The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas for 2024

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Are you a young professional thinking about moving to Las Vegas? If so, you’re likely in the market for a cost-effective neighborhood that aligns with your busy lifestyle. 

Or maybe, you’re relocating your family (including your children) to Las Vegas. In that case, you aren’t prepared to settle for just any neighborhood, especially in a place trademarked as “Sin City.” Don’t worry; we’ll help you scope out the most family-friendly neighborhoods in the area! 

If you’re searching for the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas, you might already live in the Las Vegas area. Whether you just need a change of scenery or a neighborhood better suited for your incoming retirement (and your slower pace of life), we’ve got you covered.  

No matter your situation, there’s a Las Vegas community for you, and all it takes is familiarizing yourself with your options before finding the neighborhood that ticks all the boxes on your checklist. 

#10: Summerlin

Image courtesy of Summerlin

Living in Summerlin offers a blend of suburban tranquility and urban amenities. Nestled in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, residents enjoy well-maintained parks, golf courses, and scenic trails that all foster a strong sense of community. 

The area boasts upscale shopping centers and dining options, providing a diverse and lively lifestyle. With a backdrop of the picturesque Red Rock Canyon, Summerlin offers a unique combination of natural beauty and modern conveniences for those seeking the best of both worlds (both metropolitan and suburban). 

  • Average rent price: $2,150
  • Average home sale price: $551,000
  • Location: East of Red Rock Canyon National Park
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Retired individuals 
    • Young professionals
  • Pros:
    • Conveniently located near schools and shops
    • Cooler temperatures than other parts of the valley 
    • Impressive real estate home values
  • Cons:
    • High cost of living 
    • Lack of public transportation 
    • Hard to get around without a car

#9: MacDonald Highlands

Image courtesy of MacDonald Highlands

Life in MacDonald Highlands is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The neighborhood is renowned for its upscale homes, many of which offer breathtaking views of the city and surrounding mountains. 

Residents can indulge in world-class amenities, including a private golf course, Wynn Golf Club, designed by legendary architect Tom Fazio, and a lavish country club with top-notch services. MacDonald Highlands also offers an opulent and serene living experience for those who appreciate the epitome of high-end living in Las Vegas.

  • Average rent price: $1,825
  • Average home sale price: $1,065,000
  • Location: North of the North McCullough Wilderness
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Nature lovers and golf enthusiasts 
    • People who enjoy luxury homes
    • Retired individuals with laidback lives 
  • Pros:
    • Exquisite views of the desert 
    • Safe and gated communities 
    • World-class amenities and luxurious homes
  • Cons:
    • Far away from the city 
    • Expensive area to live in 
    • Hard to get around without a car 

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#8: Southern Highlands

Image courtesy of Southern Highlands

Located in the scenic foothills of Las Vegas, Southern Highlands is a neighborhood that offers a unique blend of upscale living and natural beauty. It’s home to lush landscaping, parks, and walking trails that complement the stunning desert backdrop. 

The neighborhood also features exclusive golf courses, luxurious amenities, and a desirable sense of tranquility. As an ideal environment for families and singles alike, Southern Highlands is near the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the great outdoors. 

  • Average rent price: $2,795
  • Average home sale price: $535,000
  • Location: Southwest of Green Valley Ranch
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Families 
    • Professionals
  • Pros:
    • Great accessibility to Las Vegas 
    • Golf courses and water areas 
    • Spas and parks
  • Cons:
    • Dry heat and low humidity levels 
    • Very high temperatures 
    • Expensive HOA fees 

#7: Peccole Ranch

Image courtesy of

Peccole Ranch is a community characterized by its tree-lined streets, well-maintained parks, and a network of walking paths. 

In addition to its close sense of community and plenty of outdoor recreation, the residents of Peccole Ranch tend to appreciate its close proximity to shopping centers, schools, and recreational facilities. Suitable for families and professionals, this neighborhood has a little bit of something for everyone. 

  • Average rent price: $1,575
  • Average home sale price: $477,500
  • Location: South of Summerlin
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Families
    • Retirees
    • Young professionals
  • Pros:
    • Dog-friendly community 
    • Plethora of sidewalks and walking paths 
    • Safe community for families 
  • Cons:
    • Limited options for public transportation 
    • Must pay HOA fees 
    • Competitive real estate market

#6: Sunrise Manor

Image courtesy of

Situated in the eastern part of Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor is known for its diverse community and affordable housing options.

People who live in Sunrise Manor benefit from its proximity to parks, schools, and shopping centers. As a neighborhood with an emphasis on a family-friendly lifestyle, life in Sunrise Manor provides a balance between suburban comfort and the vibrant energy of the city. 

