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It’s that time of the year again! Half of the human population anticipates the spring cleaning season while the other half pulls their covers over their heads and slips back into hibernation. It is a wake-up call, a welcome to spring. Here is why we do spring cleaning, and more importantly, how we do spring cleaning.


History of Spring CleaningCleaning Spray Bottle

While there is no official account of who decided we should clean our house every spring, there are many traditions around the world that seem likely inspirations for such a ritual. For example, Jews before the Passover week will clean their homes top-to-bottom as a sort of Jewish spring cleaning. But their purpose is a much higher one: their home reflects themselves, and as they clear out all that is bad and unnecessary, it is symbolic of their own personal cleansing and rededication to their worship. They also scour the house for all possible traces of leavened bread, which must be thrown or swept out to the last crumb before Passover begins.

According to Chinese tradition, the New Year marks the end of winter and therefore, the beginning of Spring. In order to chase away the bad luck of the previous year and welcome in the good luck of the oncoming year, the Chinese clean their homes and make repairs. Once the New Year begins, they refrain from sweeping in order to not sweep out the good fortune.

There is also the Iranian new year; in Persian, khaneh-tekani means “shaking up the house,” which is an extensive spring cleaning in which almost all households in Iran participate. As they shake up the house, they clean and disinfect all the rooms, throwing out the unnecessary items they have accumulated over the year and making repairs, and then they even decorate the outside of their homes with bright colors and fill the inside with flowers and incense. They hang multi-colored carpets to air outside their homes and expel all the old from their homes in order to be ready for the rebirth of nature that happens every spring. The ritual is symbolic of starting with a clean slate, and the Iranians will even treat themselves to a new outfit to show their new motivation for the year to come.

In practical terms, the spring was always the best time to do a deep-cleaning of the house in Europe and early America. As winter ended, it was warm enough to open up the windows and dust out the house while still being cold enough to keep away the bugs. And no more having to use the furnace meant they could finally clean up those soot marks.


Printable Spring Cleaning Check Lists

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist– This list is your ultimate of ultimates. It’s 4 pages long with 3 pages dedicated to each room of your house and the necessary steps to deep clean them, along with a last page left for notes and personal cleaning needs customized to fit your house. And there are even cute little check boxes so you can feel productive as you go!

The Handyman Spring Cleaning Checklist– This is your low-key checklist for a good spring cleaning without getting too stressed out. If you have a smaller home or are just getting into the whole “spring cleaning” thing, this would be the checklist for you. It gives you space to clean as you would like and doesn’t leave you with a bunch of unchecked boxes.

The Martha Stewart Spring Cleaning Checklist– Martha doesn’t just tell you what to clean but how to clean it as well. This checklist is great because it gives tips on what to use and how to use it to achieve the best and cleanest results. The checklist comes from Martha’s book titled Homekeeping Handbook that has even more tips and advice.

The Happier Homemaker Spring Cleaning Checklist– This awesome checklist breaks down the cleaning into 7 days, so it feels manageable, organized, and possible. For those who don’t have the time to dedicate a couple full-days to spring clean, this is the way. It’s a comprehensive list that will get your house sparkling in as much or as little time you need.


Housekeeping Cleaning Services

Now the thought of scouring your entire house and deep cleaning every last little corner may scare you; so consider hiring a housekeeping service company. There are many companies that use professionals, along with specific spring cleaning policies, meaning your spring cleaning will be done right. Trust them to get rid of hard water stains or clean out A/C filters. Here are a couple of local Utah cleaning services and a national cleaning service. If you aren’t sure how to find a cleaning service near you, use the search engine HomeAdvisor and they will match you up with a company nearby that fits your needs, schedule, and budget. Pretty good deal!

White Glove Cleaning Services The Daisy Maids– A local Utah company that started just 10 years ago, they charge by the job, not by the hour, and according to their motto, are the best maids in all of Utah! They can do general cleaning, specialized deep cleaning, and move-in/move-out service cleaning. American Housekeeping of America– They have operated in Utah since 1991. The company specializes in its Signature White Glove Service: an extensive cleaning list that is sure to cover all nooks and crannies of your home. Molly Maid– Molly Maid is a national maid service that works to keep homes clean all-year long. Though they deal in general services, they are also trained to do big one-time events, such as a spring cleaning. They will work with homes, businesses, etc., and they call themselves a neighborly company.


