The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Tampa

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Tampa is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in all of Florida, and for good reason. There are more than a dozen neighborhoods within the Tampa Bay area, each one offering something that’s unique and special from the rest. 

Therefore, if you’re moving to the Tampa area or looking for an investment property in the area, it’s important to do your research and understand these different neighborhoods. 

Hyde Park/SoHo Tampa

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The SoHo/Hyde Park area is one of the fastest-growing and most popular neighborhoods in all of Tampa. It has an eclectic combination of historic downtown charm and natural beauty.

It’s a very walking-friendly area, as it has the longest uninterrupted sidewalk in the world, Bayshore Boulevard. 

If you live in the Hyde Park or SoHo area, you will never have a boring night again. There are numerous places where you can dine, shop, drink, and explore. 

For example, here are some popular restaurants in the Hyde Park/SoHo Tampa area:

When it comes to storefronts, options are aplenty:

Last but not least, the bar scene can’t be overlooked:

In Soho Tampa, you’ll find the best of both worlds. The area boasts a vibrant nightlife while still remaining fairly family-friendly. The only downside is that, since it’s so up-and-coming, living in the SoHo/Hyde Park area comes at a premium.

Population: 2,841

Average rent price: $2,133

Average house value: $829,000

Location: Located in Hillsborough County southwest of Downtown Orlando

Pros of Hyde Park/SoHo Tampa

  • Walkable area and plenty to do 
  • Date-night-friendly vibes
  • Modern living area with urban feel

Cons of Hyde Park/SoHo Tampa

  • One of the more expensive parts of Tampa 
  • High humidity levels and intense weather 
  • Traffic is not uncommon

Davis Islands: Island Living in the City

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In addition to being one of the best Tampa neighborhoods, Davis Islands is considered one of the best neighborhoods in all of Florida! As the name implies, Davis Islands is nestled into the heart of Hillsborough Bay between Hyde Park and Harbour Island

Davis Islands is one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in in Tampa, but it’s for good reason. The area is considered one of the safest neighborhoods, and it has the highest-rated public schools in Tampa. (Get this: Davis Islands even has its own airport and hospital).

Most of the restaurants, parks, and places to be are within walking distance of most homes. Plus, the area even has a massive dog beach/park at its southern tip for your furry, four-legged friends. 

Population: 5,663

Average rent price: $1,495

Average house value: $107,878

Location: South of Hyde Park in the Hillsborough Bay

Pros of Davis Islands

  • Suitable for pedestrians and pets alike 
  • Lush green spaces 
  • Direct access to water 

Cons of Davis Islands

  • More likely to experience flooding 
  • Farther away from inland neighborhoods 
  • Not always safe to swim at the beaches 

Downtown Tampa

Image courtesy of Visit Tampa Bay

If you want to be in the heart of the city, downtown Tampa is the place to be. This area gets you close to the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, one of the top franchises in the NHL. Additionally, there are so many restaurants, bars, and eateries in Downtown Tampa, including Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge, The Pint and Brew, and The Pearl Tampa.  that you can go to a different place every day for a year and not get close to visiting them all. 

When you choose to live in the area, you’ll be a stone’s throw away from the Florida Aquarium and the Curtis Hixon Waterfront. This area is also a major business district, so it’s a very active part of the city. 

Population: 1,920

Average rent price: $2,752

Average house value: $83,776

Location: Central Tampa, FL

Pros of Downtown Tampa

  • Vibrant cultural scene 
  • Promising job market 
  • Award-winning beaches 

Cons of Downtown Tampa

  • High risk of natural disasters 
  • Heightened levels of allergens 
  • Heavy traffic congestion

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Ballast Point: Scenic Views and Easy Water Access

Image courtesy of Smith & Associates Real Estate

Ballast Point has a great mix of suburban neighborhoods and history, as it’s the site of the Battle of Ballast Point, which took place in the Civil War. 

Ballast Point lies in Hillsborough Bay and has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. A major perk of moving to Ballast Point is that housing is affordable, giving you access to a bustling neighborhood without costing an arm and a leg. 

Population: 6,110

Average rent price: $1,469

Average house value: $423,273

Location: Southwest of Davis Islands along Hillsborough Bay

Pros of Ballast Point

  • Vast number of parks 
  • Friendly neighborhood with kind residents 
  • High-quality schools for kids 

Cons of Ballast Point

  • High likelihood of flooding 
  • Densly populated waterfront 
  • Less recreational and more industrial 

Seminole Heights: Artsy Community with a Culinary Flair

Image courtesy of Ben Laube Homes

When we first moved to Tampa, we seriously considered living in Seminole Heights. It’s a very artsy community with tons of great restaurants and shopping areas, not to mention a cool downtown area, which is what we were drawn to. In terms of safety, Seminole Heights is in the middle of the road. 

