Best 17 Must-Have RV Accessories

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Every seasoned RV-er knows that a great trip is more than just a destination – it’s about having the right gear on board too. Choosing the best RV accessories can be a bit of a puzzle, though. But don’t get road trip jitters just yet! We’ve put together a list of RV equipment to smooth out the bumps on the road. So, fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to embark on an accessory adventure!

Must-Have RV Accessories

Here is a list of the seventeen must-have RV accessories when hitting the road:

1.     Bedside Shelf Organizer

Say goodbye to clutter! Bedside shelf organizers turn chaos into harmony by providing extra storage space. Neatly store all your essentials, from your current bedtime read to your glasses, cell phone, adapter, RV gadgets, and much more. Designed for maximum convenience, this RV must-have ensures your most needed items are within arm’s reach, even while you’re tucked in for the night.

2.     Tap Push Lights

Tired of fumbling in the dark? With a gentle tap, light your way and turn your RV into a beacon of comfort. These tap push lights are not just practical, but also stylish, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere within your RV. With easy installation and battery-operated convenience, you can put them anywhere you need a little extra light. These lights are perfect for late-night bathroom trips, midnight snacks, or those early morning starts.

3.     Dehumidifier

Breathe easy with a compact dehumidifier. This little wonder will improve your air quality, reduce mold and mildew, and protect your belongings from humidity damage when you are RV-ing. Whether you’re in a tropical locale like Amazon or experiencing a rainy season, a dehumidifier will ensure your RV’s interior remains fresh and dry. It’s small, efficient, and perfect for those who love to explore without compromising on comfort. Be it boondocking in the Pacific Northwest or chasing waterfalls in Hawaii, maintaining a dry interior is key to securing your RV gear.

4.     Small Folding Table

Pop up camper accessories can make or break your camping experience, and we believe in striking a balance between space and functionality! One such accessory is a small folding table. Acting as a portable picnic table for your camping trip, it folds away when you’re done, saving you valuable space. A sturdy, lightweight, and versatile, folding table can be set up either inside or on campgrounds, making it an essential item in your RV camping accessories. Be it dining, entertainment, or work – this table will have you covered!

5.     Instant Pot

Who says you can’t enjoy home-cooked meals on the road? An Instant stainless steel pot is your compact kitchen companion, ready to whip up hearty, delicious meals with the press of a button. With multiple cooking modes and a user-friendly interface, preparing your favorite dishes has never been easier, even when you’re miles away from home.

6.     Over the Door Towel Rack

Space-saving and practical, an over-the-door towel rack is a gem for any RV dweller. Keeping towels neatly hung not only helps dry them faster but also promotes a cleaner and more organized living space. This solution is perfect for compact RV bathrooms, where maximizing every inch of space is crucial. Bid farewell to damp towels strewn across the RV, and enjoy a tidier, more hygienic bathroom area!

7.     Special RV Toilet Paper and Tank Treatment

Maintaining an RV’s sanitation system requires a bit more thought than you might initially expect. It begins with essentials like using RV-specific toilet paper and incorporating effective tank treatment. You can easily find these at retailers like Walmart. The special toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly and easily, reducing the risk of clogs and potential damage to your RV’s septic system. Similarly, tank treatments help to break down waste and control odor, contributing to a healthier and more pleasant environment during your RV trip.

8.     Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder

During an RV trip, counter space is premium luxury, and every little bit counts. A wall-mounted toothbrush holder is a great way to free up counter space and keep your toothbrushes from touching unhygienic surfaces. Beyond cleanliness, it adds an aspect of neatness to the compact bathroom area, giving everything a specific place. An orderly bathroom, no matter how small, can significantly enhance your overall RV living experience.

9.     RV Toilet Chemicals

Odor control and waste breakdown are two primary concerns for any RV owner, and these can be easily managed with RV toilet chemicals. These chemicals keep your RV’s bathroom environment clean and fresh, improving comfort levels while traveling. They break down waste effectively, reducing the risk of clogging and ensuring smoother operations of your RV’s sanitation system. RV toilet chemicals are indeed an essential part of your motorhome’s maintenance routine.

10. Water Filter

Wherever your travels take you, ensuring a supply of clean, fresh water is paramount. This is where an RV water filter and a quality drinking water hose come into play. The water filter serves to remove potential contaminants from your water tank, safeguarding you and your loved ones from waterborne illnesses. Simultaneously, a reliable drinking water hose guarantees the safe transportation of this filtered water, free from any external contamination. Both are easy to install and effective in function, playing an indispensable role in promoting healthy living in the RV.

