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Climate controlled storage units in Lincoln, NE

10’ × 10


Lincoln, Nebraska

3.2 mi

near 4325 Edison Cir

Private Entrance

Locked Area

Smoke Free


 1st month

$55/ mo

20’ × 20


Omaha, Nebraska

38.2 mi

near 3860 S 194th St

Security Camera

Smoke Free

Climate Controlled


 1st month

$91/ mo

17’ × 10


Elkhorn, Nebraska

39.9 mi

near 903 S 173rd Ct

Smoke Free

Climate Controlled

Smoke Detectors


 1st month

$59/ mo

27’ × 16



Omaha, Nebraska

43.8 mi

near N 150th Ave

Private Space

Climate Controlled


 1st month

$60/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Lincoln, Nebraska

20 x 20 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"This was my first time using neighbor and it was a wonderful experience. My host open the space up whenever I needed in and made me feel very safe about storing there. Also really great hospitality. I would recommend "

Matt L.

Kansas City, MO

Sep 12, 2022

12 x 8 Garage in Des Moines, Iowa

Verified Review

"Very kind host, plenty of space for my sedan. Kept in good condition!"

Robert's profile

Robert B.

Des Moines, IA

Aug 20, 2023

24 x 11 Garage in Olathe, Kansas

Verified Review

"Perfect host. Good communication and the space is exactly as described. Highly recommend. "

James's profile

James M.

Olathe, KS

Apr 8, 2023

24 x 11 Garage in Olathe, Kansas

Verified Review

"Very clean place and Jennifer was great to work with. I highly recommend this place."

Mike M.

Olathe, KS

Sep 6, 2022

20 x 11 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"My hosts were very accommodating and the space they provided was exactly as described. It was safe and dry, and easily accessible. I highly recommend them."

Andrew D.

Kansas City, MO

Oct 17, 2022

20 x 16 Garage in Omaha, Nebraska

Verified Review

"Nathan is a good host "

Chad L.

Omaha, NE

Apr 30, 2022

20 x 20 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"Extremely easy to work with"

Eric B.

Kansas City, MO

Oct 26, 2022

20 x 11 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"Wonderful to work with!"

Bruce J.

Kansas City, MO

Aug 21, 2022

8 x 8 Basement in Columbia, Missouri

Verified Review

"Julie was amazing!!"

Patty S.

Columbia, MO

Aug 14, 2021

18 x 10 Garage in Rosemount, Minnesota

Verified Review

"These guys are very friendly and accommodating. Rent was very reasonable for the area. Garage was very neat and tidy!"

Matthew C.

Rosemount, MN

Nov 22, 2021

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Types of storage units

Climate-controlled storage units in Lincoln, Nebraska provide a secure and stable environment for your belongings. By maintaining steady temperature and humidity levels, these units protect your items from the damaging effects of extreme weather conditions, common in Lincoln.

  • Interior with Climate Control: These units are housed within a larger structure, providing additional protection from external elements. Climate control technology maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels, vital for preserving electronics, books, and other sensitive items against Lincoln's hot summers and cold winters.
  • Non-Climate-Controlled Interior: These units provide basic protection against dust, pests, and the elements, but do not regulate temperature or humidity. Ideal for non-sensitive items or short-term storage, they're a cost-effective option in the moderate seasons of Lincoln.
  • Exterior Drive-Up Units: These units combine convenience with versatility. Drive-up access makes it easier to move heavy or bulky items. While they lack climate control, they are perfect for items that are not sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, such as garden tools or outdoor furniture.
  • Specialty Storage Units: These are tailored for specific types of items like wine or artwork. Advanced climate controls keep the environment consistent, protecting valuable collections from damage. Lincoln's thriving arts scene and fine dining culture make these units a popular choice.

Remember, choosing the right storage type depends on what you're storing, for how long, and the typical weather conditions in your area. In Lincoln, where weather conditions can vary greatly, climate control could be a crucial consideration for long-term storage.

Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Choosing a climate controlled storage unit

Choosing the right climate-controlled storage unit in Lincoln, Nebraska, requires careful consideration. The size of the space, its accessibility, and location are crucial factors.