  • Average rent price: $1,275
  • Average home sale price: $324,500
  • Location: North of Green Valley North
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Those who value community diversity
    • Families and retired people 
  • Pros:
    • Home to many recreational facilities 
    • Plenty of shopping options
    • Low crime rates 
  • Cons:
    • Not near any highways 
    • Very hot and arid 
    • Lack of street lighting at night

#5: Green Valley South

Image courtesy of

Nestled in the southeastern part of Las Vegas, Green Valley South is a charming suburban escape. With a range of amenities and conveniences to choose from, Green Valley South is home to well-maintained neighborhoods, lush parks, and scenic landscapes. 

  • Average rent price: $1,600
  • Average home sale price: $423,500
  • Location: West of Green Valley South
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Families 
    • Young professionals
  • Pros:
    • Bike trails and walkways galore 
    • Palpable community spirit 
    • Lower crime rate than other neighborhoods 
  • Cons:
    • High rates of traffic 
    • Not many new builds to rent 
    • Can get incredibly hot in summer 

#4: Anthem 

Image courtesy of Amanda Bolton, Realtor

Anthem is located in the southern part of the Las Vegas Valley. It’s a master-planned community, complete with scenic parks, extensive trail systems, and outdoor activities galore. The community is known for its premier golf courses, exclusive amenities, and a strong sense of community. 

  • Average rent price: $1,775
  • Average home sale price: $557,600
  • Location: West of McCullough Trail
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Outdoor lovers 
    • Families 
  • Pros:
    • Plethora of parks 
    • Friendly community culture
  • Cons:
    • Broken up into six communities 
    • Different rules apply to each community

#3: Lake Las Vegas

Image courtesy of Travel Nevada

Positioned around a picturesque artificial lake, Lake Las Vegas is a resort-style community that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation, every day. 

From waterfront living to upscale residences and resort-style amenities, the scenic views of the surrounding desert landscape are hard to beat. Living in Lake Las Vegas means you’ll enjoy a serene escape from the bustling city.  

  • Average rent price: $1,900
  • Average home sale price: $681,300 
  • Location: East of Razorback Ridge
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Those who love golfing and water activities
    • Retired folks who like fine dining 
  • Pros:
    • Breathtaking views and access to water 
    • Feels like you’re on vacation 
    • Plenty of amenities  
  • Cons:
    • Higher cost of living 
    • Farther away from the rest of Las Vegas 
    • Very hot in the summer 

#2: Canyon Gate 

Image courtesy of Luxury Homes of Las Vegas

Located in close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, Canyon Gate is one of the first residential communities to be built in the valley. Recognized for its impeccable views and lush scenery, Canyon Gate is a prestigious gated community that offers an exclusive and upscale living environment. 

When you live here, you’ll benefit from a private and secure setting with landscaped streets, luxurious homes, and access to a championship-level golf course. The community makes a sophisticated lifestyle possible, and it tends to attract those who value privacy. 

  • Average rent price: $1,525
  • Average home sale price: $243,000
  • Location: North of Lake Sahara
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Young professionals
    • Those who like golfing
    • People who love dining out
  • Pros:
    • Prime location and close to entertainment 
    • Gated communities with security 
    • A mix of urban life and natural scenery
  • Cons:
    • Must pay HOA fees 
    • The crime rate is still relatively high

#1: Green Valley Ranch 

Image courtesy of Green Valley Ranch  

Situated in the southeastern part of Las Vegas, Green Valley Ranch is characterized by its well-planned neighborhoods, expansive parks, and excellent schools, making it an ideal choice for families. 

As a resident of Green Valley Ranch, you’ll appreciate the convenience of nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Add in its upscale homes, community events, and proximity to the Strip, life in Green Valley Ranch is well-rounded and enjoyable. 

  • Average rent price: $1,775
  • Average home sale price: $516,100
  • Location: North of Anthem
  • Who this neighborhood is ideal for:
    • Avid shoppers
    • Fine-dining enthusiasts 
    • Families and working professionals
  • Pros:
    • Friendly community and calm atmosphere 
    • Suburban feel without being barren 
    • Small-town values
  • Cons:
    • Not close to many outdoor activities 
    • 20 minutes from the Strip 

In Summary

Once you’ve selected the best neighborhood for you, it’s time to choose which house or apartment you’ll move into in Las Vegas. Fair warning: The process of shopping for your Las Vegas residence can take some time, especially with houses in the area selling at rapid speeds.

In fact, did you know that it only takes an average of 40 days for houses to be sold in Las Vegas once they hit the market? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Safest Part of Las Vegas?

According to PropertyClub, the safest neighborhood in Las Vegas is Anthem. 

What Is the Richest Part of Las Vegas to Live In?

Gavin Everstone, the Dream Homes Specialist, says Summerlin is the richest part of Las Vegas.

What Is the Nicest Neighborhood in Las Vegas?

The nicest neighborhood in Las Vegas might be subjective, but in many cases, people seem to view Summerlin, Green Valley Ranch, Green Valley South, and Lake Las Vegas as some of the nicest places to call home in Las Vegas. 

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