Moving to NYC

Moving to NYC: The Ultimate Guide

So you’re moving to NYC. Whether you’re relocating for a job, to go to school, to pursue a passion, or simply for a new adventure, you’re far from alone — the Department of City Planning estimates that just over 150,000 people move to the Big Apple every year.

New York is the biggest city in the United States (as well as one of the most expensive), which means moving there comes with some unique challenges that don’t necessarily exist when moving to other places. Getting ready for your move might take a little extra planning and preparation.

Ahead of your move to the Big Apple, read this guide. In it, we explain how to plan your move to NYC, how to choose a neighborhood and find an apartment, and all the steps you should take as you get ready and begin your move.

RVs stored in an open lot

RV Storage Cost Guide: The Average Cost to Store an RV

So, how much does it cost to store an RV? Well, it depends on a variety of factors, but the size of your RV will determine the size of the storage space you’ll need to store your camper sufficiently. Use this guide and the price table included to know how much you can expect to pay to rent out monthly storage for an RV and how these average prices compare to Neighbor.

Kitchen Packing

Kitchen Packing: How to Prepare, Pack, & Unpack Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Packing a kitchen is one of the trickiest parts of moving.

The kitchen is one of the last spaces that you need to be functional in your old home, and one of the first that you need to be functional in your new home. That makes the timing of packing, moving, and unpacking a kitchen difficult to get just right.