How To Design The Perfect Kitchen

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Design The Perfect Kitchen:  Avoid these 5 Common Kitchen Layout Mistakes

How to design the perfect kitchen space!

Having a good layout is more important than anything else in your kitchen. As the hub of activity in the home, your kitchen should be set up to comfortably accommodate a variety of activities. Design The Perfect Kitchen!

For example, a typical kitchen will be used for cooking, crafting, storage, socializing, and eating almost every day. Your kitchen layout should have just the right balance of space and substance to be able to handle all of these activities smoothly. Read below for a list of 5 common kitchen layout mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Restricting the work triangle by placing the fridge, oven, and sink in awkward places. These three items should be set with imaginary lines forming a triangle drawn between them. Experts recommend keeping the sides of the triangle between 10 and 25 feet.
  • Not including enough workspace on countertops. With all the activities going on in your kitchen, plenty of counter space is a must. Consider adding an island or peninsula to fit more workspace into your kitchen.
  • Making bad lighting decisions and ending up with a dimly lit space. As a general rule, your kitchen should have direct lighting over workspaces with additional lighting in other areas.
  • Skimping on the backsplash or leaving it out altogether. A backsplash is much easier to clean than a regular wall, so leaving it out could mean investing extra time and repair work later on.
  • Choosing to DIY instead of hiring professionals to do the job. While a DIY remodel might seem like the cheaper option, professionals will provide higher quality work and more expert layout ideas.


Which Kitchen Layout is the most functional?

The shape of your kitchen directly affects its functionality. The layout you choose should be catered to you and your family’s needs. For example, if your family loves to cook, you may consider a layout with more than one work triangle, or zone. Here is a list of six common kitchen layouts and the pros and cons of each.

One-Wall (The Pullman Kitchen)

This layout features all cabinetry and appliances installed on one wall. Newer versions of the one-wall layout also include an island for additional counter space.

Pros: Space-saver, ideal for small kitchen spaces

Cons: Only room for one cook, minimal space for entertaining

One-Wall (The Pullman Kitchen) Design

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Galley Kitchen Layout

Also known as a walk-through kitchen, a galley layout features two walls with cabinets and countertops and a walkway in between.

Pros: Best way to maximize space, no expensive corner cabinets

Cons: Minimal cooking space, closed floor plan

Galley Kitchen Layout Design

L-Shaped Kitchen Design

An L-shaped kitchen also features cabinets and countertops on two walls, but the walls are perpendicular to each other. An L-shaped layout is truly a corner kitchen.

Pros: Maximize corner space, cut down on kitchen traffic, versatile

Cons: Minimal workspace, not ideal for large kitchen spaces


Horseshoe Kitchen

The classic version of the horseshoe, or U-shaped, layout features three adjoining walls of cabinets and countertops. The more modern version of this layout is an L-shaped design with an added island as the third piece.

Pros: Good traffic flow and workflow, room for many cooks

Cons: Can make the space feel smaller

Horseshoe Kitchen Design

Island Kitchen Design

A working kitchen island features additional cabinetry, workspace, and appliances. These versatile kitchen features are also useful to create extra seating.

Pros: Good for entertaining, plenty of workspace, room for more than one cook

Cons: Takes up a lot of space, only works in larger kitchens

Maple Shade Construction - Kitchen Design 2

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Peninsula Kitchen Layout

A kitchen peninsula is similar to an island, but is connected to one of the walls. This design works best with an L-shaped or horseshoe layout.

Pros: Takes up less space than an island, additional seating and workspace

Cons: Can make the space feel more cramped, not ideal for small kitchens

Maple Shade Construction Kitchen Design


4 Perfect Kitchen Design Ideas

Family-Friendly Kitchen Designs

If you’ve got pets, younger children, or older adults sharing your house, creating a kitchen space that keeps everyone happy and connected should be one of your top design priorities. Here are three design ideas you can incorporate to make your kitchen more family-friendly.

