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24 hour storage units in San Bernardino, CA

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Helpful reviews from renters in San Bernardino, California

50 x 20 Parking Lot in Jurupa Valley, California

Verified Review

"Owner was very helpful. I had my 24’ toyhauler stored there for 5 months. No issues."

Steve J.

Jurupa Valley, CA

May 8, 2023

15 x 10 Shed in Fontana, California

Verified Review

"Very responsive extremely helpful safe and secure storage space "

Doll's profile

Doll F.

Fontana, CA

Apr 9, 2021

10 x 60 Unpaved Lot in Perris, California

Verified Review

"Easy communication with the host. Easy in and out access and secure. Thank you!"

Mike B.

Perris, CA

Jul 8, 2021

50 x 20 Parking Lot in Jurupa Valley, California

Verified Review

"Great host, really helpful, storage is well secured. Definitely recommend."

Yauheni's profile

Yauheni F.

Jurupa Valley, CA

Jul 21, 2022

45 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Nuevo, California

Verified Review

"Henry is the best host! He was very helpful and accommodating. This space was over an hour away from my house and if I needed help he was always willing and trustworthy to get it done. Unfortunately the long drive for me is why I needed to change location."

Chaz R.

Nuevo, CA

Aug 7, 2022

40 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Fontana, California

Verified Review

"24 hour access friendly host"

Sherman F.

Fontana, CA

Jul 8, 2021

20 x 10 Parking Lot in Montclair, California

Verified Review

"secure location and easy access "

Sean C.

Montclair, CA

Feb 5, 2023

28 x 15 Driveway in Walnut, California

Verified Review

"Large enough for my 24’ long, 9’ tall RV! Wonderful host, no complaints, quiet safe neighborhood. "

Timothy D.

Walnut, CA

Sep 17, 2022

35 x 12 Driveway in Santa Ana, California

Verified Review

"Amazing Storage Location with Apple space extremely friendly easy to access and there’s secure cameras"

WIlliam F.

Santa Ana, CA

Aug 10, 2022

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Riverside, California

Verified Review

"Super accommodating host! Friendly, and responsive! I will be coming back for all of my storage needs. "

Arthur S.

Riverside, CA

Jul 3, 2023

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Storage unit types

Imagine the convenience of being able to access your stored items whenever you want, without restrictions. That is the beauty of a 24-hour storage unit in San Bernardino—you have the freedom to access your items at your own pace and on your schedule, whether you're storing personal items, business supplies, or vehicles.

  • Non-Climate Controlled Storage: Non-climate controlled units are a versatile solution for storing a variety of items. They're especially useful for items that aren't particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In a city like San Bernardino which enjoys a hot semi-arid climate, your items can withstand the weather in these units. Plus, 24/7 access gives you the ability to retrieve items whenever the need may arise, without having to work around business hours.
  • Climate Controlled Storage: Climate controlled units offer an extra level of protection for your items, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level inside the unit. This is particularly useful for storing sensitive items such as artwork, antiques, and electronics. In San Bernardino, the scorching summer heat or chilly winter nights won't affect the condition of your items in these units. Round-the-clock access ensures that you can access your valuables whenever you wish, regardless of the hour.
  • Drive-Up Storage: Drive-up units provide direct, outdoor access to your storage unit, making it much easier to load and unload heavy items. This can be particularly useful for business owners who might need to move large quantities of inventory. San Bernardino's generally good weather means you don't have to worry too much about adverse conditions when loading or unloading. With 24-hour access, you can manage your inventory whenever it suits you, whether that's early in the morning or late at night.
  • Outdoor Parking Spaces: If you're looking to store a vehicle in San Bernardino, an outdoor parking space is a great option. Be it a car, boat, or RV, these spaces offer a secure place to store your vehicle. 24/7 access means you can hit the road or set sail anytime the adventure calls, without being constrained by a timetable.

Remember: the right type of storage solution for you will ultimately depend on your specific needs and the items you're choosing to store.

Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Choosing a 24 hour storage unit

In San Bernardino, California, finding a 24-hour storage unit that suits your unique needs can be effortless if you know what to look for. The key considerations to select the ideal space include the size, access, and location of the unit.

  • Considering Location: The location of your storage unit in San Bernardino can significantly affect its convenience. Close proximity to your residence or place of business would be optimal. Safety should also be a priority – well-lit, secure areas with lower crime rates will instill confidence in the security of your stored items.
  • Size of the Storage Unit: The physical dimensions of the storage unit are another key element to consider. The unit size should be adequate to accommodate all your items without making it crowded or cluttered, yet not so large that you’re paying for unused space. Whether you're storing personal items, business materials, or a vehicle, consider your present and future storage requirements to make a suitable choice.
  • Access to the Unit: Since the storage unit will be accessible 24 hours a day, ensure that it is easy to reach regardless of the time. This can be especially valuable if you need to access your stored items after regular business hours or on weekends. Furthermore, make sure the storage unit is easy to navigate, with clear pathways, for convenience when moving items in and out.
Woman in empty garage

Climate considerations

In the balmy, Mediterranean-like climate of San Bernardino, where the summer high averages around 96°F and winter lows hover around 41°F, special care is needed for items in 24-hour storage units.

The summer heat can potentially damage items like electronics, vinyl records, photos, and artwork. To protect these fragile items, consider packaging materials that insulate from heat such as foam or bubble wrap.

In contrast, the cool winter nights could affect items vulnerable to low temperatures such as certain types of wooden furniture, musical instruments, and antiques. Using padded furniture covers and thermal blankets could provide an extra layer of protection.

For vehicle storage, a breathable car cover can shield the vehicle's finish from the harsh summer sun, while in winter, a cover can protect against frost and cold winds. Regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition.

Renting 24 hour storage in San Bernardino

San Bernardino, California, a bustling city nestled at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, is known as the heart of Southern California. The city is home to various well-known landmarks, such as California State University, San Bernardino, Loma Linda University Medical Center, and Amazon's massive corporate headquarters. All these locations are ideal areas to find storage options available round the clock.

The city's diverse neighborhoods, including Del Rosa, Kendall Hills, and Verdemont, offer ample parking options for vehicles. Nearby cities such as Redlands and Rialto also provide additional options for storage, enabling residents to conveniently store personal and business items.

San Bernardino's vibrant community spirit is evident in the feedback from users who have rented storage space in the city. The ease of access, great communication, and secure locations have won over renters. As one review states, "Great space. Extended access 24/7," highlighting the convenience of accessibility.

The city's welcoming neighborhoods are renowned for their safety and tranquility. A user pointed out the benefits of storing her car in such a neighborhood, "The space was also in a safe, quiet neighborhood," ensuring peace of mind for those storing valuable property.

The accommodating nature of hosts in San Bernardino shines through in another review, "I could only park the car at a later hour, and she was very accommodating," emphasizing the flexibility and cooperation of storage providers in the city.

Overall, San Bernardino's unique combination of strategic location, accessibility, and neighborly spirit makes it an excellent choice for securing rental storage.

FAQs About 24 hour storage in San Bernardino, California

The price of 24-hour storage in San Bernardino depends on various factors, including the size of the storage unit, location of the facility, and the rental duration. Additional features such as climate control, enhanced security, and any ongoing promotions or discounts can also affect the overall cost.

To determine the right size for your 24-hour storage unit in San Bernardino, consider the quantity and dimensions of the items you plan to store, as well as any additional space needed for accessing or organizing your belongings. Storage facilities often provide size guides or consultations to help you make an informed decision.

When preparing your items for long-term 24-hour storage in San Bernardino, ensure they are clean and dry to prevent damage or mold growth. Pack items in strong, durable boxes, and cushion fragile items with bubble wrap or packing paper. Label boxes clearly and keep an inventory of your stored belongings for easy reference. If possible, use pallets or shelving to elevate items off the floor, and avoid stacking boxes too high to prevent damage.

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