Best RV Upgrades: Enhance Your RV Life with These Easy RV Upgrades

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You spend a lot of time in your RV. Whether you’re an epic road-tripper or you’re committed to full-time RV living, you want to enjoy every minute of your RV life. That means bringing all the comforts of home with you.

Imagine if you didn’t have to make do with hard water. Or rely on power hooks up. Or make regular trips into town.

What if you could work remotely? What if you could live free and independent? What if your RV ran itself?

With a few well-thought-out upgrades, you can

Living as a full-time RV owner for three years has been a journey of learning to live with less and maximize those things that I allow into my space. 

Hi, I’m Elon. Writer, mother of three, and full-time RVer, and these are the eight RV upgrades that help us live full uncluttered lives as a family of five in a 38-foot travel trailer. 

Are RV Modifications Worth It?

Not all RV modifications are created equal. Sure, a tire pressure monitoring system is cool, and it does help prevent blowouts. But realistically, unless you routinely travel through climates that see a severe temperature swing, it’s not necessary. 

On the other hand, some RV mods are lifesavers!

The trick to knowing if a modification is worth it. To do so, you’ll need to look ahead at how it practically affects your life in the RV. 

Will it save you time? Money? Stress? 

Those things are worth it. 

Is it just a shiny new piece of tech that you show off to your RV buddies?…probably not worth it.

9 RV Upgrade Ideas that Simplify Your RV Life

As I mentioned, these are the RV mods that fit my RV life. But ultimately, it comes down to how you RV. There’s no single “must-do upgrade” that fits everyone. 

This list is to inspire you to make your RV your own, so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

1. Live Free with Solar Power

The heart of your RV lies in its power system. Imagine not having to listen to a loud generator at night.

With weather-proof solar panels installed on your RV, you can generate your own power. You don’t have to worry about power hookups or an extra gas tank for the generator. Your RV can be wholly self-sufficient.

Product: GoPower Overlander 200-watt Solar Kit

Pro tip: Make sure your solar kit is compatible with your RV battery before you buy.

2. Keep Your Water Clean

As you move, you’ll notice that water quality varies from place to place. Now if you’re moving around beautiful mountain ranges, then it’s not a big deal. But in Florida, there’s a lot of sulfur and iron in certain areas. 

We call it hard water. It turns your sink and toilet orange, ruins your clothes, and makes your hair dry and brittle. Not cool. 

So one of the most impactful RV upgrades for our family was installing a whole home water filtration system.

Now, water coming into our RV goes through this filter first. My sinks are clean. My clothes stay white. And my hair looks amazing. This filter improved my quality of life. (Plus, when it comes time to change the filter, I only have one filter to change).  

Product: GE Whole Home Water Filtration System (GXWH40L)

3. Don’t Rely on Campground Wi-Fi; Connect with HomeFi

Wifi is often a lifeline for digital nomads – like me – who work from their travel trailer. But let’s face it. RV parks’ Wifi leaves a lot to be desired.

Instead of relying on the campground to have adequate wifi, I pay for HomeFi

It’s essentially a data plan, connected to a router or hotspot they provide, that works off of the nearest cell tower. And I’ve found it to be more reliable than the campground’s wifi. 

I also find it works better than wifi extenders because an extender is still only as good as the internet coming in. 

Service: HomeFi LTE Home Internet Router

Save up to $1,200/year on RV storage & parking

4. Consolidate with a Combination Convection Microwave Oven/Air Fryer

We splurged on the microwave. It was a $200 microwave when we bought it. 

Something my girls and I love to do together is bake. However, the propane range that came with the RV never baked evenly. So we opted for a combination convection microwave that can bake, air fry, toast, dehydrate, and – of course – microwave. 

It eliminates the need for a toaster, air fryer, or dehydrator. That means less clutter and more storage space. And I don’t have to sacrifice baking with my kiddos. Worth every penny. 

Product: Farberware Convection Microwave (FMO10AHDBKC)

Pro Tip: Make sure there’s room for air to circulate around the microwave. 

5. Make Laundry Easy with a Combination Washer/Dryer

Remember those three kids I mentioned? Yeah, well, their favorite pastimes are playing in the creek, getting muddy, and changing clothes three times a day. 

Laundry is a never-ending cycle of washing clothes and drying clothes (only to repeat this cycle a couple of times a week). Oh, and if you forget to move the laundry over in a timely manner, then you get to wash them all. over. again. 

But with this machine, that doesn’t happen. All I have to do is put the load in the machine and start it. It washes. It spins. It dries. And then I tell my kids to fold it. 

It’s a beautiful thing. 

Product: LG Combination Washer Dryer (WM3488HW)

6. Dual A/C Units for Superior Air Distribution

A long travel trailer doesn’t have the best airflow because RV manufacturers have limited ducting options. That means your bedrooms get hot, while the center room is freezing. (Cue the thermostat wars!)

The way my husband – who happens to be a licensed HVAC contractor – chose to fix it was to put in an extra unit to cool the warm side of the camper. 

Expensive? Yes. Effective? Absolutely! Worth it? Depends. Do you like sweating in your sleep?…Neither do I.

Product: Mitsubishi Designer Wall Mounted Indoor Unit

Pro Tip: The size of the unit you put in depends on your camper and the space you’re trying to cool, so consult with a licensed HVAC contractor before purchasing anything.

7. Avoid Leaky Bump-outs with a Slide-Out Awning

When it comes to sealing a leaky bump-out, we’ve been there, done that, and don’t want to do it again. 

We bought our camper used, so we weren’t surprised to find out the bump-out seal needed to be replaced after a storm. Turns out it’s so old that Camping World doesn’t carry the part. 

Eventually, we found the seal and replaced it, only to have it leak the next time it rained. My husband ended up rigging a two-by-four and a tarp over the bump out to act as a tent shed the water.

That’s when I learned about slide-out awnings. Truly, one of the best RV upgrades.

Over time the rubber dries, cracks, and shrinks from the elements. But the slide-out awning keeps water and other debris from working its way in. So your RV lasts longer, and you don’t get rained on.

Product: Solera 5000 Series Slide Topper Awning 

The Best RV Upgrade Ideas…

…Are the ones that fit your RV lifestyle. 

Are you a road trip fanatic? Then, a tire pressure monitoring system is a good idea.

Do you like long-term boondocking? Invest in an outdoor kitchen setup and increased battery capacity.

LED lights, a shower head that increases water pressure,

Remember, worthwhile upgrades are the ones that simplify your life, enhance your comfort, and protect your RV for years to come

And once you’ve invested in those upgrades, store your RV properly. That means parking it somewhere safe – preferably under cover – and nearby. But RV owners know that finding affordable storage is hard. I know. I’ve been there. That’s where Neighbor can help. is a peer-to-peer storage marketplace where you can find safe, affordable RV storage close to home.

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