Where Are The Woman Caves? [Updated]


Okay we have all heard of man caves, right? Yes, yes boys, we know the drudgery of work and long days and coming home to the crazy kids and messy kitchen and just needing to escape to your own little place to relax and recuperate. It’s where you hang out with guy friends and do guy stuff– I mean that’s the point of a man cave. But what about woman caves?

So I guess my question is, why do guys have a monopoly on that? I would assume that most women could do with a little relaxation, recuperation, girl time, etc. And I base that assumption off of the fact that I would love all those things! So women—this is for you. It’s time to jump on board with the “she shed” and make woman caves.

The She Shed

The she shed is becoming an actual thing, with women designing their own cute little shed out back, be it for gardening or relaxing, or yoga, or whatever. I could definitely go for a little book room with a fire and a soft serve ice cream machine, but that’s just me.

Just to be clear, your she shed doesn’t have to be a shed in the backyard; it can be a spare bedroom or a spacious closet. My little apartment doesn’t have a backyard with space for my baby wooden cabin with the birdbath outside—but I’ve made do with my little desk plant and wall decorations in my personal space. We all deserve some me-space, for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

Whether you are looking for some minor interior design ideas, some fun DIY projects, or some solid reasons for some serious demolition, look no further. Here are a few ideas on what your she shed could have. Have some ideas not included here? Share them in the comments!

Woman's Home Gym

1. The Mini Gym

Hey, not everyone has time to make it to the gym, or maybe you just don’t want to go to the gym. So why not make a little space to do some yoga? You can add a few machines, like a treadmill, or go lightweight style with a few free weights and some stretching mats. Get the workout you crave at your pace without having to gussy up for the gym or worry about your inability to do those nasty pull-ups. Or just play music, stretch a little, and nap on that cushy yoga mat. Either way, you can have your gym your way.

2. The Book Nook

The walls lined with books, a cozy couch in the middle, and a big window with a cushioned window seat that looks out on a small garden. Or maybe it’s just a room with some books and snacks and a “whispers only” rule. Fill the room with scented candles, maybe even a purring cat to stroke while reading a James Patterson novel, and your own typewriter in case you yourself are struck by inspiration. Some basic home decor can go a long way to make a perfect reading room.Woman Cave Alternative

3. The Woman Caves

Now I know there are you girls out there that have secretly coveted the man cave, with its video games and pool table and manly movies. For all you closet-gamers, there is no shame here. Embrace yourself and create the ultimate woman cave with your gaming system and leather couches and a mini fridge that is eternally stocked. Installing some storage space or buying inexpensive cabinets can allow you to have any and all supplies on hand for a women’s night of any type.

4. The Nap Nest

Don’t use your woman cave to build a home office – it should be a place to relax! A nap nest can be your personal pillow-haven, a land of clouds and naps and no alarm clocks allowed. Get that L-shaped couch and those feather pillows with the blissful fuzz on the outside and the ever-essential bean bag. Or nap tropical-style in a hammock. And don’t forget the zillion blankets. Make sure all the windows have blinds and put a central table that is within arm’s length at all times so you don’t have to get up to reach the remote. Netflix and nap, amen.

5. The Salon

We all want that prep room with the classic vanity, lined with lights and a big mirror. It brings a whole new meaning to “I have to powder my nose.” You have your makeup cabinets, your hair accessories, and your nail polish all in a row. It’s the place you go to get ready, to listen to music and sing into your hairbrush, to try new face masks without your kids crying because mommy looks like an alien, and to experiment with all those YouTube tutorials. It’s aesthetic and beautiful, just like you.

6. The Music Studio

Thinking of becoming the next Taylor Swift? Beethoven? Van Halen? Everyone needs their own space to think, create, practice, throw down, jam, lose themselves, etc. Create a room that feeds your music vibes. Maybe it’s just a piano and concrete walls, or it could be a full-blown studio with sound-proof walls for acoustics and your own little recording studio. Live the dream in whatever way you’d like! Have the band over for practice, and when they’re gone, lay down your own tracks and be amazed. Surround sound systems have become relatively inexpensive and can produce a calming getaway for the music lover.

Woman Cave Home Art Studio

7. The Artist’s Hideout

Here it is allowed to be messy, to splatter paint, to spill the glitter and color on the walls. Use a canvas to cover your walls and floor, or hang up paintings that inspire you. Whatever craft it is–scrapbooking or watercolor painting or sculpting–this is your place to be creative. And to send the kids when their creativity gets a little out of hand. We could all do with a craft room.

No Rules with Woman Caves

To all the mothers out there: there is no monopoly on the man cave. Take the time to relax and recuperate! And even share that time with your kids every once in a while. A family cave or mom cave can be just as effective and a fun way to all be together. There are no rules here, so start creating and tell us what you’ve done! Whether planning your new home (check out our ultimate moving checklist) or revamping your existing space, prioritize your own woman cave!

Woman caves can be what you want it to be. Mom hideout, dad den, kid playhouse, whatever! Or maybe you just need some extra money—then you can rent out the space for storage with Neighbor and make a little cash off that spare room. The point is that the space is yours to do with as you please. So ladies, feel empowered. And dudes, go ahead with your man caves! We thank you for the idea and can’t wait to improve it.

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