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Helpful reviews from renters in San Jose, California

10 x 20 Basement in San Jose, California

Verified Review

"The (potential) host was kind, professional, timely, and responsive to all of my many questions. I had made a reservation for the space, but ultimately the space didn't work out for my storage needs."

Nancy L.

San Jose, CA

Jul 8, 2021

20 x 10 Garage in San Jose, California

Verified Review

"Great host and great garage. Very clean and safe place"

Christopher's profile

Christopher E.

San Jose, CA

Dec 6, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in San Jose, California

Verified Review

"Janki’s space was perfect for my vehicle and she was awesome to meet. I left my car with boxes stored inside for 90 days and everything was safe and sound. Definitely would recommend Janki’s space and will likely use it again next summer (if it’s available!)"

Brian M.

San Jose, CA

Sep 28, 2022

10 x 8 Other in Santa Clara, California

Verified Review

"Eda’s storage was convenient and safe. She went above and beyond to help me coordinate both pickup and drop off of my vehicle in uncertain times. I really appreciated her flexibility and the space!"

Carl's profile

Carl S.

Santa Clara, CA

Sep 14, 2021

20 x 17 Garage in Redwood City, California

Verified Review

"Joe was very responsive and responsible. I felt comfortable with my property in his storage space for several months. Good guy."

Trey T.

Redwood City, CA

Jun 3, 2022

4 x 4 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"great unit and very convenient Code on lock 0330"

Andrew R.

San Francisco, CA

Aug 26, 2022

10 x 5 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"SF Stuf offers a clean, accessible storage unit in a central location in downtown SF. The building security team were always ready to provide support and answer questions. Thanks!"

BingYune C.

San Francisco, CA

Dec 3, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in San Leandro, California

Verified Review

"The parking/storage space is safe and private. Furthermore, Kevin is a reliable host who answers all questions and concerns. Overall, I had a great experience renting the space and, therefore, highly recommend it. "

Vanessa N.

San Leandro, CA

Aug 11, 2022

4 x 7 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"Aside from 3-month period where it was difficult to access my storage unit due to thefts in the building, relatively easy to access."

Jesse C.

San Francisco, CA

Feb 1, 2023

4 x 8 Self Storage Unit in San Francisco, California

Verified Review

"I absolutely loved everything about the contact free sign up and personal touch of the super friendly staff at Stuuf, where I acquired a clean and large self-storage unit hassle-free. It's conveniently located right off of Market St. and incredibly secure. I enjoyed every bit of my move in date which was just ONE DAY after I purchased it. Nothing has ever been easier or painless. I highly recommend this site as well as Hassi and his team at Stuuf self storage. Thank you to you all!"

Alicia W.

San Francisco, CA

Sep 19, 2020

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Woman sitting next to storage boxes

Types of storage units

San Jose, California is known for its year-round mild climate. However, when it comes to storing sensitive belongings, even such relatively stable weather conditions can lead to damage if the storage unit does not have climate control. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit in San Jose can provide many benefits, from ensuring the preservation of sensitive items such as electronics and documents, to the prevention of warping or rusting due to changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Climate-Controlled Interior Units: These units are ideal for those who are looking to store items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Climate-controlled storage units regulate both heat and cold, ensuring a consistent environment for your belongings.
  • Non-Climate-Controlled Interior Units: Non-climate-controlled units can be a good fit for items that don't require special temperature or humidity conditions. Such units are often suitable for storing durable items such as furniture, garden tools or seasonal decor.
  • Exterior Drive-Up Units: Exterior drive-up storage units offer the convenience of easily accessible storage. They can be especially beneficial for frequent access or for storing larger items like vehicles and heavy equipment. However, these units do not provide the same level of environmental control as interior units.
  • Specialty Storage Units: Specialty units cater to specific storage needs, such as for wine storage, or for collectibles that require specific environmental controls. These units often offer sophisticated climate control systems, ensuring your valuable collections are kept in optimal conditions.

