Neighbor Storage vs Traditional Self Storage

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Neighbor Storage vs. Traditional Self Storage

Neighbor Storage is an online, peer-to-peer self storage community that allows homeowners with unused storage space to rent that space to people in need of storage. Demand for self storage has never been higher in the USA and supply is limited, which means high prices and inflexible contract agreements. We at Neighbor are striving to provide homeowners with extra monthly income and renters with a storage solution at 50% the traditional price. Neighbor Storage is revolutionizing the definition of a storage facility and how people use public storage by lowering costs, empowering the individual hosts, and creating a safe, secure, trustworthy platform for them to rent out their storage space on.

Hosts have the option to accept or decline who they rent to based on their circumstances and what the renter is going to be storing. You can vet your own renters to find the one that is perfect for you! You set the price and you get exactly what you pay for! No more hidden fees or surprises! Read Neighbor reviews!

Below is a comparison between the average national cost by storage unit size and Neighbor’s average cost by storage unit size:

National Storage Costs:

  • 5 × 5: $45 /month
  • 10 × 10: $96 /month
  • 5 × 10: $63 /month
  • 10 × 20: $137 /month
  • 10 × 15: $123 /month
  • 20 x 20: $150 /month


How Neighbor is changing storage

Transparent monthly savings

Renters save 30-50% on self storage, on average. No rate hikes.

Keep your items nearby

Hosts in your neighborhood means that your things are always close by.

Storage made simple

Don't settle for stone age tech and long contracts. Neighbor makes it easy.

Neighbor Storage Costs:

  • 5 x 5: $20 /month
  • 10 x 10: $42 /month
  • 5 x 10: $26 /month
  • 10 x 20: $62 /month
  • 10 x 15: $44 /month
  • 20 x 20: $105 /month

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