Home Storage Solutions: Top 15 Home Storage Ideas


A few days after New Years I decided to organize my space. In the process I looked up different home storage solutions to organize everything better. I didn’t have room to do all of them in my small apartment, but here are my top fifteen favorite finds that I will definitely be implementing when I move to a bigger place.

Home Storage Solutions


1. Medicine Cabinet

Growing up, my mom organized our medicine cabinet with clear plastic containers. Each box had a different symptom written on it. The categories included things like  “Allergies/Cold,” “Stomach,” “Headache,” etc. She also put dosage charts on the inside of the medicine cabinet door for easy reference.medicine-organization


2. Hidden Cords

I hate the look of a jumble of messy cords! The “De-clutter Box” is a life saver when I want the cords easily accessible but not easily seen. Simply cut a hole in the box for the various cords to come out of, then reattach all of your cords within the box. Close the box and hide the pesky cords from sight.


3. Turntable Pantry

When I saw this I immediately decided that this is going in my kitchen someday. This maximizes corner storage and lets you pack more into your pantry. Another plus to this home storage solution is it allows for easy rotation of long term food storage.kitchen-storage-solutions


4. Rafter Storage

Sometimes all the closets are filled, and you still need to find space for the holiday decorations. This is one of our home storage solutions that allows you to utilize your attic space. Don’t forget to label what is inside the boxes. Since these items are put away for longer periods of time, it’s easy to forget what went where.attic-home-storage


5. Collapsible Workbench

A collapsible workbench allows for plenty of space for projects without taking up valuable floor space. Plus, when you are done with the bench it just hangs on the wall. This means that the next time you want to do a project, you don’t have to spend time clearing off table space before getting started.garage-workbench-storage-solutions


6. Bedding Storage

When you are in a rush to make a bed when unexpected company comes over or the toddler wets the bed, it is inconvenient to try and find all the matching pieces of a bedding set. Instead of storing your linens by type, store all pieces of the set in one of the pillow cases. This makes quick bed-making a snap.bed-homie-storage


7. Chic boxes

I love using boxes around the house, but normal decorative boxes are either made from flimsy cardboard or aren’t cost effective. This is a super cute and easy solution. Just get some fabric and cover a milk crate. The best part about these super cute DIY boxes is they are stackable. And they won’t break if they accidentally get stepped on.chic-storage-boxes


8. Tire Loft

Living in areas with extreme climate change throughout the year usually means there is a set of summer or winter tires taking up space in the garage and potentially stopping you from parking your car in there. This tire loft is a super easy solution to a garage storage problem. It keeps tires high and out of the way but still easily accessible. The loft can also fold up flat when not in use.


9. Hidden Cleaning Closet

After a certain point there is literally no more room in closets or other storage areas to store everything you need without buying a bigger home. One of the coolest home storage solution is to use the space inside the walls. Everyone loves secret or hidden doors. Just create a few of your own for other home storage needs. This one is the perfect size for basic cleaning supplies. This type of closet could also be used for a variety of different purposes.hidden-cleaning-storage


10. Shelves with Steps

These ladder-like shelves are designed so the bottom three can pull out and be stepped on like a normal set of stairs, allowing you to fill up the top as much as you like while still having easy access. This home storage solutions will enable you to make use of all that unused space you have.shelving-home-storage-solutions


11. Vertical Canned Food Storage

Figuring out how to store canned foods can be difficult, especially if you want to make sure you are using the oldest cans first. This DIY can organizer can help you keep track of the number of cans and make sure you use your storage in the order you bought it. This home storage device can be installed in the garage or on an empty wall in a pantry.


12. Under-the-Sink Storage

The best place to find a wide range of home storage solutions supplies like small containers, boxes, dividers, hooks and more is the dollar store. Using these types of supplies you can rehabilitate your under-the-sink storage to help you find things easily and maximize the use of that space.under-the-sink-home-storage


13. Makeup Magnetic Board

Taking up valuable drawer space with makeup isn’t very practical. By adding small magnets to the back of all your makeup, these babies can easily stick to a piece of metal (like a flat cooking sheet or sheet metal) stuck in a large frame. The makeup board will help your bathroom to feel more open and clutter-free while still giving ease of access.


14. Mirror Storage

This is one of my favorite home storage solutions. My mom had one that she uses specifically for her jewelry, but I love the idea of using it for all bathroom storage needs. If you are feeling ambitious here are the plans so you can make your own at home.bathroom-home-storage-solutions


15. Charging Storage Nook

This is the perfect home organization solution for small items used daily. A nook like this could be put in by the front door for easy access to everything you need for the day. It has an electrical outlet and doubles as the perfect charging spot. If you are planning on building a home soon or want a new project, this should make the list. (Remember to let the professionals handle the electricity.)



If you started digging into this project and you have realized that you need more space, check out the Airbnb of Storage for places to store your extra items. On the other hand, if you have freed up some space in your home or garage, come see how you can turn your free space into some extra monthly cash.


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