Remember that the type of storage unit needed will depend on the specific items being stored. Regardless of San Jose's mild climate, there can still be fluctuations that could potentially harm certain belongings.

Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Choosing a climate controlled storage unit

Searching for the perfect climate-controlled storage unit in San Jose, California, isn't a task to be taken lightly. It's essential to consider the unit's size, the access it provides, and its location to ensure you select the most appropriate option.

  • Consideration of Storage Size: Carefully evaluate the items you plan to store. If you have bulky items, you will need ample space. Be cautious not to rent a unit larger than your needs as climate-controlled units can be costlier.
  • Location and its Importance: Since San Jose is a sprawling city, the location of your storage unit matters. If you need frequent access to your items, choosing a unit close to your home or workplace could be beneficial. Additionally, check the surrounding area for safety.
  • Accessibility of the Unit: Different storage solutions offer varied access times. If you need to reach your belongings during off-hours, pick a unit that offers flexible access options. However, remember that storage units that provide round-the-clock access may not be located in the most favorable areas.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Consider your unique storage needs, and choose a unit that best matches those requirements.

Woman in empty garage

Importance of climate control

In San Jose, California, summer temperatures hit an average high of 82°F, while winter sees a low of around 42°F. If you're planning to store items sensitive to such variations in temperature, consider a climate-controlled storage unit. Artwork, delicate fabrics, or antique furniture could benefit from the extra protection. Even certain types of wood can warp in heat or contract in the cold.

But don't be too quick to dismiss non-climate-controlled storage. Many items, including pottery or metal goods, can be stored safely in these units. With proper packing and some forethought, non-climate-controlled storage can be a wise choice.

Remember to pack your items with the changing seasons in mind. In summer, try to keep items away from direct sunlight. During winter, pack your items in moisture-resistant materials to protect them from damp. With smart preparation and packing, it's possible to store items safely in any climate.

Renting climate controlled storage in San Jose

San Jose, California - the epicenter of innovation and world-leading tech corporations, nestles comfortably in the heart of Silicon Valley. The city is home to distinguished institutions including San Jose State University and significant medical establishments like the Good Samaritan Hospital. With expansive recreational areas such as Almaden Quicksilver County Park, San Jose offers a blend of urban sophistication and serene tranquillity.

In terms of storage options, the city is divided into a number of prominent communities. North San Jose, a hub of technological might with corporate giants like Adobe Systems headquartered here, offers numerous residential storage options. The varied architectural beauty of Willow Glen houses friendly neighbors providing welcoming storage spaces. Downtown San Jose, brimming with cultural landmarks and institutions, presents multiple storage opportunities in both residential and commercial properties.

When it comes to experience, users found the climate-controlled environments of San Jose storage spaces to be clean, safe, and undisturbed throughout their usage period. One user emphasized the large basement storage area, underscoring the spacious nature of these units. Another highlighted the accommodating and helpful nature of the hosts, indicating a high level of user satisfaction.

In terms of accessibility, users praised the responsive and flexible nature of the hosts in San Jose. The ability to retrieve items at their own convenience was a recurring theme, indicating a high degree of flexibility when renting storage in this city. Furthermore, quick communication and a sense of security were emphasized in the reviewers’ experiences, suggesting a trustworthy and stress-free storage solution in San Jose.

FAQs About climate controlled storage in San Jose, California

The price of climate-controlled storage in San Jose is affected by factors such as the storage unit size, location, duration of your rental, and demand for storage services in the area.

To find the right size for your climate-controlled storage unit in San Jose, consider the number and types of items you plan to store, as well as the space required for proper organization and accessibility.

For long-term climate-controlled storage in San Jose, ensure that your items are cleaned, dry, and protected with appropriate packing materials. Additionally, create an inventory list to track the contents of your storage unit and make regular visits to check the condition of your belongings.

Additional California climate controlled storage locations

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Alternative Climate Controlled Storage Options near San Jose

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