19 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Smart Storage Solutions

Most of us own more items than we use on a daily basis. Of course, those with closet space, attics, and basements have some pretty straightforward storage options to help keep the clutter at bay. 

But what about those of us who have smaller homes, live in apartments, or rent homes that don’t come with attic or basement access? Where do you stash your stuff when you aren’t using it?

Clutter can affect our mental health, even causing anxiety for some. But no matter what size home you live in, these storage ideas will help you make the smartest use of the space you do have

How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

The kitchen can be the heart of a home. But if your space is small, even a clean kitchen can feel messy and cramped if it’s not well organized. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get creative in the kitchen, no matter what your square footage! 

Add Side Shelves on Cabinets

Image courtesy of Charleston Crafted

If your cabinets are full, but you still need room for kitchen essentials, try thinking outside the box!

Most cabinets have exposed sides. But what if you were able to add small shelves there to hold items you need frequently? These can open up space for you to stack anything, from cooking utensils to cookbooks.

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Use the Space on Top of Cabinets

Image courtesy of Houzz

There’s often a ton of space on top of the cabinets that goes unused. It might be a little dusty up there, but if you grab a step ladder and some cleaning supplies, you can explore the storage potential for yourself. It’s the perfect place for storing items like decorative boxes filled with your extra mugs or bulky kitchen equipment you don’t use often.

Use the Room Beneath the Shelves 

Source: Yamazaki

If you have open shelving in your kitchen, you may have some space between them that goes unused. Under-shelf organizers are designed to hold anything from mugs to dishtowels to stemware and more. 

Use Hanging Baskets

Image courtesy of The Wicker House

Does your kitchen have limited counter space? Hanging baskets are great for storing things like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. And they’re a great way to remind you when fresh food is ready (or past ready) to eat so you don’t forget about it in the fridge.

Take Advantage of Narrow Spaces

Image courtesy of Aristokraft

Some spaces in your kitchen might seem too narrow to be used as storage. But it turns out there might be just enough space for a narrow rolling shelf. These shelves can help you take advantage of the bit of room between the fridge and the wall, for example. It’s great for storing small items like condiments and spices.

Use Cabinet Organizers

Most cabinet shelves allow for nearly 12 inches of storage space, but a stack of plates or a mug is usually only a few inches tall. Pre-made cabinet organizers can help solve this problem, maximizing cabinet space by adding new shelves and surfaces or letting you stack items in more efficient ways.

Products available through The Container Store

Make the Most of Under-Sink Space

Image courtesy of Neat House Sweet Home

The space under most kitchen sinks is, at best, a jumble of miscellaneous cleaning supplies. And while you don’t really want to keep food or serving dishes down there, you can certainly make way for more supplies as well as tools, trash bags, and more if you make use of small shelves that virtually double your space.

Use Empty Wall Space

Source: Wall Control via Amazon

Even the walls in your kitchen can be modified to hold your cooking and serving supplies. Try using a pegboard to hang and store pots and pans, cutting boards, mugs, and utensils that might normally take up valuable drawer space. You can even hang up tongs, graters, and measuring cups.

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a place that’s calm and relaxing, where you can retreat for a night of peaceful rest without being surrounded by clutter. All it takes is some creative thinking to find the wasted space and install shelves, wall hooks, or double-duty furniture that’s as useful as it is comfortable. 

Stash Belongings Under the Bed

Product available on Amazon

Shoving items under the bed might seem like resorting to a childhood “cleaning” tactic, but we now have storage containers specifically designed to maximize bedroom space. There are even bed frames made with built-in storage drawers for items like seasonal clothing, extra bedding, and rarely used items. 

Whether you choose furniture pieces with built-in drawers underneath, packing cubes hidden by a nice dust ruffle, or specially designed under-bed storage baskets or bins.

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in a home, which presents some storage challenges. But no matter how small your bathroom is, there’s likely underutilized space that can be made into smart storage.

Add a Cabinet Over the Toilet

The extra space above your toilet is another place that can be turned into storage with the right piece of furniture. You can buy pre-made cabinets designed to fit over a standard toilet to provide more room for towels and toiletries. You can also install open shelves, wall cabinets, or wall hooks to hide clutter or house everyday items.

Source: Amazon

Replace the Towel Rack with Hooks

A towel rack can take up a ton of wall space that could be used for other types of storage. Plus, a rack can generally only hold one or two towels at a time. Ditch the rack and replace it with hooks for hanging towels, bathrobes, loofahs, and other bathroom supplies. This takes better advantage of vertical space so you can store more in the same space a towel rack takes up.

Image courtesy of Small Stuff Counts

Out of Wall Space? What About the Door?

Product available through Target

For tiny bathrooms that have limited wall space for shelves or hooks, consider an over-the-door storage solution. These come in many styles, from shelves to baskets to transparent pockets, and provide lots of extra storage (whether it’s for styling tools, slippers, or toiletries) in a space that typically isn’t utilized.

Smart Storage Ideas for Small Space 

Of course, there are a lot of ways to create storage in your home that aren’t specific to a certain room or space. These tips will help you in any room.

Turn Seating Into Storage 

Product available through Target

Wherever you have seating, you have the opportunity to create storage – there’s at least a square foot of space right underneath you! From benches to ottomans to furniture with built-in hidden storage, some seating is made to double as smart storage. And when it’s not, a decorative wicker box or basket can store small items to reduce the mess. 

Use a Portable Garment Rack

Product available through Amazon

A garment rack can help fill in any dead space in your home and double the space you have to hang clothes. To maximize its functionality, you can hang a cloth shelf organizer from the rack itself to provide extra shelves for folded items like sweaters or t-shirts. For craft enthusiasts, the rack can hold fabric, ribbon, or yarn. 

Store Items in Your Floor Space

Have you heard of floor cabinets? With the rise in tiny home popularity, they’ve become a more common design element. While they aren’t an option for renters, homeowners can consider installing these “trap” doors in the floor for storage spaces built right under their feet, perfect for storing anything from bottles of wine to blenders.

For inspiration, check out Pinterest!

Fold-Down Desk or Table

Source: Transformer Table

In small living areas or bedrooms, a fold-down desk or table attached to the wall can serve as a multi-functional space. You could even install one as a dining table if you need to make use of that extra room. When not in use, these can simply be folded up to free up floor space. 

Window Sill Extensions

Have you considered how much space you’d have if your window sills were a little deeper? You can extend them to create extra shelving for plants, books, or decorative items. You can purchase these from online marketplaces like Etsy or custom-made one to fit your sill. 

Consider the Ceiling

Product available through B&H

The space between you and the ceiling is the ultimate “wasted space” – at least in terms of storage potential. But if you live in a small home and have large, bulky items like sports equipment and musical instruments, hanging them from the walls or the ceiling could be an option, as long as you have the right mounting hooks. 

Hide Items Inside Your Decor

Product available through Amazon

Plenty of decor items that can double as storage. Add a hollow ottoman to your living space, use a large vase to hold toys while they’re not in use, or consider a decorative trunk that can serve as a coffee table while storing blankets, books, or board games inside. There’s almost always a way to get more storage into small spaces if you think creatively! 

Final Thoughts on Storage for Small Homes

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to part with your cherished belongings. If these creative storage solutions aren’t for you, consider securing a safe and conveniently located storage unit close to home so you can access your items whenever necessary.

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