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Helpful reviews from renters in San Francisco, California

4 x 4 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"great unit and very convenient Code on lock 0330"

Andrew R.

San Francisco, CA

Aug 26, 2022

10 x 5 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"SF Stuf offers a clean, accessible storage unit in a central location in downtown SF. The building security team were always ready to provide support and answer questions. Thanks!"

BingYune C.

San Francisco, CA

Dec 3, 2022

4 x 8 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"I absolutely loved everything about the contact free sign up and personal touch of the super friendly staff at Stuuf, where I acquired a clean and large self-storage unit hassle-free. It's conveniently located right off of Market St. and incredibly secure. I enjoyed every bit of my move in date which was just ONE DAY after I purchased it. Nothing has ever been easier or painless. I highly recommend this site as well as Hassi and his team at Stuuf self storage. Thank you to you all!"

Alicia W.

San Francisco, CA

Sep 19, 2020

45 x 11 Garage in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"Excellent host, very responsive. Great space for storage. Easily accessible."

Alex Y.

San Francisco, CA

Aug 23, 2023

5 x 8 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"Great experience, security was guard was friendly and helpful, my items remained safe during the entire time they were in storage (6 months). "

Nia G.

San Francisco, CA

Jan 29, 2023

4 x 7 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"Aside from 3-month period where it was difficult to access my storage unit due to thefts in the building, relatively easy to access."

Jesse C.

San Francisco, CA

Feb 1, 2023

4 x 8 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"I really appreciated the responsiveness and communication from Neighbor. Katrina was super helpful. The people that opened the garage were very friendly and helpful as well. My only slight frustration was the difficulty accessing the storage unit on shorter notice/weekends as everything needs to be scheduled, I believe given building restrictions Neighbor did the best they could. Pricepoint was also good value. This is great option if you won't be needing to get in and out of the storage unit frequently/on short notice."

John P.

San Francisco, CA

Nov 23, 2021

20 x 10 Garage in San Leandro, California

Verified Review

"The parking/storage space is safe and private. Furthermore, Kevin is a reliable host who answers all questions and concerns. Overall, I had a great experience renting the space and, therefore, highly recommend it. "

Vanessa N.

San Leandro, CA

Aug 11, 2022

20 x 17 Garage in Redwood City, California

Verified Review

"Joe was very responsive and responsible. I felt comfortable with my property in his storage space for several months. Good guy."

Trey T.

Redwood City, CA

Jun 3, 2022

20 x 10 Parking Garage in San Mateo, California

Verified Review

"This was the perfect solution for long term storage of our cars whilst we were traveling. The parking lot is safe and secure - it's in a locked garage - and Michelle was wonderful. She was really kind and helpful & made the whole process really easy! We're so glad we stored our cars with her. We would definitely recommend this parking space if you are looking for somewhere safe to park your car."

Dee's profile

Dee M.

San Mateo, CA

Jul 29, 2022

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Types of storage units

In the beautiful city of San Francisco, where weather conditions can vary, having a climate-controlled storage unit can be a game changer. These units offer optimum protection for your valuables against frequent temperature changes, excess humidity, and seasonal shifts common in the region.

  • Climate-Controlled Interior Storage Units: These units come with a feature to control the temperature and humidity within, making them a perfect choice for storing sensitive items like art, antiques, electronics, and delicate fabrics. Given San Francisco's weather, temperature-controlled storage prevents damage due to condensation, mold, or mildew.
  • Non-Climate-Controlled Interior Storage Units: These storage units, while lacking temperature and humidity controls, offer a secure solution for storing items less sensitive to environmental changes. They are perfect for residents who want to store household items not highly affected by San Francisco's varying temperatures.
  • Exterior Drive-Up Storage Units: For easy access and convenience, exterior drive-up units are a great choice, especially when storing bulky items like furniture or equipment. Their easy drive-up access can be particularly useful in a city like San Francisco, where navigating heavy items through busy streets can be difficult.
  • Specialty Storage Units: These units cater to unique storage needs. For example, they may offer wine storage units with specific humidity and temperature conditions, ideal for the wine enthusiasts in a city known for its appreciation of good food and wine. Or, they may provide storage solutions for oversized items like boats or RVs, handy for those San Francisco residents who enjoy the great California outdoors and need a place to store their adventure gear off-season.

Remember, considering local weather, accessibility, and specific storage requirements can guide your choice towards a storage solution that's perfect for you in the City by the Bay.

Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Choosing a climate controlled storage unit

Choosing the right climate-controlled storage unit in San Francisco, California, requires careful consideration. Factors such as the size of the storage space, its accessibility, and location are all crucial to ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Consideration of Size: A storage unit's size greatly depends on the volume of items you wish to store. Climate-controlled spaces come in various dimensions, starting from small locker-sized units, perfect for storing a few boxes, to larger spaces that can accommodate furniture pieces. Remember, investing in a climate-controlled unit means you are paying for an environment that keeps your possessions in optimum condition, so it's essential to carefully evaluate how much space you need.
  • Accessibility and Hours: Unlike traditional storage facilities, peer-to-peer platforms offer more flexible access to your storage unit. This flexibility is critical if you require frequent or irregular access to your belongings. Check the details of each listing to make sure the access hours and requirements match your needs.
  • Location and Safety: Safety is paramount when storing valuable belongings. Choose a location in a safe neighborhood with good lighting and secure access. Proximity is also crucial. Although San Francisco is a compact city, traffic and parking can be challenging. Therefore, finding a storage unit close to your home or work can save you valuable time and make accessing your items more convenient.
Woman in empty garage

Importance of climate control

When considering renting a storage unit in San Francisco, California, the city's unique climate plays a big role in determining what kind of storage you might need. Average high temperatures in the peak of summer here hover around 71°F, while winter lows average a mild 46°F.