  • Considering Size: Climate-controlled units are a step up from the basic storage options, so it's essential to understand the size you need. Assess your inventory and think strategically about how items could be organized in your storage space. Be cautious not to overestimate, as you wouldn't want to pay for space you don't need.
  • Access to the Unit: Analyze your needs in terms of accessing your stored items. Will you need to get to your stuff during late hours, or only during standard business times? Do you need daily access, or will monthly visits suffice? The flexibility of access is a critical point to consider.
  • Location Matters: The safety and proximity of your storage unit to your residence or office are equally important. Close proximity could mean saving on transportation costs and time. Also, consider the safety aspects of the neighborhood where the storage is located. You want to be sure that your items are in a secure place.
Woman in empty garage

Importance of climate control

In Lincoln, Nebraska, the temperatures can vary significantly throughout the year. In peak summer, the average high temperature can reach 89°F. That intense heat can damage items like electronics, artwork, and delicate fabrics if they aren't properly protected. For such possessions, a climate-controlled storage unit is a great solution. These units can maintain a steady temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

In contrast, the peak winter temperature in Lincoln drops to an average low of 16°F. Although this may seem cold, many of your items could fare well in these conditions without climate control. For example, metal appliances, canned goods, and tools are hardy against these temperatures.

To keep these items safe in non-climate-controlled units, proper packing techniques can be used. Wrapping breakables in bubble wrap, using silica gel packs to combat minor moisture issues, or applying anti-rust sprays to metal items are all effective strategies.

It's not always about the extreme temperatures, either. Lincoln tends to have a relatively high humidity level, often exceeding 70% during summer. This can cause issues like mold or mildew on items like furniture or clothing. Again, a climate-controlled storage unit would help in maintaining the right humidity level.

So, whether you choose a climate-controlled storage unit or a non-climate-controlled one, rest assured that with the right precautions and measures, your belongings will be well protected.

Renting climate controlled storage in Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska, prides itself as a city of warmth and charm, with a bustling community that thrives on the values of neighborliness and hospitality. It's a city ripe with landmarks like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Bryan Health Hospital and the enchanting Sunken Gardens. Nestled in these areas, residents offer their unused spaces as a solution to those in need of storage.

From the serene streets of Eastridge to the vibrant atmosphere of Meadowlane and the historical intrigue of Havelock, the city has an array of accommodations that cater to various storage needs. Each neighborhood provides distinctive choices that are designed to serve your unique requirements, wrapped in the comfort of a homely environment.

"The homeowners were super kind and helpful." This sentiment reverberates across the city, illustrating the welcoming nature of residents. With such nurturing and accommodating hosts, the storage experience is not only practical but also a pleasure.

In the heart of Lincoln, the storage spaces are more than just areas for keeping your belongings. They are sanctuaries where your valued items are "completely undisturbed in a clean, safe, climate-controlled environment." This reassures every tenant that their items are in safe hands.

There's a universal appreciation for responsive hosts in Lincoln, who go the extra mile to ensure convenience for their tenants. In this city, you can always trust your storage will be met with an "extremely responsive" service, offering flexibility whenever you need to retrieve your items.

Overall, Lincoln's unique blend of hospitality and convenience makes it the perfect city to consider for your storage needs, offering peace of mind and a heartwarming experience.

FAQs About climate controlled storage in Lincoln, Nebraska

The price of climate controlled storage in Lincoln is influenced by various factors such as unit size, location, facility amenities, and rental duration.

To decide on the right size for a climate controlled storage unit in Lincoln, consider the number and dimensions of items you plan to store, along with the need for additional space to access and organize your belongings.

When preparing items for long-term climate controlled storage in Lincoln, thoroughly clean and dry all belongings, disassemble larger pieces when possible, wrap fragile items for protection, and use high-quality packing materials to safeguard your possessions from potential damage during storage.

Alternative Climate Controlled Storage Options near Lincoln

Lincoln offers many different storage facilities for climate controlled storage. Traditional self storage, however, are usually more expensive, less safe, and typically farther way than self storage on Neighbor.

Reference the below options for details:

Sasquatch Self Storage (2.3 miles)

2300 NW 9th St

Lincoln, NE

Sasquatch Self Storage (2.5 miles)

201 S Coddington Ave

Lincoln, NE

Menards Storage (2.6 miles)

3400 N 27th St

Lincoln, NE

U-Haul Moving & Storage of 48 & Vine (2.7 miles)

740 N 48th St

Lincoln, NE

Homebase Storage (3.5 miles)

700 N Cotner Blvd

Lincoln, NE

StorageMart (4.9 miles)

6101 Cornhusker Hwy

Lincoln, NE

Always Safe Storage (16.5 miles)

23910 Karl Dr

Elmwood, NE

In-Between Storage (19.4 miles)

23260 Mynard Rd

Greenwood, NE