Why Choose 24-hour Storage? 

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The biggest benefit offered by 24-hour storage is accessibility. You can get to your possessions at any time of the day or night. It doesn’t matter if you need something on a holiday or weekend. You never know when you might want to pick something up, and 24-hour storage offers this flexibility. 

Another benefit of 24-hour storage facilities near you is that they often have enhanced security. This is because there are few to no staff members at storage facilities outside of business hours. Added security measures are necessary because tenants can enter the property during times when fewer eyes are watching. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do all storage facilities offer 24-hour access? No. Not all self-storage facilities offer 24-hour access. However, many storage facilities offer extended access that provides access before and after normal working hours. This offers some flexibility for tenants working the typical 8 to 5 job. Having 24-hour access gives you access to your unit any day at any time. 
  • Do I need 24-hour access to my storage unit? Maybe. You never know when you might need a random personal item from storage. Whether or not you need 24-hour access to your storage unit typically depends on the items stored and your personal lifestyle. Are you the type of person who stays up late making to-do lists? Do you have a volatile living arrangement? Do you only have time to get to storage in the wee hours of the night? These are realities for many people. 
  • How much do 24-hour storage units near me cost per month? A 24-hour storage unit isn’t cheap storage. They typically cost more than storage units that operate with restricted accessibility. Other factors, such as size, location, and climate control are more likely to increase the price. Many companies will offer a first-month storage discount to help ease the burden, but they might require you to stay longer than two months, make sure you read the fine print beforehand.
  • What can I store in a storage unit? What you can store in a storage unit depends on the facility, renters should look into the rules of the specific storage company they’re looking into before signing an agreement. Storing items like furniture, sports equipment, artwork, and home decor are most common. Restricted items usually include firearms, perishable food, hazardous materials, living or once-living things, and tires. 
  • How much storage space should I rent? The best way to know how much storage space you should rent is to measure your belongings. Once you have measured, compare storage options to get the best space for the best price. You might also want to consider future needs. Talk to your storage facility about the possibility of increasing the square feet of your unit at a later date. It is helpful to know their procedures ahead of time. To get you started here’s a size guide you can check out.
  • Can I live or sleep in a storage unit? No. Housing laws prohibit living or sleeping in storage units. It is a safety and security concern. You may have heard of people living in storage units, and it does happen, but it isn’t supposed to happen. Your storage facility will give you the boot if you decide to take up residence. 
  • How can I get help from staff after hours? Though you will have 24-hour access to your storage unit, that doesn’t mean staff will be present 24/7. Ideally, someone should be available on-call to answer questions, troubleshoot, or provide in-person assistance. There may be a contact number or email posted within the walls of your unit. Make sure you ask about contact options when you sign your contract. 
  • What is a climate-controlled storage unit? A climate-controlled storage unit is one where the facility controls the temperature and humidity to prevent damage to your property. This is especially important in climates with large temperature fluctuations or tropical climates. Climate control may cost more, but it keeps your belongings protected when stored for long periods of time. 
  • Is 24-hour self-storage safe and secure? Yes. 24-hour self-storage facilities are typically safe and secure. Because people can come and go more often, there are generally more security cameras at these types of facilities. To protect yourself from theft, insurance or additional security (locks) are recommended. Depending on the situation, internal storage may be more secure than drive-up units. 
  • Can I store my boat, car, or RV in 24-hour storage? Some 24-hour storage facilities offer boat storage, car storage, or RV storage. Being able to access these vehicles 24/7 is especially important for business use or when travel is impossible during normal business hours because there is nowhere else to store the vehicle until then. But you’ll want to confirm you’ll have 24-hour access to your items. Alternative solutions could be renting out a driveway or RV pad from your neighbor.

Common reasons for needing to rent a storage unit with 24-hour access

Reasons to rent 24-hour storage

There are many reasons people lease 24-hour storage units. The items stored vary from furniture stored after downsizing to used medical equipment. The most common reasons to choose 24-hour storage are: 

  1. Flexibility: Hectic schedules and the reasons for storage make 24-hour access a perfect situation for a busy life. The flexibility in 24//7 access takes the stress of planning to visit the unit. 
  2. Security: There is often increased security at facilities with 24-hour access. This is because the facility is at least partially accessible during all hours, even those when no staff is present. 
  3. Peace of mind: The items in your unit belong to you, and 24-hour access to your personal belongings feels right. 

Other companies that offer 24-hour storage near you

Many large storage companies near you are now offering 24-hour access storage units to people who want to be able to get or store their belongings at any hour of the day. These companies include: 

  • Alamo Storage
  • Extra Space Storage
  • CubeSmart

Alternatives to 24-hour storage with traditional facilities are marketplaces like Neighbor. Renting out space on a peer-to-peer platform will often provide flexibility because you can contact the person you’re renting the space from directly and schedule a time that works best for you. 

Types of self-storage units with 24-hour access

When looking for 24-hour storage facilities, a person should consider the storage unit type. The variables between units include accessibility, access hours, cost, and security. 

  • Accessibility differences include whether the unit is a drive-up storage unit or an interior storage unit. Other factors might include stairs, elevators, and loading equipment availability. Accessibility affects cost but also security. People with limited mobility will also want to consider these variables. 
  • Size options will provide more price variety for tenants. They can save money by limiting the sizes of their units to meet their needs. Additionally, larger areas create room for growth. Predicting future needs can limit the need to upgrade your storage unit. 
  • Access hours may still be a factor in 24-hour storage. This might include when the staff is onsite or gate access only and you’ll need to open and close the gate on your own. 

The type of self-storage facility you choose will determine how secure your belongings are from theft, environmental damage, and pests. While a parking space may not offer climate control, indoor storage units optimize the climate and security to keep your belongings safe for the long term. 

24-hour Storage Gives You Access When You Need It

Some people may not want to go through the hassle of finding a storage facility that offers 24-hour access. After all, how often are you going to need immediate access to your home decor in the middle of the night? But access to personal belongings is more than accessing home decor. Many people store documents, work equipment, or personal gear that could be put to great use if available at any given moment. It all depends on your storage needs.

Storage shouldn’t feel like you are locking your stuff up in jail. You don’t want to wait for visiting hours to access belongs that is rightfully yours. For many people, especially those who remember things in the middle of the night, 24-hour storage is the only way to store things. You never know when you might need something that you’ve tucked away for safekeeping. 

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