The moderate, steady climate makes non-climate-controlled storage a viable option for many items. This type of storage is great for items that can withstand mild temperature fluctuations, such as metal or plastic furniture, dishes, or garden tools.

Even seasonal clothing can do well in this type of storage, as our winters are relatively mild and dry. You can safeguard such items by using moisture absorbent packets and sturdy plastic bins to keep them dry and safe.

However, if you have valuable or delicate items, such as electronics, leather furniture, or musical instruments, a climate-controlled unit can offer added protection. These units maintain a constant temperature and humidity level, reducing the risk of damage. These units might be particularly beneficial during the summer months, when San Francisco's heat and fog create a damp warmth.

Ultimately, the choice between climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage depends on what you're storing. Both options can work well in San Francisco's temperate climate, with the right precautions.

Renting climate controlled storage in San Francisco

San Francisco, California is a dynamic city brimming with a variety of landmarks and neighborhoods that could make your search for climate controlled storage a breeze. Nestled in this city are world-class establishments such as the University of San Francisco and the headquarters of tech giants like Twitter and Uber. Living up to its reputation as a healthcare hub, UCSF Medical Center is also a key feature of this city. If you're more into play than work, Golden Gate Park is a popular recreational spot that adds to the charm of the city.

In this bustling city, you can find a variety of storage options across different neighborhoods. The Mission District, famous for its colorful murals and food scene, is one such area. Another area, Nob Hill, known for its historic mansions and spectacular views, also offers storage solutions. And let's not forget about the renowned SoMa (South of Market) neighborhood, an area filled with warehouses converted into lofts and office spaces, another ideal place for finding storage.

Renting storage in San Francisco has been praised by many residents for its convenience and reliability. One user review highlights this with a positive experience, mentioning the "large basement storage area" and the "super kind and helpful" homeowners. Another renter appreciates the flexibility of accessing their belongings, describing the host as "very accommodating and helpful".

Safety and communication are other aspects residents have lauded. One reviewer emphasized the "clean, safe, climate-controlled environment" where their "belongings were completely undisturbed". They also noted the "wonderful" hosts who were "easy to work with and great communicators". Another praised the responsiveness of the owners and how safe they felt their items were, recommending the storage unit to anyone.

The ease of communication and helpfulness of the hosts is also something that stands out in the reviews. A satisfied renter mentioned how quick the host was in communicating, making them feel like their "storage was in good hands".

With such positive experiences and testimonials, it's clear that San Francisco offers an excellent environment for renting residential storage spaces.

FAQs About climate controlled storage in San Francisco, California

Several factors can impact the price of climate controlled storage in San Francisco, including location, unit size, duration of rental, and demand. Storage facilities in popular neighborhoods, for instance, might be more expensive due to the higher costs of land and operations.

To determine the appropriate size of climate controlled storage for your needs, consider the items you plan to store and calculate the combined space needed. Common unit sizes range from 5x5 feet to 10x30 feet, and most facilities offer various sizes to accommodate different storage needs.

To ensure the protection of your items in long-term climate controlled storage in San Francisco, it is important to follow a few critical steps. Begin by cleaning and drying all items thoroughly to prevent mold growth. Then, pack your belongings in sturdy, high-quality boxes to protect them during storage. For delicate items, use bubble wrap or foam padding for added protection. Additionally, place large items on pallets to allow airflow and help prevent damage from moisture or pests.

Additional California climate controlled storage locations

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Alternative Climate Controlled Storage Options near San Francisco

San Francisco offers many different traditional self storage companies for climate controlled storage. Traditional self storage, however, are more expensive, less safe, and typically farther way than Neighbor units.

Check out the list of climate controlled storage facilities for details:

Public Storage (0.2 miles)

190 10th St

San Francisco, CA

SOMA Self-Storage (0.2 miles)

1475 Mission St

San Francisco, CA

Public Storage (0.2 miles)

99 S Van Ness Ave

San Francisco, CA

Public Storage (1.6 miles)

611 2nd St

San Francisco, CA

Army Street Storage Annex (2.1 miles)

1340 Iowa St

San Francisco, CA

California Mini Storage (2.2 miles)

1111 Pennsylvania Ave

San Francisco, CA

Public Storage (8.4 miles)

6501 Shellmound St

Emeryville, CA

Extra Space Storage (9.2 miles)

601 Cedar St

Berkeley, CA

AllStore Center Self Storage (9.5 miles)

345 Shaw Rd

South San Francisco, CA

Public Storage (12.4 miles)

680 Hegenberger Rd

Oakland, CA

Saf Keep Storage (15.1 miles)

655 Marina Blvd

San Leandro, CA

Public Storage (16.7 miles)

1121 Triton Dr

Foster City, CA