Population: 15,823

Average rent price: $1,972

Average house value: $590,000

Location: North of Downtown and Ybor City

Pros of Seminole Heights

  • A trendy neighborhood filled with things to do
  • Never a dull moment 
  • A diverse and welcoming area 


  • Moderate flood risk

Channel District: Entertainment and Art Haven

Image courtesy of Visit Tampa Bay

The Channel District is mostly geared towards food, fun, and entertainment. It is home to Tampa staples, such as the Sparkman Wharf, Splitsville, and the Columbia Cafe.

It’s a very trendy neighborhood that’s popular with college students at the University of South Florida, as well as young working professionals. Houses are limited in the area, and most people rent apartments, making this the best Tampa neighborhood for young singles or couples. 

Population: 1,314

Average rent price: $2,028

Average house value: $425,000

Location: West of Ybor Channel and north of Davis Islands

Pros of Channel District

  • Affordable cost of living 
  • Warm weather and beach access 
  • Cultural variety and amenities

Cons of Channel District

  • Faces a lot of natural disasters 
  • Hard to get around due to high traffic 
  • Very popular destination for tourists, leading to crowds

Ybor City

Image courtesy of Visit Florida

If you want to be close to where it all began, Ybor City is the best neighborhood in the Tampa area. Ybor City is packed with history, charm, and cigars, as its nickname is the Cigar City. Whether you prefer lighting one up or grabbing a beer at Cigar City Brewing, home of Jai Alai, one of the best beers in Florida, Ybor City is the place to be. 

You’ll also have access to Columbia, one of the oldest and best restaurants in the state and a personal favorite of mine. 

However, while Ybor City is mostly safe, especially in the artsy downtown area, there are a few areas you’ll want to avoid. Suitcase City, Nebraska Avenue, and East Ybor are districts I would steer clear of, especially late at night. 

Population: 2,168

Average rent price: $2,053

Average house value: $349,400

Location: North of Davis Islands

Pros of Ybor City

  • Entertainment and nightlife opportunities galore 
  • Highly-rated public schools 
  • Lots of restaurants to dine at

Cons of Ybor City

  • Almost impossible to get around without a car 
  • Traffic is some of the worst in Tampa

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Wesley Chapel

Image courtesy of Visit Florida

If you’re looking to live outside of Tampa and commute into the city, I highly recommend Wesley Chapel. Wesley Chapel is home to the beautiful golf course, Quail Hollow Golf & Country Club. It also has a dazzling combination of green spaces, upscale homes, and entertainment venues, like the Signature Event Space in The Shops at Wiregrass. Wesley Chapel is also home to the Florida-famous Krate District, a collection of hundreds of restaurants and shops in conjoined shipping containers. 

Population: 65,134

Average rent price: $1,881

Average house value: $426,600

Location: 30 minutes north of Tampa

Pros of Wesley Chapel

  • Plenty of elementary, middle, and high schools 
  • Solid mix of rural and urban areas 
  • Home to a man-made crystal lagoon 

Cons of Wesley Chapel

  • High humidity and muggy weather 
  • Higher crime rate than other areas 
  • Traffic is constant 

Riverside Heights: A Peaceful Retreat Near Downtown

Riverside Heights is another place that we strongly considered moving to when we moved to Tampa, FL. It’s a very safe, affordable area to live and is especially popular for the elderly and young families. 

It gets you close enough to downtown Tampa for restaurants and shopping, but not so close that you get caught up in the busyness of the city. 

Population: 3,307

Average rent price: $1,718

Average house value: $620,000

Location: North of Hyde Park 


  • Centrally located in Tampa
  • Quiet area with a neighborly feel


  • Not as lively as other neighborhoods 
  • Less suitable for active young people

Uptown Tampa

Image Courtesy of RentCafe

Life in the Uptown neighborhood of Tampa promises a unique combination of urban vibrancy and historic charm.

Residents can enjoy a mix of cultural, entertainment, and dining experiences. The area is filled with renovated historic buildings and new-build developments, which results in quite the eclectic yet modern feel.  

Population: 1,248

Average rent price: $211,100

Average house value: $1,789

Location: In Hillsborough County near Ybor City

Pros of Uptown Tampa

  • Moderate political climate 
  • High-rated public schools 
  • Rent-friendly area 

Cons of Uptown Tampa

  • Higher rates of poverty 
  • Rent can be costly 
  • High unemployment rates 

Cory Lake Isles/Arbor Greene

Image courtesy of

Situated in the heart of Tampa, Florida, the Cory Lake Isles/Arbor Greene neighborhood is a serene, upscale, and residential area. This master-planned community is known for its picturesque landscapes, pristine lakes, and well-maintained homes. 