5 Easy House Cleaning Tips

We all wish we had some personal trainer that knew all the secrets of the trade and could tell us exactly how to get that stain out, or which soap is the best for what. No one wants to spend their budget on cleaning supplies, nor is it pleasant to use toxic chemicals for long periods of time. With this in mind, you might be thinking, “There must be a better way…” There is a better way! Here are 5 generic cleaning tips to make cleaning a little easier on your budget and your health:

  1. Toothpaste is a permanent marker stain remover and a water marks remover for hardwood surfaces.
  2. Lemons are the best-kept secret of cleaning. They can be used to take off cutting board stains, linen stains, rust stains, sweat stains, and so much more. My favorite is grinding up a few lemon rinds in the sink disposal so that you kill any foul odors and your sink smells lemony fresh.
  3. Baking soda is a multi-purpose cleaning agent, and we all have it! Check out this list of 22 uses for baking soda to keep your house looking great.
  4. Make your own DIY All-Purpose Cleaner. It saves time, money, and works just as well if not better. Avoid the chemicals of supermarket brand cleaners and be kid-friendly with your own mix.
  5. Do some daily cleans. There are certain items, like your everyday dish rag, that should undergo a daily clean to keep your home fresh.

Now if you want some real fast cleaning, check out the Happier Homemaker. It’s a How To Clean Your House in Under an Hour that breaks down your cleaning into minute based increments so that you can get a quick overall clean. This is perfect if you have visitors coming over or if you are feeling overwhelmed by your schedule and the tasks ahead of you. Test it out! See how much you really can get clean in 1 hour.


Best Cleaning Supplies

Just as important as the how to clean something is the with what to clean something. There are better cleaning products, and you should know what ones are out there. Here is a list of the 5 best commercial cleaning supplies that you need to have in your arsenal.

  • Goo Gone – This is your go-to-all-things-sticky remover. Be it gum, tape residue, scuff marks, Goo Gone has your back. This is a must-have for those sticky situations.Spring Cleaning Supplies
  • Magic Eraser This sponge-like apparatus eraser is really, well…magic. Whatever residue is built up, the Magic Eraser can get it off. Grease stains, refrigerator oozes, gas stovetop build-up, oven messes, you name it. The Magic Eraser can make your home look better than it ever did before!
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes These are LIFESAVERS. Easy to use and good for cleaning up spills and disinfecting all surfaces, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are a cleaning product with which you can never go wrong. Kill all bacteria and leave your counter smelling like whatever Clorox scent you choose.
  • Bar Keepers Friend Get rid of any tough rust or food stains with this bad boy. It works great for cleaning sinks, though be careful of using it on any colored sink, toilet, or tub–it can take off the color.
  • Stainless Steel Magic The powerhorse for cleaning steel. You cut half the normal amount of time to clean stainless steel with this magic, no buts about it.


Carpet Cleaning

A lot of work goes into keeping a carpet clean, and for good reason. A carpet’s microfibers are a little too good at trapping in whatever the cat has dragged in, so take the time to get a good clean on your carpet.

  • Invest in a quality vacuum. And use it often! Don’t wait to replace the bag when it’s nearly spilling its contents, and vacuum slowly so that you can remove as much dirt and dust as possible.
  • Be careful with the DIY carpet cleaners. As unqualified professionals, we many times skimp on the cleanliness while trying to save in the pocket. Call in a trained professional every so often (about once a year) to really take care of your deep carpet issues. Otherwise research really well how to use your cleaner and take the time to vacuum and prep right beforehand.
  • Act fast to clean up spills. The faster you treat a stain, the easier it will be to remove. Remember to blot the stain instead of rubbing it, and it’s okay to use water.
  • Check out this list of Carpet Cleaning Secrets to master the art of carpet cleaning.


Deep Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning is a bit more than your everyday cleaning for the whole house–it’s a time to really tackle all the grit and grime that has built up over the year. So be prepared to go deep. Here are some tips on how to tackle some of the tougher deep cleaning areas:

  • The refrigerator– Don’t be daunted by tackling your refrigerator and freezer. Be prepared to toss out a lot and spend a good chunk of time getting your freezer defrosted. We are telling you, it’s worth it to spend the time. Double up and use it as an opportunity to take stock of what food items you have. It is totally worth it to make sure to take everything out and give it a good scrub.
  • The bathroom– The mother of all germ-infested places, we tend to think. Don’t be afraid to attack the bathroom with some bleach! Get down and dirty as you scrub the tub, scour the shower, and clean every inch of that toilet. Here’s a list that spells out all the germ facts of your bathroom and tells you exactly how to combat them.
  • The garage– Don’t forget about the garage in all your spring cleaning! It’s the perfect time to declutter that garage space, and not even just declutter. Take the time to deep clean by clearing everything out and washing the floors and walls. Clear out your workspace and get everything clean, and then take inventory of everything that was filling your garage. Toss the old and reorganize the still relevant and put in place a new organization system if necessary.

Overview of Spring CleaningKid Cleaning The Floor

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Final Thoughts

Remember, we spring clean to get rid of the old and welcome the new, be it new luck, a new beginning, a new year. Maybe we don’t know the exact beginning of spring cleaning, but we do know the benefits of a clean and organized home. Print off one of the checklists and get started on your spring cleaning, or call up a home cleaning company today! Cleaning can be as easy or as hard as you make it, so adjust it to the time you have, buy good, quality products, and dive into the deep cleaning when you have to. Trust us, you will be happy at the end of spring cleaning week.



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