Top 20 House Storage Ideas You Need to Try


Do you often find yourself struggling to find somewhere to store all of your belongings? It can be difficult to strike a balance between what you own and how much space you have, especially because things can quickly pile up and cause clutter to accrue in your home. 

From there, if you get into a habit of accumulating items without knowing where to store them, you might find yourself becoming more and more frustrated by the mess over time. After all, a lack of storage space can feel overwhelming, and who can unwind in a space that stresses them out? 

Luckily, it’s not a lost cause, so don’t lose hope! There are many ways to get creative with house storage solutions, even if you think you’ve explored all your options. 

Home Storage Solutions

Without further ado, let’s explore these top storage ideas together. 

Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet is an impeccable option for storing small items, like skincare products or medication. To make the most of small spaces like medicine cabinets, consider adding clear plastic containers to keep things organized. This will prevent you from having to waste time searching for what you need while also making good use of cabinet space.

Image courtesy of The Container Store 

Hidden Cord Boxes

Who doesn’t despise the look of a jumble of messy cords?! With the help of a DIY “Declutter Box,” you can give yourself more floor space by keeping your cords off the ground. It’s a lifesaver when you want your electrical cords to be within reach without being visible.

Product available through Walmart 

Turntable Pantry

Often referred to as a Lazy Susan, turntables can upgrade your kitchen storage options like no other. By maximizing the amount of space on counters and in cupboards, you can amplify the amount of storage that your kitchen pantry offers. 

Not only do turntables give you better accessibility to the items in your pantry, but they can help you organize your space, which will naturally maximize the room in your pantry. It’s a win-win! 

Product available through Target

Rafter Storage

Sometimes, all the closets are filled, yet, you still need space for those out-of-season items, like holiday decorations and wrapping paper. By using the space near your rafters as storage, you can utilize the room in your attic, even if it’s a small space. 

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Collapsible Workbench

A collapsible workbench or storage bench is one of those storage solutions that just make sense. You can work on various projects without taking up valuable floor space. Plus, when you are done with the bench, you can hang it from the wall to avoid wasting precious (and limited) square footage.

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Bedding Storage

Instead of storing your linens separately in different storage containers, use your pillowcases as the storage container for each set. That way, all of your linens will be stored as individual sets, making it easy to stay organized when it comes to your linen closet.

You could also try compression packaging (as seen below) for compact storage!

Product available through Target

Chic Storage Boxes & Bins

Cardboard boxes are one of the most old-fashioned storage options to date, so why not take things up a notch with a DIY project? Try upcycling milk crates or turning average boxes that you already own into chic storage ideas. 

You can also purchase foldable storage boxes made out of fabric (as seen below)

Product available through Target

Tire Loft

Do you have an extra set of tires or two taking up valuable garage space? If your spare tires are getting in the way, just think of how you could save space if you stored them along the wall or near the ceiling (all with the help of a tire loft)!

Product available through Home Depot

9. A Portable, Free-Standing Cleaning Closet

After a certain point, your closets or other storage areas might be at capacity. If you find that you need extra space, consider putting together a free-standing closet (a perfect substitute for the built-in closet you don’t have). This is the perfect idea when you don’t know where to put basic necessities, like cleaning supplies. 

Product available through Wayfair

Shelves with Steps

This shelf space idea is a must-try! With these ladder-like shelves, not only can you tuck your belongings away for safe-keeping, but the shelves are staggered, making it easy to access everything on them. 

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Vertical Canned Food Storage

Figuring out how to store canned foods and produce can be difficult, especially if you want to make sure you use the oldest cans first. This DIY home storage solution can help. Plus, it makes use of vertical space in a way other ideas can’t

Product available through Wayfair

Under-the-Sink Storage

It’s easy to forget about under-the-sink storage space because out of sight, out of mind, right? However, this is one of the easiest (and most budget-friendly) ways to store items, like cleaning supplies, because you don’t have to construct anything new!

Just invest in some shallow bins and baskets. But be sure to measure the width of the space under your sink first.

Product available through Wayfair

Magnetic Makeup Board

Taking up valuable drawer space by putting makeup in drawer organizers isn’t very practical. But you know what is? Adding small magnets to the back of your makeup products and attaching them to metal that you’ve hung up on your walls!

This type of makeup board is an easy way to incorporate extra storage space without taking up much square footage. Plus, it will help your bathroom feel more open, spacious, and clutter-free when you make the most of your available wall space

Image courtesy of Instructables

Mirror Storage

Why not turn unused space behind mirrors into useful storage instead? After all, some of the most unused space is found behind mirrors. You can install cabinetry in your bathroom and attach mirrors on the outside for a two-in-one mirror-and-cabinet combo. 

Product available through Wayfair

Charging Storage Nook

This is the perfect home organization solution for small items that you use daily. In fact, if you already have a reading nook in your home, consider turning it into a multipurpose location in your house by storing all of your chargers in that area. 

Just make sure there’s an electrical outlet nearby so it can double as the perfect charging spot for all of your electronics. However, if you don’t have the proper wiring set-up already in place, call the professionals and let them handle the electricity side of things for your safety. 

Product available through Wayfair

Pot Rack 

Have you considered how much space you could save if you hang your pots and pans? If you need a place for pots and pans to go, a pot rack can be a lifesaver

Some people like to situate hanging structures along their walls, while others prefer pot racks that dangle from the ceiling. Think about the layout of your kitchen and plan your hanging structure accordingly. 

Photo by Loren Gu on Unsplash

Hanging Baskets

By hanging woven baskets from the ceiling in your kitchen, you can clear your countertops and make room for produce. Alternatively, you can also give wire baskets a try! Just make sure the holes in the baskets are not so big to the point where items will fall out of them. 

Product available through IKEA

Hollowed Furniture

For a storage-forward living room, purchase furniture that comes with hidden compartments or hollowed spaces. From coffee tables with storage space inside or ottomans that you can open up, your furniture will function as additional space as well. 

Product available through Amazon

Ladder Shelving 

What if you used a ladder as a shelving unit? Storing clothes has never been easier thanks to this storage idea. 

Lean it against the wall and add shelves at various heights for a stylish storage option. If you need somewhere suitable for hanging clothes, but your closet space is already filled to the brim, ladder shelving can be a very functional clothes storage solution.  

Product available through Wayfair

Trunk or Suitcase-Style Side Table

If you have a small space to work with and your style is eclectic, nothing will suit your home’s motif more than a repurposed trunk or suitcase, turned side table. Whether you utilize it as a bedside table in your bedroom or near the seating in your living room, the hollow interior will provide you with plenty of concealed storage for blankets, books, and various other items. 

Product available through Wayfair

Before You Go

Whether you are moving, downsizing, or reorganizing, house storage ideas can be very helpful when you want to find a place to put all of your belongings. However, if you realize that you’d rather declutter (rather than rearrange your clutter), consider looking into local storage units in your area

That way, you don’t have to bid farewell to your belongings forever, but you won’t have to force something to fit in your home either. Instead of throwing items away, visit Neighbor’s Self Storage Near Me to find safe and close-to-home storage units. 

With the help of peer-to-peer storage marketplaces like Neighbor, you can explore storage units that suit your size requirements without breaking the bank. It’s where practicality and affordability collide. 

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