Top Picks for the Best RV for Family of 4: Space, Comfort, and Adventure

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Finding an RV that comfortably fits one or two people is easy. However, finding a suitable RV is slightly more difficult when you factor kids or other adults into the mix. In addition to having enough sleeping and storage space, you also need more living space so that everyone can spread out comfortably (if you want to prevent mid-trip squabbles and cabin fever). 

However, there are plenty of great RVs that can easily fit four people. Whether you prefer a travel trailer or a motorhome, there’s sure to be an option that’s perfect for your needs. 

Top-Rated RVs That Families Love

If you’re looking to hit the road with your family of four and want to do it in an RV, there are plenty of great options. There’s something for everyone–from tow-behind travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels to Class C motorhomes! 

Best Travel Trailers For Families of 4

Here are some of the top travel trailers for families of four: 

Jayco Feather 25RB: Courtesy of Jayco  

Travel trailers are tow-behind RVs that you pull with a towing vehicle. While some travel trailers are light enough to tow with a car, you’ll need an SUV, minivan, or pickup truck to haul a trailer big enough for four people. 

Key things to look for in a family-friendly travel trailer include a master bedroom and a bunk room with bunk beds. However, if you can’t find the right rig with a bunk room, you can also opt for one with a convertible dinette, where the dining room table converts into a bed. 

You can also look for a travel trailer with a sofa bed in the living room. The only downside of not having a bunk room is that your kids won’t have any private space to call their own. However, my family made this type of setup work for two months of nonstop camping, and I’m sure yours can, too! 

Best Class C RVs For Families of 4 

If you’re looking for a Class C RV for a family of at least four, here are several top models:

Jayco Redhawk 31F: Courtesy of Jayco

If you’d prefer not to worry about a towing vehicle, opt for a motorhome instead, Class C motorhomes are the best family-friendly option. They are larger than camper vans but smaller than Class A motorhomeswhich are seen as the most luxurious option. 

Because Class C motorhomes have a driving cab and are shorter than Class A motorhomes, they have less interior space and rarely have an extra bunk room. However, they make up for this with innovative sleeping options, such as a drop-down overhead bunk above the driving cab, a pull-out sofa bed, or a convertible dinette located in a slide-out. 

Best Fifth Wheels For Families of 4

Here are some of the top fifth wheels, well suited for four people: 

Winnebago Mini Plus: Courtesy of Winnebago

When most people think of fifth-wheel campers, they think of massive rigs that are like tiny houses on wheels. However, if all you need is a small camper for four people, there are several great fifth wheels that fit the bill. 

In addition to plenty of sleeping space, fifth-wheels have the added advantage of having extra storage space on the underside of the rig. This additional room is invaluable if you want to take an extended trip with your family. 

However, if you prefer a standard fifth wheel with more than enough room for four people, you can go that route as well. The only downside is that the larger your fifth wheel, the more expensive it will be. 

Best Toy Haulers For Families of 4 

Here are some of the top toy hauler travel trailers on the market: 

Keystone Fuzion Impact: Courtesy of Keystone

A toy hauler might be “the one” if you want to take your toys with you on your family’s RV adventures (think towable water tubes, jet skis, ATVs, etc.). A toy hauler can take the form of a travel trailer or a fifth wheel–but travel trailer toy haulers are better suited for a family of four. 

Instead of a typical rear side, toy haulers have cargo doors that drop down so that you can drive a four-wheeler, an ATV, a golf cart, or other small vehicles into the back of the camper. 

If you don’t need to tow toys, you can also turn the rear garage area into an extra bedroom to create a more spacious RV. 

Choosing the Ideal RV for Your Family of Four

Now that you know the best models of each RV type that can fit the whole family, let’s look at how to choose the RV that’s right for you. 

Determining the Right Size

Size is the most important factor to consider when choosing an RV for a family of four. Your rig must have enough sleeping capacity to accommodate every member of your family; otherwise, what’s the point in buying one?

In addition to having enough sleeping space, you also need a rig with enough living space for four people, too. That means having enough dining space and lounging space so that everyone can at least spread out a little bit. You’ll also need enough storage space so that everyone can bring their essentials. 

RV Type 

Aside from size, determining what type of RV you want is the next step in the buying process. As you saw in this article, there are many different types of RVs that can accommodate four people. However, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes all have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Fifth wheels have the most space, but they’re also the bulkiest and most expensive

Toy haulers allow you to bring toys on your adventures, but they have the least amount of living space. 

Travel trailers are the most affordable option, but they also have the fewest amenities. 

Class C motorhomes are a convenient option because they don’t require a towing vehicle, but you’re also limited in terms of day-to-day errands you can run–unless you tow a car behind you. 

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Essential Amenities

It’s also important to decide what amenities are important to you. The RV life is meant to be enjoyed, not dealt with. Little luxuries, such as a queen bed in the master bedroom or a full kitchen with a dishwasher, can be the difference between an unforgettable road trip and a hair-pulling journey. 

Just know that the more amenities you rack up, the more costs will increase. You may also find yourself trading living space for amenities

Balancing Budget with Quality

Finally, it’s important to know what your RV budget is and to stick to it. That could mean buying a rig in a lower RV class than you would prefer, but sticking to your budget is worth it. 

However, while you want to stick to your budget, you also want to buy an RV that has everything you need. Therefore, it’s important to be flexible and to find a balance between quality, affordability, and necessities. 

Just remember, the more money you save when buying an RV, the more adventures you and your family can enjoy! 

Safe and comfortable RV environment for young kids

Final Thoughts

Once you do your research, have a family meeting, and decide which RV is right for you, you can make your purchase. When you do, you’ll soon discover that an RV is a big investment that’s important to protect. 

In addition to taking care of your rig when you are using it, it’s just as important to protect it when you aren’t using it. That means having a safe place to store it, where it’s protected from the elements, foul weather, and potential theft. 

If you don’t have room at your home, consider using Neighbor, a peer-to-peer storage marketplace, to find RV storage near you. Neighbor offers safe, affordable, and even climate-controlled storage options so that your RV is safe and ready to go for your next trip! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Family of 4 Live in an RV?

As long as you choose an RV with enough sleeping, living, and storage space, a family of four can easily and comfortably live in it. 

What RV Brand Is Best for Full-Time Living?

Keystone, Grand Design, Winnebago, and Jayco are some of the best for travel trailers and fifth wheels, while Momentum is great for toy haulers, and Forest River is the best for Class C motorhomes. 

Which RV Is the Easiest to Maintain?

All RVs require some maintenance. In general, however, travel trailers and fifth-wheels require the least amount of maintenance because they have fewer moving and working parts than motorhomes and toy haulers. 

What Is the Best Class B RV for a Family of 5?

Class B RVs, also known as camper vans, are designed to handle one or two people. As such, there are no great Class B RVs made for five people. 

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