The Best RV Roadside Assistance Providers of 2024

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You’re finally going to see the Grand Canyon. You’re going to hike through parts of it with your kids. You’re going to teach them about geology and fossils…

But now, you’re sitting on the side of the highway with a smoking RV on the west Texas plains in July. Certainly, not the dream vacation you imagined. 

If you’re relying solely on your add-on roadside assistance policy tied to your existing insurance policy–rather than researching the best RV roadside assistance option that fits your trip–you’re in for a rude awakening. 

Key Takeaways

  • The best RV roadside assistance plans offer unlimited-distance towing and 24/7 support across North America, in addition to interruption benefits (which can cover costs like hotel stays and meals if you’re stranded far from home).
  • A good RV roadside assistance plan covers not just your RV but also other vehicles.
  • All memberships come with their own perks, like discounted hotels and trip planning. Some also offer extended warranties.

The Top 3 RV Roadside Assistance Memberships that Fit Your RV Lifestyle

Three memberships go the distance to make your RV trip a full success despite any unfortunate hiccups in your journey. 

No matter which provider you use, one thing you need to keep in mind if you plan on traveling through Alaska is that coverage complexities and response times are more complicated in Alaska because of the sparse population in certain areas and the extreme weather conditions. 

And some providers – like Coach-Net – don’t even offer coverage in Alaska. So plan accordingly.

#1: Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam Roadside Assistance has become a household name that understands the specific needs of RVers. Their standard plan covers everything that you need for a summer road trip 

Firstly, all drivers and vehicles are covered. They offer unlimited towing—like really unlimited. There are no caps, nothing. Plus, they foster a network of RV-certified mobile mechanics who can meet you on the road and—hopefully—get you on your way faster. 

Now, if you want to bump up your plan to the Good Sam Platinum Complete, it also offers:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation
  • Trip interruption

Membership Fee: $64.95-$119.95 per year, depending on your plan.

Valid in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. 

#2: 24/7 Protect RV Roadside Assistance by Coach-Net

If you’re a full-time RVer who needs the most from your RV roadside assistance membership, then the 24/7 Protect Plan is the most comprehensive plan. It covers everything from basic lockout services to repatriation and emergency medical transportation. 

But Coach-Net also gives you the flexibility to handpick the coverage you care about. So if you’re only worried about a tire blowout, Coach-Net has a specific Hazard Plan for you. 

Membership Fee: $179-$249 per year, depending on your plan.

Valid in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

#3: Roamly

Now Roamly is the new guy on the block, but he’s already changing the scene. Where many plans limit the number of drivers that it covers, Roamly was actually created to cover everybody. So if you rent or loan out your RV for others to use, take a good look at Roamly. 

Their benefits include all basic roadside assistance and unlimited towing. Along with trip interruption and rental cost coverage, Roamly also reimburses or replaces damaged goods, such as spoiled food or leaking LPs.

Membership Fee: $79.99-$99 per year, depending on your plan.

Valid in the US and Canada

Save up to $1,200/year on RV storage & parking

Why Can’t I Rely on my RV Insurance Policy for Roadside Assistance?

Insurance and roadside assistance are two different things. Insurance covers damages to your car – and you – in case of an accident. 

General roadside assistance is a broader service that comes to the rescue whenever you lock the keys in the car, need to replace a tire, need a recharge for a dead battery, or need to tow your vehicle to the shop. But to be fair, most insurance policies already cover these basic roadside assistance needs (just with limitations). 

The fact of the matter is that when you’re on a road trip crossing three states to see the Grand Canyon – and one of those states is Texas – your needs are different than they would be had you embarked on a weekend camping trip within a couple of hours of home. 

You want to be sure if something goes wrong, that it’s not going to ruin your trip. In sticky situations, you’ll be glad you invested in an additional roadside assistance plan. But what exactly can a roadside assistance provider do for you (besides unlocking your car when your keys are out of reach)? 

  • If your car breaks down, they’ll tow you – no matter where you are.
  • In the case of malfunctions, they’ll find qualified help – preferably the kind that comes to you.
  • They’ll make sure you and your family have a place to stay while repairs are made.
  • If the worst does happen, they’ll make sure you’re able to get home (and ensure your RV gets home, too)

Sure, it would be great if you didn’t have to shell out extra cash for all of that to happen. It certainly would be ideal if those services were already baked into your existing insurance plan. But is that too much to ask for?

If you’re relying on your insurance, yes, it is too much to ask. That’s why roadside assistance providers offer travel memberships. So, let’s talk about coverage.