  • Open Floor Plan. Merging your kitchen with another room in your home such as the living room or dining room creates the perfect family-friendly space. You can keep an eye on your kids while you’re cooking, and an open floor plan is also ideal for entertaining.
  • Breakfast Nook. Also called a banquet, this kitchen design featuring a small dining area with built-in seating is great for children. It creates a great space for casual family meals and allows the whole family to spend time in the kitchen together.
  • Computer Space. Adding computer space to your kitchen allows you to work while dinner is cooking, supervise children’s computer use, and stay more connected with your family.

Breakfast Nook - Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

The clean minimalist look of a contemporary kitchen will never go out of style. With neat lines, metallic accents, and modern touches, a contemporary design is a good look for any kitchen space. Try these three design ideas to give your kitchen an elegant contemporary twist.

  • White Cabinets and Countertops. Nothing beats the clean look of a white kitchen. Choose white glassy countertops and smooth cabinets for a more modern take on this traditional look.
  • Stainless Steel. The muted luster of stainless steel is the perfect contemporary accent for your kitchen. Use stainless steel appliances, countertops, hardware, and furniture for a sleek modern look.
  • Wood Elements. A smart mix of materials is what makes a contemporary space feel inviting as well as modern. Use wood strategically throughout your kitchen to warm up the space. You can use wood on the floors, base cabinets, or walls to add dimension.

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Traditional Kitchen Designs

A traditional style kitchen is comfortable, suitable for any age group, and always in style. Whether this is your very first home or you’ve been a homeowner for 50 years, these three traditional kitchen design tips will make your space cozy and comforting.

  • Outdoor-Inspired Patterns. Traditional style brings outdoor elements into an indoor space, so incorporate floral, fruit-based, and nature scene patterns in your kitchen. Mix these patterns with stripes to soften the look.
  • Natural Materials. Avoid glossy or colorful materials when designing a traditional space. Instead, choose wood, brick, and marble for cabinets, countertops, and accents.
  • Unique Hardware. Look for hardware and fixtures with shape and detail to install in your traditional kitchen. This will add texture and definition to your space. Avoid using straight or streamlined pieces.


Mediterranean Kitchen Designs

Also called Spanish modern, a Mediterranean styled space is full of warm colors and exciting textures with inspiration drawn from areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea for your perfect kitchen design. Use these three Mediterranean design tips to add some spice and richness to your kitchen.

  • Mosaic Tile. A beautiful mosaic design is the perfect accent for your Mediterranean kitchen. Install a mosaic tile backsplash or countertop, or go for a mosaic border on the floor.
  • Bold Accents. Color is the most important feature in a Mediterranean kitchen. Choose a warm neutral base color for the walls, and add bold colorful accents. Incorporate pops of blue, green, red, orange, and yellow around the space through cabinets, furniture, and accent pieces.
  • Wood. Whether left plain or painted, wood is a common material in Mediterranean kitchens. Stick to warm-hued wood floors and cabinets, and choose colorful wooden furniture pieces to accent the space.


Professional Chef Kitchen Designs

One of the most important activities to take place in the kitchen is cooking. So while you’re designing the perfect kitchen for yourself you may want to consider how you like to cook food. If you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen more chef-friendly, try these three professional chef kitchen design tips.

  • Ample Counter Space. Having plenty of counter space to work with is an important feature in a chef’s kitchen. Add an oversized island in your kitchen for extra workspace and entertaining space.
  • Multiple Sinks. Include one or two large deep sinks in your kitchen to aid in food preparation and cleanup. At least one of the sinks should be big enough to accommodate extra large pots and dishes.
  • Easy Organization. Having clutter in the kitchen makes cooking more difficult and less fun. Include organizational features like open shelving, a hanging pot and pan rack, and a magnetic strip for knife storage. Your utensils and ingredients will look tidy and organized while being accessible.

Professional Chef Kitchen Designs


Keep these designs in mind as you prepare for your upcoming remodel. With the amount of details a big remodel project like a kitchen has, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and tackle each detail one step at a time. Do your research beforehand, choose the right contractor, make good layout decisions, and your dream kitchen will be ready in no time. For more information and ideas this list of 100+ Kitchen Decor ideas. 

Here’s to dust, DIY, and renovations.

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