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How to store onions (bulb onions) in a ventilated basket

How to Store Onions and Keep Them Fresh

Onions are great to add to a variety of meals to increase flavor and enhance the taste. Whether you grow onions or buy them from the grocery store, it’s important to know how to store onions properly so they last. When stored properly, some onions can last for months. …

Someone holding a handful of different types of batteries

How to Store Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide

Proper battery storage is critical for keeping your batteries performing at peak efficiency. Choosing to store batteries the right way can make a big difference in reducing corrosion, preventing leakage, and avoiding self-discharge. With these tips, your batteries will always be ready for a long moving day, emergencies, and …

Man applying sealant around his camper windows to winterize it

The Ultimate Guide to How to Winterize a Camper or Travel Trailer

Through the spring, summer, and fall, you enjoyed amazing adventures in your camper. As the traditional camping season draws to a close and winter arrives, however, you may have already decided that winter camping isn’t for you. To make sure that your camper is ready to use again when …

woman packing up items in her home before a move

Best Packing Tape for Moving

When you’re preparing to move to a new home, you probably have a lengthy moving checklist that can include convincing friends to help you move, finding moving boxes, buying bubble wrap and hiring professional movers.

You may be thinking that moving tape is the least of your worries and that you can …

couple picking up a mattress to move it to a new location

How to Move a Mattress or a Sleep Number Bed

Finding the best mattress that truly gives you a good night’s sleep is no easy task. If you’re planning to move or store your mattress in another location instead of getting a new mattress, transporting that mattress without damage can be difficult, as well. A mattress can be hard …

woman showing her grandchildren the steps of water bath canning

The Ultimate Guide to Water Bath Canning

Water bath canning is a processing method used to preserve high-acid foods. Jars are filled with food, sealed loosely with a lid, and boiled for a specific amount of time. Some examples of acidic foods include applesauce, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, chutneys, salsas, and tomato products with added acid. …

man heating up and cleaning a charcoal grill

How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

If you own a charcoal grill, it’s a great tool to cook delicious meals on throughout the summer season. You can even grill year-round, depending on where you are. A charcoal grill can be especially great for use in a neighborhood block party or another special occasion that calls …

man cleaning his motorcycle in preparation for motorcycle storage

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Storage

Your motorcycle is one of your prized possessions. Maybe you only use it during warm summer months for the occasional joyride, or maybe your motorcycle is your main mode of transportation. Either way, you will come across times that you want to store your bike, and, just like when …

someone cleaning the interior of a fish tank

A Complete Guide for How to Clean a Fish Tank

If you want to keep your fish happy and healthy and your fish tank looking its best, it’s important to know how to clean a fish tank properly. Having a clean fish tank will help improve your fish’s wellbeing and make water filtration more efficient. If you simply want …

man brushing grass off a lawn mower to clean and winterize the lawn mower

How to Winterize Lawn Mowers

Landscapes — and your landscaping equipment — need seasonal attention. Before you store your lawn mower away once cold weather starts, however, you should winterize it. If you don’t properly prepare it for long-term storage, you may have to get another one next spring. Fortunately, this doesn’t take special …

woman who knows how to store jewelry in velvet-lined boxes

How to Store Jewelry: 3 Key Considerations

Storing jewelry properly extends its lifespan and reduces the risk of damage and loss (just like when you store photographs). When you’re thinking about how to store jewelry effectively, consider these three things:

What type of jewelry are you storing?
How long are you storing the jewelry?
What environment …

woman storing photographs in plastic sheet protectors

How to Store Photographs

Photographs can be some of the most precious possessions in a home. But when they aren’t on display, what are the best ways to store photos? Photos require proper handling if you want them to maintain their quality. In this guide about how to store photographs, we’ll go over …

indoor boat storage in a "boatel"

A Quick Guide to Boat Storage

If you are a boat owner or you are thinking about buying a boat, it is exciting to get your boat out on the water and have fun. But if you haven’t already thought about it, boat storage is an important thing to consider. 
What To Consider When Looking for …