11. Universal Stove Top Cover

A universal stove top cover offers a handy solution for enhancing your workspace. When you’re not cooking, it gives you extra counter space for preparing meals, serving food, or even doing dishes. Moreover, it keeps your stove and kitchen accessories protected and clean when not in use. Just think of it as a little more “counter space” in your motorhome kitchen!

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12. Tire and Wheel Covers

While the inside of your RV is important, let’s not forget the outside, especially if you’re dealing with a fifth wheel. Tire and wheel covers, along with a tire pressure monitoring system, form a vital trio of accessories that ensure the longevity and safety of your fifth wheel’s tires. The covers protect your tires from the harsh effects of sun damage, preventing premature ageing and cracking. Meanwhile, the tire pressure monitoring system keeps an eye on your tires’ health, alerting you to any changes in pressure that could lead to dangerous blowouts. These systems are particularly crucial when your fifth wheel is parked for extended periods or traveling over diverse terrains.

13. Mobile Hotspot & Signal Booster

Whether you’re working on the go, streaming your favorite series, or needing that cordless device charged, reliable internet is a modern-day essential. A mobile hotspot gives you the flexibility to stay connected wherever your journey takes you, even allowing for easy use of devices.

Complement this with a signal booster to ensure a strong and stable connection, no matter where you’re parked. For full-time RV-ers or those on extended trips, the combination of cordless technology with your personal mobile hotspot and signal booster makes the RV traveling experience all the more enjoyable and worry-free.

14. Telescopic Extension Ladder

For all the hard-to-reach places, whether inside or outside your RV, a telescopic extension ladder is your answer. Compact yet robust, it’s perfect for routine maintenance tasks like cleaning the RV roof or troubleshooting a problem up high. This becomes particularly handy when you’re out exploring national parks and must ensure your RV remains in top condition, despite the elements. With its compact design, the ladder can be easily stored and transported, making it an invaluable tool for those park visits where you need to reach higher ground.

15. Compact Portable Washing Machine

Doing laundry on the road doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. A compact portable washing machine can be a real game-changer. Small enough to fit into a tight space but efficient enough to handle your laundry needs, this appliance can make your RV life that much more convenient. Say goodbye to the quest for laundromats or the hassle of hand washing, and embrace clean clothes at your fingertips.

16. Solar Charging Kit

Harness the power of the sun and stay powered up, even when you’re off the grid. A solar charging kit can be a great way to keep your rechargeable batteries charged, extending the life of your electronics and appliances. It’s sustainable, it’s efficient, and it’s liberating, giving you the freedom to roam without worrying about finding the next power source.

17. Outdoor RV Mat

An outdoor RV mat can dramatically improve your outdoor living space. It provides a clean, defined area outside your RV door where you can sit, eat, or play. Easy to clean and quick to dry, this mat is not only functional but also adds a splash of personality to your campsite, making it feel like a true extension of your home on wheels.

Wrapping Up

This top-notch collection of must-have fun RV accessories will transform your travels into unforgettable escapades. Say hello to a clutter-free and organized RV with the bedside shelf organizer and tap push lights, bid farewell to dampness with the dehumidifier, and elevate your dining experience with the small folding table and Instant Pot.

Let’s not forget the thoughtful touches like the over-the-door towel rack, wall-mounted toothbrush holder, and specialized RV toilet paper. With these essentials in tow, you’re equipped for the open road, ready to create memories and embark on thrilling adventures. Get ready to unlock a world of comfort and convenience as you embrace the RV lifestyle to the fullest.

People Also Ask

What are the must-haves for an RV?

Your must-haves include a trusty toolbox for those unexpected fixes, a comfy and durable outdoor mat for lounging in style, a water pressure regulator to keep your showers just right, an RV GPS to navigate like a boss, and don’t forget the marshmallows for those cozy campfire nights!

What do I need to get for my new RV?

Congratulations on buying your new RV home! Now, let’s deck it out like a pro. Start with the essentials: sewer hose and fittings, leveling blocks to keep things steady, a surge protector to safeguard your precious electronics, a compact grill for mouthwatering meals on the go, and of course, don’t forget the funky décor that screams “RV chic!”

What should I put in my camper trailer?

Pack your camper trailer with joy and practicality. First up, cozy bedding, camping chairs, and pillows to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Then, stock your RV kitchen with versatile cookware, a coffee maker for that morning pick-me-up, and a mini fridge to keep your beverages chilled. Add in board games, outdoor chairs, solar-powered fairy lights, and voila! You’ve got a trailer that’s ready for endless fun and memories. Let the RV adventure begin!

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