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Climate controlled storage units in Provo, UT

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Helpful reviews from renters in Provo, Utah

5 x 5 Basement in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Our storage host was easy to work with, both in storing my daughter's things and in retrieving them. The storage location was safe and protected for the items we stored. We were very happy to find this storage option for my daughter."

Janet G.

Provo, UT

Sep 8, 2019

5 x 10 Basement in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Marvelous storage experience. The host was incredibly kind and professional, and my stuff was well-cared for. Thank you!"

Dan T.

Provo, UT

Oct 25, 2019

9 x 15 Warehouse in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"While I had them, the storage place was awesome for my needs. There were public bathrooms and the place was easily accessible."

Michael's profile

Michael B.

Provo, UT

Mar 10, 2020

5 x 5 Self Storage Unit in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Kaleb was super flexible with pick up and drop off times! The storage space was great and was perfect for the amount of items I needed to store."

Sarah H.

Provo, UT

Sep 24, 2020

5 x 5 Basement in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Communication with the homeowner was efficient and always with quick response. And homeowner was flexible in scheduling days and times for me to transport storage to and from the house. As described, the location is downstairs basement, and we didn't have any issues carrying storage items. Automatic payments are easy and customer service in the company is personal and friendly."

Camilla's profile

Camilla R.

Provo, UT

Aug 30, 2018

16 x 10 Bedroom in South Jordan, Utah

Verified Review

"Elliot and his wife were wonderful hosts. They were easy to work with and great communicators. My belongings were completely undisturbed in a clean, safe, climate controlled environment the entire time. I would definitely use Neighbor again, and recommend these hosts to anyone looking for ample, high quality storage space. "

Starann S.

South Jordan, UT

Jun 9, 2023

14 x 3 Closet in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Verified Review

"Austi was amazing! Super fast on responding and very flexible. Storage unit makes you stoop a little bit, but it's very spacious! "

Emily T.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Sep 9, 2023

10 x 20 Other in Cedar Hills, Utah

Verified Review

"This rental space was perfect. Plenty of room store pretty much anything you need and I knew our items would be safe. The owners were extremely responsive and let us come whenever we needed to retrieve items. I would highly recommend this storage unit to anyone, and I'm a very harsh/honest reviewer."

Jake M.

Cedar Hills, UT

Jul 8, 2021

17 x 10 Basement in Spanish Fork, Utah

Verified Review

"The storage area was great. The size was as described and it was clean and dry. The hosts were kind and they had a lot of availability for us to get in and out of the storage."

Derek's profile

Derek V.

Spanish Fork, UT

Sep 8, 2019

3 x 6 Basement in Vineyard, Utah

Verified Review

"Great host and space! Very responsive and flexible! Would use this host again for storage needs in the future!"

Katie L.

Vineyard, UT

Aug 29, 2023

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Woman sitting next to storage boxes

Types of storage units

In Provo, Utah, having a climate controlled storage unit can offer significant advantages. It protects your items from extreme temperatures, which can be quite high in summer and very low in winter, and helps prevent damage caused by humidity.

  • Interior with Climate Control: This type of storage unit is temperature regulated, making it ideal for storing items that can be affected by Provo's sometimes volatile weather conditions. These include furniture, electronics, books, documents, and more. The climate control ensures that your belongings will not be exposed to high heat or freezing cold, and will maintain a steady humidity level to prevent damp and mold.
  • Non-climate-controlled Interior: If you have items that aren't sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, you may consider a non-climate-controlled interior unit. These are simply inside storage units that don't have temperature controls. Ideal for tools, bicycles, and other items that can withstand Provo's weather variations.
  • Exterior Drive-Up Storage: This is a highly convenient type of storage unit. You can easily access your stored items straight from your vehicle. This is great if you frequently need to move larger items in and out of storage. In Provo, where snow can make moving items a challenge in the winter, having drive-up access is a major plus.
  • Specialty Storage Units: These are storage units designed to store unique items. For instance, if you have a wine collection, you might need a specialty unit with specific temperature and humidity controls. In Provo, where the weather can fluctuate dramatically, protecting your special items in a tailored environment can be crucial.

