Top Best Toy Hauler Brands for Ultimate Adventure Getaways

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Looking for a new toy hauler for your next adventure? Trying to decide between your standard bumper pull trailer or fifth wheels? The best toy hauler brands offer quality construction, along with optimum functionality and ample cargo space. (Oh, and a few amenities never hurt). 

What Are the Defining Characteristics of the Best Toy Hauler RVs?

The key feature you look for in a toy hauler RV is garage space and storage

  • Can it haul the toys you want to bring and the other outdoor equipment you need? 
  • Does it have the appropriate tie-downs in convenient places? 
  • Does it have a reinforced floor with the flooring durable enough to take the wear and tear? 
  • Can you distribute the weight properly over the axles for easy hauling?

Everything else is secondary. 

But…it’s nice when the RV optimizes your living space by including a sofa sleeper, folding bunk beds, a loft, a full kitchen or kitchenette, and maybe even a private bedroom. Having that cozy living space helps you relax after a hard day of play.

So let’s take a look at the top-rated brands and some alternative options for a smaller setup.

3 Top-Rated Toy Hauler Brands

Grand Design, Forest River, and Keystone stand out as top-rated manufacturers, according to feedback from those who have bought (and used) these toy haulers.

Grand Design: Reputation for Excellence

When it comes to luxury and value in the world of toy haulers, Grand Design rises to the top. Their Momentum 376TH toy hauler earned this manufacturer accolades, such as the Quality Circle Award and the RV Business Top RV Debut.

The manufacturer’s adherence to quality is evident in its manufacturing process, which includes an initial inspection after construction and a comprehensive final finish inspection. This level of scrutiny ensures that their products surpass the quality of an average toy hauler.

The Momentum Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler line includes various models such as:

All models feature a rear ramp door for easy loading and unloading of recreational toys. 

Photo courtesy of Grand Design RV (Model pictured above Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler)

Forest River: Diverse Range

Forest River has been a leader in the toy hauler market for decades. With a wide variety of models, they cater to different preferences and adventure requirements with models like the…

Whether you love riding dirt bikes or you’re a general RV lover, Forest River has an RV to suit your needs.

Comprised of several different toy hauler models, the Forest River XLR series offers maximum interior space, making their products a top choice among adventure enthusiasts who need to store toys like UTVs, ATVs, or even kayaks.

Photo courtesy of Forest River (Model pictured above The Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler)

Keystone: Innovation and Value

Keystone RV distinguishes itself with a steadfast dedication to innovation and value. Equipped with smart design options that make RV living comfortable for the entire family, Keystone specializes in RVs that set a high standard as far as durability and performance go. 

Coupled with their excellent value for the money, Keystone is a popular choice in the toy hauler market.

Their unique offerings distinguish them from other brands. Within the Key Performance brand, you’ll find three categories of toy haulers.  

Photo courtesy of Keystone RV (Model pictured above Fuzion Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler)

Best Travel Trailer Toy Haulers on the Market

Having delved into the top manufacturers, let’s get specific with the best travel trailer toy haulers. 

ORV | Trail Series 27TRX 

With an off-road chassis and integrated A-frame chassis design, the Trail Series can go anywhere you need it to. Its four-season insulation and double-paned windows protect against the cold climates of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. 

Offering a level of customizability, this model of toy hauler comes in variations with different-sized cargo areas. You can choose to have a queen-sized loft or extra seating when you’re not using it as a garage.   

Photo courtesy of

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Northwood | Desert Fox 27FS

Photo courtesy of

The Desert Fox toy hauler can haul 3,800 lbs in its garage, has superior seating options, and a queen-sized loft bed, making this an excellent toy hauler for large families. And if you’re a fan of boondocking, there are solar panels installed on the roof that can help power the camper when it’s off the grid. 

Momentum G-Class | 25G 

Photo courtesy of

True to the Grand Design’s reputation for luxury, the Momentum G-Class (25G) has room for 5-6 people to sleep comfortably with a power-operated loft over the garage space. A full kitchen and bath with a private bedroom is the icing on the cake. 

Compact and Efficient: Best Small Toy Hauler Picks

Sometimes you need a more compact and efficient option that doesn’t require highways and a large campsite to park in. And if you’re not hauling a lot of extra weight or large recreational toys, then a small toy hauler is the perfect choice. These models are designed with lightweight materials to make them easier to tow and more fuel-efficient.

But they still come equipped with features such as bathrooms, storage, dining space, kitchens, and multiple sleeping areas.

Plā 350 – Ultra Lite Travel Trailer Toy Haulers by ATC Trailers

Photo courtesy of

This ultra-light toy hauler makes a lot out of a little space. It’s big enough to haul a full-size ATV and light enough to haul with a heavy-duty truck. And cozy enough for a couple to comfortably sleep on the pull out futon.  

No Boundaries Travel Trailers by Forest River RV

Photo courtesy of

The No Boundaries (NB10.6) is the compact toy hauler option. Inside is a foldout bed with a wardrobe and storage. Outside is an outdoor kitchen setup, which allows for maximum storage space in a minimal size.

Rugged Off-Road Toy Hauler Travel Trailer by Black Series Camper

Photo courtesy of

The Black Series Camper is a rugged, durable travel trailer that last and lasts. The interior boasts a kitchenette, sleeping accommodations for six, an entertainment space, and a wet bath – something most small toy haulers leave out. 

Outside, there’s an outdoor grill and an outdoor shower. So, after a fun day of mudding, you can rinse off before going inside. It’s also convenient for cleaning your toys.

You’ll notice the last three toy haulers have been travel trailers. But there are short fifth wheels out there too. You can read about them here.

These smaller bumper pull trailers are easier to tow and more accessible to those with minimal hauling needs. They can be towed by SUVs or pickup trucks and don’t require any special hitch or drive train, making them a versatile option for many adventure enthusiasts.

Yet you still get the spacious rear garage with a loading ramp for easy loading and unloading of toys, comfortable sleeping space, and storage to accommodate cargo. 


Choosing the perfect toy hauler for you takes exploring top-rated manufacturers, defining what type you need (gooseneck or standard hitch), and finding the design and essential features that you require for your toys and adventures.

Whether you prefer the luxurious offerings of Grand Design, the diverse range of Forest River, or the innovative and value-packed models from Keystone, there’s a toy hauler out there to suit your adventure needs. 

But the next thing you need to consider before you buy is: where am I going to store my new toy hauler? Not all areas allow you to store your RV on your property. So you’ll need to find off-site storage that’s..

  • Close by – so you can swing by when you need to.
  • Safe – so you know it will be there when you want it.
  • Affordable – because you want to spend money on a quality hauler, not high storage rental costs. 

That’s where Neighbor can help.

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