Cheap College Student Storage


Cheap College Student Storage

Are you looking for a cheap college student storage space to store your stuff while you move, experience homeless week, leave for an internship, or summer sales job? Neighbor is essentially the “Airbnb of storage” and connects people who need storage space and those who have unused space in their homes. Instead of owning their own storage facility to lend out, Neighbor is able to offer renters a variety of storage options from its list of hosts at unparalleled prices. Neighbor is 50% cheaper than traditional storage, conveniently located near your campus, and has easy month to month contracts. Save hundreds on storage costs this summer and spend your extra cash traveling, on a new toy, or on that special someone in your life. Let’s be honest the only rational choice when looking for a place to stash your stuff this summer is not in your parents home where it can be rummaged through but with Neighbor, the new hip way to store your stuff.

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Why the First Month of Free Storage is a Myth:

An ad pops up that claims to give you a free month of storage if you sign up today. Don’t do it! You may get one free month of storage but then you’ll pay dearly the next few months at almost double the price. Many self storage facilities will trick people into their ploy by offering a free month of storage up front. With Neighbor you’ll never have to worry about tricks or deception. We are 100% transparent with our prices. Our hosts set the price at a 50% discount on average and we pass the savings on to you.


Is Neighbor Safe to Use?

You may think “Should I trust someone I do not know and leave my stuff to them?” No worries. Only storage hosts who have met a strict criteria are chosen by Neighbor, and renting space comes with the option of third party renters insurance at a huge discounted price. Also, you can contact or make an appointment to meet the host to see the space and if you are comfortable leaving your stuff in their space. Read about how Neighbor is safe to put all your worries at ease.


How Early Can I Reserve my Space?

Simple! As early as you’d like! You can go online and find a storage space and reserve for when school ends. No more scrambling the last week of school and then being lost during homeless week. Stop begging your landlord to let you store your belongings and start storing with Neighbor. Feel free to reserve your space today! Neighbor is literally the cheapest and most convenient location around and you don’t want to miss your chance to save hundreds of $$$ this summer!


Is there a College Student Storage Discount?

Heck ya! All of our spaces are at a 50% discount! You don’t need to haggle price or look for discounts any longer. With Neighbor you will always beat the market value price for a self storage unit. Just check out our chart above taken from traditional self storage facilities and compared to Neighbor. We are so much cheaper than the competition you can spend all your extra cash on the summer trip you’ve been planning.


Self Storage or Moving Home for the Summer Break?

Many if not all college campuses don’t offer self storage or allow you to store you belongings there over the summer. I know right? You pay the university thousands of dollars and they won’t let you store your stuff on campus and now you have to pay even more money to have everything moved home for you. Renting a cheap self storage unit could be the answer to all you problems. Don’t pay for a super expensive unit from traditional companies. Join Neighbor and save up to 50% this summer and spend your money on things that matter to you. Not only will you save money but Neighbor’s units are right in your backyard. They are super close to campus so you don’t have to travel for miles just to get to a facility.


Why Lease a Storage Unit as a College Student?

Not only is a self storage unit valuable for the summer time, but there are many other ways that a storage unit can be useful and save college students hundreds of dollars.

  • Study Abroad Trips – Study abroad trips are amazing experiences that college students should totally take advantage of while at school. Go to Europe, Asia, South America, or the Middle East and experience the culture while learning the language, the business, or the history. You’ll be gone for over a semester and will need a place to keep your things while your away so self storage is the obvious answer.
  • College Students in Expensive Cities – Are you trapped in a city and rent is to expensive to have a huge dorm room to house all your belongings? Its okay to be a hoarder but save your roommates a ton of stress and use a self storage unit. Units are always super cheap, convenient, and secure.
  • Running a Side Business – Maybe you are an entrepreneur? Then perfect, rent a self storage unit and stop turning your dorm room into a production factory. Store your inventory, create products, sell products, etc. managers don’t care what you do out of your unit so take advantage of the cheap work space while you can.


How Big of a Storage Unit does a College Student Need?

Let’s be honest about this now. Unless you own a home you don’t need anything larger than a 5 x 10 unit and for 90% of you will only need a 5 x 5 unit. Unfortunately, these spaces go the fastest at traditional facilities and have the longest set contracts. Check out Neighbor and you’ll find that there is a plentiful amount of 5 x 5 and 5 x 10 spaces available all for a cheaper price than traditional storage. The 5 x 5 will hold all your personal belongings and small furniture easily. If you have larger furniture like a couch, bed, or TV then we’d suggest you go for the 5 x 10 space. That way you’ll have plenty of room to stack your belongings appropriately so they don’t break as you close the door.


Use the Referral Program to get $$$ for the Summer!

Get $50 if a host signs up their space and it gets rented or get $25 for every referral that signs up to rent a space. If your a student then sign up all your friends and you could literally have your space paid for by others. If you just want to be an affiliate that is okay too!

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Author: Dallin Preece

Dallin is a husband and father, growth marketer, and SEO enthusiast at Neighbor. Neighbor is the Airbnb of Storage. They are disrupting the self storage industry with new technology and the sharing economy. Learn more at