Top 7 Neighborhoods for Safe Self-Storage in Los Angeles

Couple moving belongings into safe self-storage in Los Angeles

People need storage space when moving to a new house, undertaking home renovations, or trying to store extra stuff. Those looking for safe self-storage in Los Angeles will undoubtedly be concerned about security. Everyone prefers to rent storage units located in secure neighborhoods that guarantee the safety of their belongings.

Security isn’t only about the storage space getting broken into. It also entails safety from physical hazards such as floods and storms. The storage space you choose should also be secure from mold, especially when you’re planning to put your items in storage for a considerable period. With those factors in mind, here’s a breakdown of the top seven neighborhoods for safe self-storage in Los Angeles.

1. Westwood

  • Population: 50,288
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 4.54
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 10.38

Westwood is among the most cosmopolitan and safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Thanks to its proximity to UCLA, the tight-knit community has a significant student population. Many young professionals also live in the neighborhood. Due to Westwood’s location close to Century City, Beverly City, and Bel Air, it’s easy to explore other areas of LA from here.

Westwood is a great option for anyone looking for safe self-storage in Los Angeles. Crime rates are lower than in other LA neighborhoods. The neighborhood reports an average of 10 property crimes and four violent crimes per 1,000 residents. As such, it’s one of the safest LA neighborhoods for self-storage.

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2. West Los Angeles

  • Population: 17,046
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 2.03
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 6.53

Many people moving to Los Angeles prefer living in a neighborhood with an urban feel, where residents rent out their homes. West Los Angeles is one such neighborhood. Because of the availability of many rental units, finding safe self-storage space in the city is pretty easy. Many young professionals without families reside in the neighborhood.

Since most don’t own cars or need the extra space in their homes, they prefer renting it out to those looking for safe self-storage in Los Angeles. This, coupled with the low crime rates in the neighborhood, makes it one of the safest places for self-storage. West Los Angeles’s proximity to transport amenities makes it easy to access your storage space, even when you don’t live in the neighborhood.

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3. Playa Vista

  • Population: 16,055
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 3.68
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 9.31

In recent years, Playa Vista has gained the reputation of being a haven for those who work in the tech industry. It’s located close to the headquarters of tech giants like Google and Facebook. When you drive around the neighborhood, you’ll notice its fast growth. New apartment complexes are popping up by the day, but there are also lots of family homes in the area. What’s more, Playa Vista is a stone’s throw away from Longwood Park, one of the best recreational parks in Los Angeles.

One of the biggest appeals of Playa Vista is its low crime rates. This will delight anyone planning to rent self-storage space in the neighborhood. If you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly encounter patrol officers on its streets. This means that when you rent storage space in the neighborhood, the security of your property is high.

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4. Encino

  • Population: 46,573
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 5.2
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 11.38

Nestled deep in the San Fernando Valley, Encino has constantly been ranked among the best LA neighborhoods, thanks to its affordability and safety. Although this neighborhood has a suburban feel that’s excellent for families, there’s amazing nightlife and trendy shopping and restaurants that draw young professionals. On weekends, residents and visitors can also delight themselves at the Japanese Garden, play some golf at the El Caballero Country Club, or catch indie films at Laemmle Town Center.

Encino boasts plenty of housing and affordable options for safe self-storage in Los Angeles. Renters can choose from dedicated self-storage facilities that dot the neighborhood or local storage spaces. Irrespective of your preferences, your prized belongings are guaranteed safe storage due to the low crime rates in Encino. Since this neighborhood has relatively lower rents than other places in LA, self-storage spaces are also generally available at lower prices.

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5. Los Feliz

  • Population: 32,557
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 3.9
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 8.23

When you’re looking for an affordable and safe neighborhood for self-storage rental space, Los Feliz should be among those in consideration. The neighborhood offers the perfect urban-suburban blend and is only a short drive from Hollywood. Many young professionals prefer the neighborhood for its charm and vibrancy, but it’s also home to families, artists, and musicians alike.

With its Spanish-style villas, quaint bungalows, and charming cafes, Los Feliz is among the best places to live for those who want to experience the Hollywood vibe but can’t afford Beverly Hills prices. Whenever you go there to check on your self-storage space in Los Feliz, find time to visit Griffith Park and take a picture under the world-famous Hollywood Sign, or visit the Los Feliz Theatres to catch up on the latest films. With the low crime rates in the neighborhood, rest assured your items in storage will be safe.

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6. Porter Ranch

Picturesque neighborhood of homes in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles

  • Population: 34,469
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 4.6
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 7.52

Any neighborhood that constantly gets mentioned among the best places in Los Angeles to raise a family is undoubtedly safe. Porter Ranch is one such neighborhood. It’s safer than 95% of LA neighborhoods and is located in the San Fernando Valley, an hour away from downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood is known for its spacious single-family homes, and plenty of residents rent out extra space in their homes for storage purposes.

There’s a lot to do and see in Porter Ranch. You can go birdwatching and hiking at Rocky Peak Park or fishing at Castaic Lake State Recreational Area. For those who love golfing, the Porter Valley Country Club is located right in the middle of the neighborhood. Furthermore, the neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife scene characterized by cozy bars where you’ll feel safe whenever you’re out and about.

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7. Glendale

  • Population: 200,232
  • Violent crimes per 1,000: 9.73
  • Property crimes per 1,000: 14.84

You can never go wrong with Glendale if safety is your topmost priority when looking for a place to either settle or rent storage space in Los Angeles. Located adjacent to Pasadena and Burbank, Glendale is in the heart of the Verdugo Hills, ten miles from downtown Los Angeles. Despite being in LA, the neighborhood is a city in itself. It’s home to DreamWorks, The Walt Disney Company, and other notable corporations. Thanks to this, finding storage space in Glendale is pretty easy.

Glendale boasts a unique blend of single-family homes, high-rise apartments, and office buildings. Residents of Glendale have lots of activities to engage in. They can enjoy plenty of hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities in the neighboring Griffith Park and Verdugo Hills. The neighborhood’s crime rate is lower than the state average by a third. What’s more, Glendale is pretty affordable, so those looking for options for safe self-storage in Los Angeles can find whatever they’re looking for at an affordable rate.

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