Do I Need Insurance For My Storage Unit?



What a heavy word. Do alarm bells go off in your head when you hear it too? It’s one of those necessary evils that we all want and need, but don’t really like thinking about. It can seem completely overwhelming, and yet it is a part of life.

Now we know about life insurance, homeowners insurance, and even renters insurance, but what about storage unit insurance? What covers that? Do I need insurance for my storage unit? That’s what we here at Neighbor are hoping to answer.

Do I need separate insurance for my storage unit?

Homeowners and renters insurance both are designed to protect your home and belongings. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, you generally will have coverage for your stored items, but you should check with your policy agent to iron out the details–there are some insurance policies that will only cover up to 10% of your coverage limit. Most storage companies require insurance of some kind, but we aren’t all insured; that’s why so many storage companies themselves will offer an insurance for your storage unit. At Neighbor, our first concern is protecting the belongings of our users, which is why we offer optional renters insurance as well. Neighbor’s insurance rates will depend on the amount of coverage needed, but it’s usually around $10/month. So if you don’t have insurance, we’ve got you covered!

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What will normal insurance NOT cover?

Your childhood LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model? Should be covered by renters insurance. Your original, exclusive record edition of the White Album by the Beatles? That one might be a little more tricky–talk to your policy agent and see if your special art/furniture collections, high-profile items, etc., need a separate policy. And when it comes to most vehicles, a special type of car insurance called comprehensive coverage is required, meaning you need to switch your car coverage in order to put your car into storage.

The great thing about Neighbor is that you don’t have to trust some unknown storage facility or cross your fingers that you won’t need to use your insurance policy—you can trust your Neighbors. We all like to take good care of our homes, and our Neighbor hosts aren’t any different; trust that your belongings will be in a safe environment, watched over by others who are just as concerned for your stuff as for their own.

Great hosts and great protection–we’ve got renters covered on both ends.


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