What Benefits Do the Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans Offer?

You’re familiar with the basic roadside needs, but you want something a little more robust for your RV. 

Benefit #1: Unlimited Towing

Our top 3 providers offer unlimited towing to the nearest service center. So, no matter how far in the middle of nowhere you are, your RV will be towed to a location where it will be fixed (at no additional cost to you). 

Beware: not all providers have unlimited towing. AAA, for example, tows your RV the first 100 miles and then charges you per mile based on the current fuel cost.

Some of the providers also offer wenching services. If your RV gets stuck somewhere, they come and pull it out. So, if you like to go off the beaten path, that’s something you want your plan to cover. 

Benefit #2: Coverage for Multiple Drivers and Vehicles

With some assistance plans, only one person is covered with one plan, and you have to pay for additional drivers to use your plan. But the best plans cover multiple drivers and additional vehicles – whether they be your towing vehicle or your toad. 

Benefit #3: Full Tire Service

Again, most basic plans cover the cost of replacing a tire. But if you need to order a tire, you’ll have to pay those additional costs out of pocket. On the flip side, a full tire service also pays for tire repair and delivery of a new, comparable tire

Benefit #4: Mobile Mechanics

These are certified RV mechanics that are in your membership’s network. When you put in a call, your providers may decide that a mechanic can fix it on-site. So instead of hauling your RV off course, they send the mobile mechanic to you.

Benefit #5: Accommodations in the Event of an Emergency Trip Interruption

Breaking down halfway through a road trip is no fun for anyone. A roadside assistance provider understands that an interrupted trip is already stressful. So, in the event of an emergency trip interruption, your hotel and food will be covered (or reimbursed), so you don’t accrue any extra costs.

Benefit #6: Loaner Vehicles

If your trip gets interrupted and you’re driving a motorhome (Class A, B, or C RV), then your plan provides a replacement for you to get around while yours is in the shop. Now, the type of replacement depends on your plan and, of course, is limited to motorized RVs.

Benefit #7: Fuel Replacement

There’s nothing like taking a scenic drive through the Everglades in Florida. The miles of saw grass, the jungle of palmettos and palms, the great blue herons and egrets, alligators sunning themselves on the side of the road…

Then, suddenly….you run out of gas three-quarters of the way through because you didn’t realize the sign that said “Last gas station before the Everglades” meant there are NO gas stations in the Everglades. 

That’s why fuel replacement is important. Because you don’t know the nuances of all the awesome out-of-the-way places, and sometimes you run out of gas. 

Benefit #8: Reimbursement for Food Spoilage

So when your RV is in the shop, the mechanics don’t always understand that you still need to run the appliances. Or sometimes, for safety reasons, they shut them off and then forget to turn them back on. 

That’s where getting reimbursed for food spoilage is helpful. 

Benefit #9: Repatriation

Sometimes, the worst-case scenario happens. You never want it to, but it does. So, if you’re in an accident and need to be medically transported back home, some plans cover transport for both you and your RV to get home safely.

If, after reading those benefits, you’re asking yourself, “Do I really need that?” then you should keep reading because the top three providers are good fits for three different camping styles. 

Not all providers offer these benefits, and each one has different plans to fit your camping lifestyle–so don’t randomly pick out of the lot. But rest assured, almost all memberships also come with certain perks, like discounts at certain hotels or campgrounds. 


With help at the push of a button, RV roadside assistance is the security blanket that lets you chase horizons without fear. 

But when you return from your trip, remember that proper RV maintenance is the best way to prevent those trip interruptions— and proper maintenance starts with proper RV storage. 

Don’t make the mistake of storing your RV uncovered on your driveway (or the street). That’s just an invitation for things to weather and fail.

But RV storage doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, either.

With Neighbor, a peer-to-peer RV storage marketplace you can find RV storage options up to 50% cheaper than traditional storage. The best part? You’ll find options in all 50 states. 

You may even find storage spaces in your very own neighborhood. Find listings (from pre-screened hosts) nearest you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Roadside Assistance for My RV When I’m Far From Home?

Yes, you can get roadside assistance for your RV even when you’re far from home. Many top-tier plans offer coverage across North America, including remote areas, with varying response times and service availability. Most include a 24/7 RV technical assistance hotline. 

Are Roadside Assistance Plans Worth the Cost?

Yes, roadside assistance plans are worth the cost. They protect against high towing and repair expenses during emergencies and offer additional perks like travel and camping discounts.

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