Top Picks for Best RV Mattress in 2024

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You love your RV camping trips: the fresh air, the outdoor activities, meeting other campers, and yarning around the campfire at the end of the day. 

But you don’t love your RV mattress. It’s not the best camper mattress–and you knew that when you bought the camper. And after only a few years, it needs more than a good cleaning. It’s breaking down to the point where you sleep better on the couch. 

You need support and comfort from your mattress – especially when you’re camping. So we’ve got the low down for you on the best RV mattress for your camper. And the answers may surprise you.  

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing the right RV mattress, evaluate your options based on comfort, size, and type. (Also, be sure to keep your sleeping habits and RV layout in mind).
  • Find what type of mattress best suits your sleeping habits. From firm (maximum support) to ultra-soft (maximum comfort), and whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, stomach, or a combination of all three. 
  • Measure your bed frame to choose the right size for your RV layout since RV mattresses come in non-traditional sizes like RV King, RV Short Queen, Three Quarter, or RV Queen.

Is There a Difference between RV Mattresses and Regular Mattresses? 

So, is there a difference between standard mattresses and RV-friendly mattresses, or can you repurpose that old guest-bedroom mattress as a bed for your rig? The quick answer is: yes, the RV mattress sizes are differentkind of. 

The RV queen and king are a little shorter to maximize space around the bed, while the RV bunk mattresses have a thinner profile to fit into a narrower bed frame. Some custom mattresses have cut corners or fold-up corners. (Not sure what we’re talking about? Don’t worry; we’ll include them below.)  

The materials that comprise these RV mattresses don’t vary as much as the sizes. You still have the option of innerspring, foam, etc., just like you would when buying a regular mattress. 

If you’re a full-time RVer who’s picky about your sleep, you can fit a traditional mattress in the master bedroom, space permitting. Just be warned: It’ll weigh more than an RV mattress, which is designed to be lighter–so be sure to factor that into the travel trailer’s overall weight. If miscalculated, you could exceed your towing vehicle’s max towing capacity

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Types of RV Mattresses

Before we discuss the best camper mattresses, let’s quickly review the types of mattresses available so you can determine your perfect fit. 

Type #1: Traditional Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is exactly what it sounds like. Metal coils (or “springs”) are covered with a soft top (sometimes a pillow top), resulting in a firm, springy bed. 

These beds are best for stomach and back sleepers or for healthy individuals with perfectly aligned backs (a.k.a. children). 

Type #2: Foam Mattress

Usually made from a combination of memory foam and high-density foam, these hybrid mattresses mold to your body, providing restful comfort. 

These beds are good for side sleepers because they cushion their pressure points, but they have some drawbacks. 

Because the foam molds around you, these beds keep you warm. So if you sleep hot, this isn’t the bed for you. A memory foam mattress isn’t recommended for people with back issues or stomach sleepers because they don’t provide a lot of support.

Memory foam also breaks down a little faster than traditional mattresses, so factor mattress lifespan into your final decision. 

Type #3: Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid melds the comfort of the memory foam top with the support of a cushioned innerspring mattress. 

Hybrids are good for all types of sleepers except those who require maximum firmness. 

There are, of course, several different variations of each mattress type that provide everything from pillowtop softness to cool sleep technologies. And that’s what we’ll get into now…

Top Contenders for the Best RV Mattress

The best RV mattresses are comfortable, last 10+ years, fit properly in your RV, and are made with lighter materials.

#1: Montana Hybrid from Wilderness RV Mattress

    RV-manufactured foam mattresses weren’t getting the job done, so the brand Wilderness RV Mattress stepped in to save the day, meeting travelers’ needs for quality sleep on long road trips. The Montana Hybrid, in particular, offered a range of features designed with RVers in mind. 

    This hybrid mattress has four layers. 

    1. The quilted cooling top allows air to pass through and prevent sweltering night sweats. 
    2. The 1-inch patented fast-response memory foam layer cushions your joints as you sleep. 
    3. The transition foam provides support in the firm support mattress and acts as a barrier between the springs beneath. 
    4. The encased inner springs provide long-lasting support for those cross-country road trips. 

    The Montana mattress ships in a box, so it’s easy to get into your RV bedroom. 

    Courtesy of Wilderness RV Mattress

    Quick Facts on the Montana Hybrid

    • Cost: $855
    • Mattress Type: Hybrid
    • Available sizes: Standard Twin to California King and custom builds available
    • Features: Fast-response memory foam so you never feel “stuck”
    • Best for: Full-time RVers who value durability and lasting comfort. 

    #2: DreamFoam Essential Hybrid Mattress

      For those seeking a balance between cost and comfort, the DreamFoam Essential Hybrid Mattress is the best choice. This mattress’s latex foam serves as a medium-firm sleep surface that’s suitable for a wide range of sleepers.

      What sets the DreamFoam Essential Mattress apart from others is its affordability. While most mattresses cost over $800, this one is under $300. It comes with a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind for RV owners who are looking for a budget-friendly mattress.

      Courtesy of Dreamfoam Bedding

      Quick Facts on the DreamFoam Essential Hybrid Mattress

      • Cost: $274
      • Mattress Type: Foam
      • Available sizes: RV Twin to California King
      • Benefits: 120-night trial with a 10-year warranty
      • Best for: Weekend or summer vacationers

      #3: Bear Original Mattress for RVs

        If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, the Bear Original Mattress is designed for you. Composed of supportive foam layers that achieve a firmer feel, this mattress is perfect for those needing more sleep support.