When you become a resident of the Cory Lake Isles/Arbor Greene neighborhood, you can embrace the vacation-like experience of waterfront living. The views are breathtaking, and the neighborhood is filled with lush green spaces, parks, and trails. 

Population: 3,283

Average rent price: $2,153

Average house value: $381,568

Location: South of Wesley Chapel

Pros of Cory Lake Isles/Arbor Greene

  • Quiet, peaceful, and beautiful area 
  • Very low crime rates 
  • Neighbors look out for each other

Cons of Cory Lake Isles/Arbor Greene

  • HOA requirements can be intense 
  • Hard to customize your home 

Sunset Park: Safest Neighborhood For Families

Image courtesy of

The Sunset Park neighborhood of Tampa is a charming and highly sought-after residential area known for its well-established community feel where neighbors look out for one another. 

Home to tree-lined streets, polished homes, and a wide array of architecture, Sunset Park is where a suburban ambiance meets a coastal charm.

With views of the bay, the overall ambiance of Sunset Park is tranquil and relaxed, perfect for those looking for a slower pace of life. 

Population: 3,768

Average rent price: $1,000,270

Average house value: $1,104

Location: Situated along the east side of Old Tampa Bay

Pros of Sunset Park

  • Upscale and situated along the water 
  • Plenty of amenities and neighborhood perks 
  • Safe and quiet area 

Cons of Sunset Park

  • Housing prices are costly

How To Find the Right Neighborhood For You in Tampa 

When scouring Tampa in search of the best neighborhood for you and yours, it’s important to keep a few key factors in mind. 

Identify Your Priorities 

Consider your priorities. What do you value most in a neighborhood? Do you want to ensure that the vibe is family-friendly and homey? 

Are walkable streets with safe sidewalks a non-negotiable for you? What type of community do you feel most comfortable in? Brainstorm your top values and work from there. 

Think About Your Mode of Transportation Options 

If you drive a car, you’re in a good position because it makes transportation easy no matter where you live. However, not everyone has their own mode of transportation. Some people prefer to bike while others get around on two feet. 

If that sounds like you, make sure you prioritize neighborhoods that are pedestrian-friendly. It also helps to move somewhere with various modes of public transportation, like buses or rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft. 

Take a Look at Local Amenities 

Are you big on amenities? Do you like to go out and about in search of activities to do? From parks and beaches to restaurants and shopping centers, amenities are a vital consideration to make when exploring your Tampa neighborhood options. 

How far away are the places that interest you most? Is that distance reasonable to you? Ask yourself questions like these! 

Keep Your Budget in Mind 

A major contributing factor to where you’ll move next is the price of housing. Affordability is important, and you don’t want to end up moving to a Tampa neighborhood that is out of your price range. So, with that in mind, set a budget for yourself and then look for housing options that fit your price range. 

Visit the Area If Possible 

Do you have time to visit Tampa before moving there? If you do, make this a top priority! Nothing beats stepping foot in Tampa and seeing how the area feels for yourself, but if you aren’t able to take a trip to Florida in advance of relocating, read as much as you can about the Tampa neighborhood you like most before moving there.

Final Thoughts

While it used to be more like a ghost town than a bustling metropolis, Tampa is quickly becoming one of the top neighborhoods in eastern Florida. However, the average Tampa home costs more than most of the rest of Florida. 

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While you might think about storing these items in a garage, your personal belongings are at a higher risk of sustaining damage due to the high humidity levels and pest infestations in Florida. This is especially true when you store your items in a space that is not properly enclosed or ventilated. 

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Where Is the Best Area to Live in Tampa?

The answer to this question comes down to personal preferences. Do you want to live in the heart of the city? Check out Downtown Tampa. Is nightlife incredibly important to you? If so, you’ll probably love the Hyde Park/SoHo Tampa area. Alternatively, if a more urban feel is your vibe, Wesley Chapel is calling your name. 

What Is the Most Walkable Part of Tampa?

On our list of the best neighborhoods in Tampa, the Uptown area is the most walkable option. It has sidewalks galore, and as a part of the city where many people rent their living spaces, the neighborhood is very pedestrian-friendly. 

Is Tampa a Healthy Place to Live?

According to Mindbody, Tampa is a healthy place to live. It’s described as a “well-rounded city” where residents get along, life satisfaction rates are high, a work-life balance is encouraged, and exercise is an integral part of many residents’ lives. 

Is Tampa Florida a good area to live?

Real estate company, Redfin, says Tampa is a good place to live because you can find affordable housing, a lively social scene, and warm weather. However, just keep in mind that Tampa, like many other cities, is also home to a lot of traffic congestion, high crime rates, and intense humidity, especially in the summer. 

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