Top 8 Boat Storage Facilities Near Kansas City

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Storage facilities are an excellent solution if you want a secure space for your boat. However, choosing suitable boat storage facilities near Kansas City (and even RV storage) from dozens of options is difficult. You’ll have to consider the owner’s credibility, the size of the storage space, price, and the location’s convenience, which can be a lot of work to handle.

The good news is that we’ve done the heavy work for you. We’ve compiled the top eight boat storage facilities near Kansas City to help you choose an affordable and secure space for your boat. That said, let’s find the right boat storage space that fits your needs.

Note: Neighbor has verified the owners of the following boat storage facilities near Kansas City to ensure you get reliable unused space to store your boat.

1. 12×17 Garage in Prairie Village, KS

Will, a Prairie Village resident for over 13 years, owns this garage located right off Nall Avenue in Kansas City. The indoor storage is 12 by 17 by 10 feet (W×L×H), providing enough space to fit your boat. The benefits of storing your property in this garage are: 

Smoke-Free Environment

You won’t have to worry about smoke accelerating corrosion on your boat. After all, it’s an indoor storage space in Kansas City. 

The Storage Facility Has a Security Camera

The security camera in this facility discourages theft and acts as a quick recovery tool in case of compromises. The garage is also a private space with a private entrance to enhance your property’s security. 

You’ll Get a Discount for the First Month

If you reserve this space for two months or more, you’ll pay half the amount of the normal price in the first month. 

Easily Accessible Boat Storage Space

With Will’s garage, you can access the property daily at any time during the day. No appointments are necessary once the owner approves your reservation. 

Reserve the space today to enjoy the benefits above. 

2. 39×69 Warehouse in Olathe, KS

Brandi M will be your host if this storage facility suits your needs. The warehouse measures 39×69×24 feet (W×L×H), making the available space more than enough to store boats and vehicles. Here’s what you’ll get if you partner with Brandi: 

Unlimited Access to Your Property 

The warehouse is accessible 24/7. You can access your boat anytime you want so long as you have an appointment before each visit. 

Tight Security in the Warehouse

Brandi’s warehouse will secure your boat against theft and damage because it’s in a locked area such that the entrance is private. As a result, the facility ensures your property is beyond the reach of thieves. It also has smoke detectors that protect your boat from damage by fire. Most importantly, the owner has installed security cameras that monitor the facility 24/7.

The Boat Storage Facility Is Climate Controlled 

The temperature and humidity inside this warehouse are constant to protect your boat from molds and bending out of shape. Reserve your space in the warehouse to get a 50% off the first thirty days if you stay more than a month. 

3. 10×20 Garage in Admire, KS

Owned by Brad, the garage has all the essential things you need. The indoor space will accommodate and protect your boat from harsh weather. Also, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

The Facility Is Private to Improve Security

This garage is a part of Brad’s property with a private entrance, limiting who can enter the space. Such privacy secures the place you store your boat. 

Large Storage Space

The space in the garage can accommodate almost any size of a family-owned boat. This is a huge advantage if you want to store your boat together with a pickup truck, house equipment, or furniture. 

With this facility, you’ll access your property weekly in the daytime after setting an appointment before each visit. Reserve this garage to enjoy the private and spacious storage facility.  

4. 10×20 Covered Boat Storage in Downtown Kansas City

Stephion owns this storage facility in Missouri, a few minutes away from the River Market. It measures twenty feet long, ten feet wide, and nineteen feet tall, making it spacious to fit your boat. It’s also uniquely tall among boat storage facilities near Kansas City. The following are the outstanding benefits you’ll get from this facility. 

Secure Boat Storage

The facility is a private space with an outdoor gate to improve security. In addition, the owner has installed a door opener in the covered garage to prevent unauthorized access. Even better, the security cameras in this storage space will keep away invaders and maximize security in the area.

Heat-Controlled Storage Space

The covered storage space has a unit that controls heat inside, protecting your boat from the effects of high temperatures, such as warping. Reserve this space today to enjoy a big discount for the first month. 

Save up to $1,200/year on boat storage

5. 10×20 Garage Near Crown Center, KS

This boat storage facility is an indoor, two-car garage that belongs to Hao, a Downtown resident in Kansas City. The garage is accessible weekly during the day after setting an appointment. Here’s why you should book the space before someone else leverages the opportunity.

The Facility Is Private and Secure

You can store your boat in this garage without worrying about security. First, the area is locked to prevent unauthorized access. Also, the owner has installed security cameras in the private driveaway, outside the garage, and inside the space. These cameras help keep criminals away from the facility. 

The Garage Is Climate-Controlled and Has Smoke Detectors

Climate-controlled storage ensures your boat retains its nature in extreme weather conditions like winter and summer. Also, smoke detectors prevent damage caused by fire. Book this space today and enjoy a secure boat storage solution. 

6. 50×100 Parking Lot in Shawnee, Kansas City

There are some outdoor boat storage facilities near Kansas City, too. Owned by a small construction company in KS, the parking lot spans 100 by 50 feet and has a 7 feet tall fence. It’s an outdoor space to store and access your boat easily. Even better, booking this space comes with the following benefits:

Tight Security 

Because this is an outdoor boat storage facility, you might think that this parking lot is insecure, but it’s safe. First, the area is fenced, making the facility private. It also features a double gate entrance with a Bluetooth/Wifi lock that prevents unauthorized access. Along with that, the parking lot has security cameras that monitor the area to foster security. 

The Facility Is 24/7 Accessible

Once the owner approves your reservation, you can access the facility anytime you want— even without an appointment. Book this space now if it fits your storage needs. 

7. 10×20 Garage in Olathe, KS

Jennifer owns this 20 feet long by 10 feet wide garage. The facility’s location and great features make it a good choice when looking to store your boat. Let’s look at the features of this garage. 

A Secure Neighborhood

The garage is in a quiet area with no traffic and only one way in and out. As a result, it’s unlikely for people who shouldn’t be around to be in the area. Additionally, the garage has a private entrance that prevents unauthorized access. 

Tight Security Measures in the Facility

With strong doors and security camera surveillance, this facility provides a perfect space for storing your boat. 

24/7 Facility Access

Once the owner approves your reservation, you’ll access the storage facility anytime you want as long as you set an appointment before each visit. Reserve this space to enjoy the benefits above. 

8. 10×20 Driveway in Overland Park, KS

Zulfiqar owns this ten by twenty feet driveway where you can store your boat. With this storage solution, you can access your property in the evening hours any day, provided you have an appointment before each visit. Below are the benefits you’ll get if you reserve this space

The Facility Is in a Private Space

The driveway is a part of where the owner lives, eliminating unauthorized access. 

The Boat Storage Space Is in a Safe Neighborhood

The facility owner is retired and has lived in the area for almost 20 years, showing that the storage space is safe and friendly. 

Turn to Neighbor for Help Finding Boat Storage Facilities Near Kansas City

Boats stored in an open lot near Kansas City

Accessibility, security, and affordability are the primary concerns when choosing the right boat storage solution. Therefore, be sure to evaluate your options to pick the best boat storage facilities near Kansas City that suit your needs accordingly. 

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