Remember, choosing the right type of storage unit is all about understanding what items you have to store and how they may be affected by the conditions in Provo, specifically.

Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Choosing a climate controlled storage unit

Choosing the right climate-controlled storage unit in Provo, Utah, requires careful consideration of several key factors. Here are the three top things to think about:

  • Proximity to Desired Location: A storage unit's location can significantly impact convenience. Look for options in Provo that are easily accessible from your home or workplace. Consider the safety of the area as well, as a secure location offers peace of mind when storing valuable items.
  • Storage Space Dimensions: When it comes to the size of the unit, understanding your storage needs is crucial. Consider the dimensions needed for your belongings. Climate-controlled spaces can command a higher price, so it's important to choose a unit that provides adequate space without overspending on unused square footage.
  • Accessibility Considerations: Access hours are another important factor when choosing a storage facility. Some units offer 24-hour access, while others may have limited hours. Be sure to choose a unit that offers access hours that align with your schedule and needs. Additionally, consider if the unit is on ground level for easy loading and unloading, or if there's an elevator for upper level units.
Woman in empty garage

Importance of climate control

In Provo, Utah, the climate shifts from harsh winters to hot summers, making it crucial to choose the right storage unit for your belongings. In the height of summer, temperatures can soar to an average of 92°F, while in the coldest winter months, they often fall to an average low of 21°F.

Climate controlled units are highly beneficial during these times, maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level. This is particularly advantageous for delicate items like antiques, musical instruments, or electronics, which thrive in a stable environment.

However, non-climate-controlled storage units also have their value. They are suitable especially for items not sensitive to temperature fluctuations such as canned goods, patio furniture, or tools. With thoughtful packing, like wrapping fragile items in insulating materials and placing moisture absorbers in boxes, valuables can be well-protected even in non-climate-controlled units.

Remember, both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units have their unique benefits, and the choice depends on what you plan to store and the care you're willing to take in packing.

Renting climate controlled storage in Provo

Tucked between the calming waters of the Utah Lake to the west and the majestic peaks of Wasatch Range to the east, Provo, Utah, ranks as one of the nation's best places to live. It's home to the prestigious Brigham Young University and renowned centers of health like Utah Valley Hospital. Not to mention being the corporate headquarters of global firms like Qualtrics or Vivint Smart Home.

With a population exceeding 116,000, the city boasts several diverse and picturesque neighborhoods. Freedom, Grandview North, and Provo Bay are three such communities that offer a variety of storage options. Provo's proximity to neighboring cities like Orem and Springville further widens the storage possibilities.

Renting storage in this city is made way more comfortable by the friendly homeowners and hosts. One user praises, "super kind and helpful homeowners" with a "large basement storage area," hinting at the generosity of the hosts and the spaciousness of the storage units. Another user gushes about an "amazing host" who is "very accommodating and helpful," speaking volumes about the flexibility and willingness of the hosts to help renters access their stored items.

Hosting in Provo isn't a one-way street. The hosts are also praised for being "easy to work with" and "great communicators." One reviewer even mentions their belongings were kept "completely undisturbed in a clean, safe, climate-controlled environment," ensuring peace of mind for renters regarding the safety and condition of their stored items.

The city's homeowners and hosts are often "extremely responsive," allowing renters access to their items whenever needed. The easy accessibility ensures a smooth and convenient storage experience for renters. Provo's hosts are often praised for their swift communication and assistance, which leaves renters feeling their storage is in "good hands."

FAQs About climate controlled storage in Provo, Utah

The price of climate-controlled storage in Provo, Utah is influenced by various aspects such as unit size, duration, location, and demand for storage space.

To select the appropriate size for your climate-controlled storage in Provo, consider the amount and type of items you plan to store, as well as if you need room for maneuvering and accessing your belongings.

For long-term climate-controlled storage in Provo, Utah, it is important to clean and dry your items thoroughly, use proper packing materials (e.g., plastic bins and bubble wrap), and organize your belongings systematically within the unit to facilitate easy access.

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