        Despite its firmness, the Bear Original Mattress doesn’t compromise on comfort. It’s also priced affordably, making it a valuable addition to any RV. The combination of comfort and support—coupled with the reasonable price point—makes it a popular choice among budget-conscious RV owners.

        Courtesy of Bear Mattress

        Quick Facts on the Bear Original Mattress: 

        • Cost: $549
        • Mattress Type: Foam
        • Available sizes: RV twin, queen, king
        • Benefits: Is a supportive, lightweight RV bed
        • Best for: Back and stomach sleepers who need a lighter bed.

        #4: Aurora Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding

          Courtesy of Brooklyn Bedding

          The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is a hybrid mattress that combines the best of both worlds to offer a luxurious sleep experience. The cooling gel-infused memory foam and zoned lumbar work in tandem to provide contouring comfort and targeted support where you need it most.  

          The Aurora Luxe’s innerspring coil system promotes proper spinal alignment and ensures you wake up without any aches or pains. As a bonus, the durable construction of this mattress guarantees longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for any RV owner. Made in the USA. 

          Quick Facts About the Aurora Luxe

          • Cost:$1,199
          • Mattress type: Hybrid
          • Available sizes: RV bunk to California King
          • Benefits: Cooling gel memory foam with zonal lumbar support
          • Best for: RVers who need the extra frills for a good night’s sleep.

          #5: Helix Plus by Helix Sleep

            Courtesy of Helix Sleep

            The Helix Plus provides maximum support with a medium-firm feel that is compatible with all sleep positions. It’s made of five layers:

            1. The cooling cover keeps you from overheating.
            2. The cradling high-density foam provides a medium-firm feel
            3. Contouring support foam aligns your joints and cushions your pressure points.
            4. TitanCore Steel coils provide lasting support and springiness.
            5. DuraDense foam supports the springs from excess shock. 

            Definitely a high-end option, this mattress also has a drawback. It’s not built for RVs, which means it uses heavier materials and doesn’t come in RV sizes. However, if you have a large enough rig, you can still shimmy the Helix Plus into your camper’s designated bedroom. 

            Quick Facts About the Helix Plus

            • Cost: $1,465.30
            • Mattress Type: Hybrid
            • Available sizes: Twin to California King (Traditional sizes, no RV sizing)
            • Benefits: 
            • Best for: RVers who own spacious motorhomes and need extra support/comfort. 

            The Studio Mattress by Leesa

              Courtesy of Leesa

              The Studio Mattress by Leesa is not your typical two-layer memory foam bed. It uses four layers of different types of foam to provide breathability, cushioning, and stability while you sleep.

              1. A breathable cover keeps night sweats away.
              2. Memory Foam Recovery Layer aligns with your body and inhibits motion transfer to your partner.
              3. The comfort layer cushions your joints for deep sleep. 
              4. And the stability layer is dense enough to hold it all up altogether. 

              This mattress is also CertIPUR-US, which means it’s NOT made with human-harming, earth-destroying materials. It also ships in a box, so it’s easy to get into your camper.  

              Quick Facts About the Studio Mattress

              • Cost: $799
              • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
              • Available sizes: Twin to California King (Traditional sizes only)
              • Benefits: Risk-free 100-night trial, 10-year warranty
              • Best for: Side sleeping RVers who need something light in their RV. 

              Bonus: For When You Need a Custom Mattress

              Maybe you’re renovating your RV, and you found a configuration you love, but there’s one problem. The mattress won’t fit.

              RV beds can have many different configurations to use space efficiently. Some of those space-saving setups cut corners. No, literally, they cut the corners off of a full or queen mattress. That way, you can close the bedroom door. Or the mattress folds up into a couch during the day, much like a futon – only more comfortable.

              You’d like to use the benefits of these space-saving mattresses, but stores don’t exactly carry them in stock.  

              That’s when you need to find a custom RV mattress manufacturer, and there are two that work best right here in the US.

              #1: Custom Mattress Makers

              Courtesy of

              Custom Mattress Makers handmake their mattresses in Clearwater, Florida. Each order is carefully made to the specs provided and is a guaranteed perfect fit for your RV. They have been ranked as the best and most comfortable custom mattresses by and

              #2: Wilderness RV Mattress

              Wilderness RV Mattress can also accommodate your custom needs in a variety of mattress types. With the ability to build out your ideal mattress online, you can rest easy knowing they have the exact specs of your dream mattress.


              Are you ready for a good night’s sleep while camping? Who knows. Maybe you’ll actually come home rested instead of exhausted from interrupted sleep cycles. 

              Once you’ve invested in a new mattress, you also want to find proper storage for your RV, so it doesn’t break down in the heat or suffer subsequent damage from a storm. 

              Look at it this way: The cost of covered/enclosed RV storage is a small investment in protecting what you’ve put into your RV.

              But where can you find covered or enclosed RV storage in your area? 

              Check out Neighbor, a peer-to-peer RV storage marketplace offering covered/enclosed RV storage that’s up to 50% cheaper than traditional storage options. 

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