packing Tricks

Moving Tip #1: Pack the small rooms first

Always start with your rooms that are less commonly used. You don’t want to pack up your kitchen a week before you move. You’ll end up digging through boxes all week. Start with your piano room, entertainment room, workout room, bedrooms, or even one of your bathrooms that is used less than the others.

Your most essential rooms like the kitchen, living rooms, main bathrooms, and your clothing should be packed last. Be sure to put all essentials into one box. That way everything you need on a daily basis is in one place and not scattered throughout the moving van. There are several amazing packing timelines on the internet that give even more detailed descriptions of what to pack first.

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Moving Tip #2: Pack essentials separately in a clear bin

Rather than quickly tossing all your necessities in boxes when moving house, pack a separate, clear bin with items you absolutely need every day. This may be personal hygiene items, a child’s special toy, medications, that extra set of keys, etc. You are going to want to be able to put your hands on these things quickly, and having a designated place to put them while packing up can be a lifesaver. Anything that is nonessential should be considered for donation. Don’t become a hoarder of collectible goods.

“When one new thing enters the house, another item leaves. If you can’t stick with this rule, and I understand it is not easy, then I suggest you make periodic sweeps and take at least a small bag to your favorite charity 4 times a year,” suggests Suzanne O’Donnell, the Professional Organizer behind My LA Organizer.

Moving Tip #3: Color code and label boxes as you pack

Although this moving tip may seem a bit overwhelming at first, the extra effort up front end will save you a lot of time later. You will need colored labels or highlighters (one color per room) and a permanent marker. Give each room in your home a color, and then use the colored labels to mark the corresponding box.

Don’t just write on the boxes in a certain color of pen because the colors won’t be distinctive enough. The point is to look at the label color and know immediately where the box belongs in your new home.

The beauty of this system is that anyone helping you move can know exactly which room the box should be placed in. Then, when you need some cereal bowls the next morning, you know which box will contain them.

Moving Tip #4: Enlist your friends and family

Chances are, you’ve helped friends and family move before, so now is the time for them to return the favor. Some friends and family may be better at sorting and organizing than you are, anyway. This is a huge key for how to move house successfully! Ask them to help you as you pack or unpack.

However, on the big day when you’ll be moving lots of furniture and boxes, offer to buy pizza, drinks, etc. so that your crew is well fed and happy. Also, start early and set a time when the move will happen (9:00-1:00) so that people don’t feel obligated to wait around all day. You want to utilize your manpower (and womanpower!) so that everyone feels like they have participated in a job well done. Then you can relax and unpack leisurely in your new neighborhood.

Moving Tip #5: Find a cheap storage solution

If you find that you need self-storage for a time, check out Neighbor and save up to 50% on storage. Instead of finding a storage facility, we help you find some in your neighborhood to safely store your items with. Not only is it safer, it’s also more affordable. Our costs are roughly 50% of traditional storage, plus there is no contract.

Bonus Moving Tip:  Don’t forget to take photos.

You can save yourself some of the hassle of dealing with grumpy landlords when you take photos of your new, empty place. You will then have visual proof in case you need to settle any potential disputes.

While moving can be stressful, utilizing some of these moving tips are sure to make your move a lot easier.

How to Pack an Apartment in One Day

  1. moving-packing-apartmentCreate a list of items and belongings that can be packed ahead of time. Create a list of items you want to donate. This will really clean up your space when you move into your new apartment.
  2. Start early in the day and enlist the help of all your neighbors. There is no one that is going to want to help you move after 5pm. They are all used to going home and relaxing so don’t mess up their routine! Start early around 8am or 9am.
  3. Before the big moving day, find time to pack up your mother-in-law’s china plates, rare art collectibles, dutch clog collection, your prized turtleneck collection, souvenirs, and whatever else adorns your walls. That way those who come to help don’t have to help you pack them and possibly break them.
  4. Pack room by room and wall by wall. Don’t focus on how the entire house needs packed or you will have a heart attack. Focusing on one wall at a time will allow you to remain calm and composed even while the task ahead seems overwhelming.
  5. Purge while you pack. Get rid of all the old clothes, dishes, furniture, toys, etc. that you won’t want cluttering up your new apartment or home. Use this time to purge your closets of junk.
  6. Purchase moving supplies the week before and keep plenty of extra moving supplies around the day of the move. You might want bubble wrap, boxes, garbage bags, packing paper, tape, packing peanuts, markers, more boxes, and more tape. You’ll be forever grateful for having extra supplies.
  7. Use trash bags for all your soft pliable items. Your pillows, blankets, bathrobes, sheets, and some clothing can be put into inexpensive trash bags. These bags full of squishy stuff can then fit into every nook and corner of the moving truck or your car.
  8. Label your boxes with a distinct pattern. Either color code the rooms or write the names on the boxes. Either way, make sure everything that goes together is marked the same. Otherwise, you might find a box of kitchen utensils in your bedroom. Adding special notes like “Fragile”, “China”, or “Open First” will really help you identify which boxes are the most important.


Ultimately the moving tips we can give when deciding to move and pack your apartment in one day is to plan ahead, enlist your friends, and find cheap options when it comes to storage, moving trucks, assistants, supplies, and everything else you might need.

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