30 RV Storage Ideas & Hacks

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RV travel is a grand adventure, an opportunity to take a cozy home setting with you no matter what rugged or far-away vistas you might explore. Whether you are headed out to visit relatives or boondock somewhere remote and beautiful, one thing all RVs have in common is the storage challenge. Storing your essentials in the camper can be difficult, no matter the size of your RV. How can you bring everything you will need (or might possibly need) while still enjoying an open, uncluttered living space? 

Fortunately, you’re not the first to tackle this interesting Tetris-like challenge to find storage space. There are dozens of organization hacks to help you achieve the best camper organization for your rig. We’ve put together 30 of the most effective and creative ideas that you can easily try for yourself on your next RV road trip.

The 20 Best RV Storage Ideas & Hacks

Here are our top 20 favorite RV storage hacks and item ideas that will improve your ability to or organize your camper. You can prep before your next trip or use these ideas for a little DIY renovation during your RV winter storage.

1. Entryway Adhesive Shoe Storage

When campers return to the RV, convenient near-door shoe storage is key. You can keep those clompers off the floor with adhesive hooks, loops, or baskets placed near the entryway for easy one-place storage where all shoes can be found.

2. Command Hooks

Command hooks are an incredible invention that combines removable (yet very sturdy) mounting tape strips with hooks designed to work with them. You can add hooks of all types anywhere in the RV for hanging towels, baskets, planters, nets – anything you want. You can also keep a pack of command hooks handy for when the inspiration strikes.

3. Under Table Storage Drawers

One of our favorite RV storage ideas allows you to put your table to use – invisibly. Add drawers below the table surface for commonly used items from silverware to craft scissors.

4. LED Light Strips

Light strips are a great addition. They add visibility anywhere without turning on the lights. This includes floor runway lighting, inside-cabinet lighting, bathroom lighting, and more. Wireless rechargeable strips are short and easy to put anywhere while plug-in strips can run off the RV power for smart home mood lighting.

5. Magnetic Knife Rack

A strong magnetic strip is extremely useful for holding your knives (and other metal objects) safely and neatly against the wall, especially in an RV kitchen where there’s not a lot of counter space.

6. Food Storage Containers

Clear plastic food storage containers keep your dry goods sealed and unshakable. Make sure they stack, then stack them tightly in your cabinets or DIY pantry space. Food storage containers in the fridge can be just as helpful.

7. Drawer Dividers

Don’t haphazardly toss items into your drawers. Otherwise, this storage space will start to live up to the name “junk drawer.” Instead, use drawer divider inserts to keep everything organized, separated, and easy to find when you need it.

8. Remote Holder

Remote holders are deep pockets you can stick to the wall with velcro wherever you most often need the remote – and then can save your sanity in an RV where a remote might skitter to unknown depths in transit.

9. Seating That Doubles as Storage

Bench seating can easily be used as storage with lift-up seats that reveal empty space inside. Use plastic storage bins as a space-saving hack that easily loads and unloads while keeping the contents safe and clean inside your bench storage seating.

10. Mesh Bags for Dry Goods

Mesh bags are quite useful in an RV because they bounce instead of crashing around. Use mesh bags as the storage solution for groceries, fruit, laundry – anything you like.

11. Over The Door Organizer

Over-door organizers are a big hit in RVs which often have more doors than space. These hook-on organizers take many forms so you can get creative with what you need to store, from bathroom toiletries to cabinet door spice racks.

12. Hanging Pocket Organizers

Of course, you can hang an organizer anywhere using command hooks. Hanging pocket organizers offer you dozens of pockets to sort and safely store items. Because it’s hanging, it bounces like a mesh bag and will slide gently on the turns.

13. Tackle Boxes & Craft/Kit Boxes

A tackle box or craft box is a box with a lid that opens, drawers on the sides, and many different compartments. Use it as a jewelry box, an organized junk drawer, a toolkit, and much more depending on what small organized items you want to store.

14. Wall-Mounted Shower Dispensers

RV bathrooms don’t have a lot of space. Mount your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on the wall. You can put racks for pump-top bottles or mount refillable dispensers. This saves you the trouble of fitting a whole caddy in the limited bathroom storage.

15. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are cloth rectangular storage halfway between luggage and bags. They are a great way to organize outfits and linens, and they stack it all neatly inside RV space compartments.

16. Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags take packing to a new level by using a vacuum to flatten and compress stored fabric items. Use vacuum bags for things like emergency backup linens, extra towels, and things you don’t often need – but might want in airtight no-volume storage.

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17. Stacking and Collapsible Kitchenware

Stock up your kitchen cabinets with dishes, pans, and supplies that are either stackable or collapse. Maximize your cabinet space by minimizing your cookware space.

Tip: If stacking, place a dishcloth or t-shirt between each one to reduce rattling. If collapsible, store it in vertical spaces or in a bin for easy access.

18. Removable Countertop / Giant Cutting Board

Cover your sink and stovetop with a large removable countertop or cutting board. This protects your fixtures and provides an extra flat surface for daily life.

19. Bunk Pockets

Use magazine holders or pocket organizers tacked up next to the bed (or each bunk) for easy-to-reach personal storage.

20. Multipurpose Pegboard

Lastly, mount a pegboard along one wall. Use hooks and bungees to store all sorts of tools and more flexible storage designs by turning an entire wall into a potential storage surface.

10 Clever RV Storage & Organization Tips

What about keeping your camper organized? RV organization ideas don’t stop at the shopping list. We have some great organization tips to share, especially if you’re a full-time RVer.

1. Roll Instead of Folding

One of the travel hacks that works perfectly in an RV is to roll your clothes, towels, and linens instead of folding them. This allows you to pack them tighter, often vertically, and they won’t be in disarray if the RV shakes on the road.

2. Vertical Instead of Flat

Vertical storage is another one of the great RV storage ideas. Use your wall space to its fullest potential by installing shelves (with baskets perched on top) or garage-storage-friendly wall hooks like these.

Additionally, use the old moving trick and stack your dishes and other flat items on their edges in a box instead of nested flat. This will save space and reduce bumps.

3. Give Everything A Home

Make sure every single thing you pack in the RV has a home where it can be stowed away. Compartments, containers, hooks, and organizers make it easy, but you can also use labels to help everyone stick to one organization system.

4. Whiteboard Task Lists

Take notes. Use a whiteboard mounted to one wall (or use it as a door) and stay organized. Assign tasks, share tips, write the grocery list, and leave each other notes.

5. Declutter Regularly

Constantly declutter. Make a habit of putting everything back in its place as you move through the RV. Tidy in the morning, afternoon, and night so that no clutter remains out to fill your limited open living space.

6. Only Bring Essentials Onboard

Don’t pack the kitchen sink. Plan for exactly what you need so that you only bring essentials. This also makes it easier for everything to have a place. With the right packing list, you’ll enjoy having everything you need without extra clutter, especially if you’re seeking storage ideas for small campers.

7. Maximize Cabinet & Closet Space

Make optimal use of your tiny spaces, closets, and RV cubbies. Use baskets, vertical shoe organizers, tension rods, hangers, and other neat hacks so that the entire space is both packed and organized.

8. Storage Around/Under the Bed

Many motorhome storage ideas focus on your under-bed area, like drawer containers. But even if your bed frame is solid, you can use stick-on small Ikea containers that add some storage around your bed’s foot space.

9. Choose Multi-Functional Accessories

When packing, choose things that have multiple functions and are adjustable. Multi-tools, versatile clothing, and neat camping kits can minimize the total number of items you need to bring.

10. Keep the RV Clean

Finally, always keep your RV clean. Clean constantly. Keep a paper towel holder and a docked spray bottle in a central location and mount a little battery-powered vacuum on the wall. This can help you clean in any spare moment so your RV is not only organized but always sparkling.

A clean, well-organized RV will lift your spirits and help you to fully enjoy the RV life. If you’re looking for the perfect place to park for the night, near your favorite recreation spot, or to dock for a deep cleaning Neighbor can help. You can find a network of locally sourced RV parking and RV storage locations across the country for a safe place to park wherever you go.

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