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151 Linwood St, Somerville, MA 2143

(617) 625-2789

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  • Sunday

    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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U-Haul Moving & Storage

Somerville, MA




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Prime Storage

Somerville, MA (1 miles)



Prime Storage

Boston, MA (4 miles)




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starting at $35

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Recommended storage units near Somerville

1 x 3 Closet in Waltham, Massachusetts

1×3 Closet


Waltham, Massachusetts

7.7 miles

Manny's profile

Manny J.

Verified Host

12 x 5 Basement in Medford, Massachusetts

12×5 Basement


Medford, Massachusetts

1.5 miles

Paul's profile

Paul R.

Verified Host

11 x 9 Basement in Boston, Massachusetts

11×9 Basement


Boston, Massachusetts

3.5 miles

Charley's profile

Charley L.

Verified Host

8 x 8 Basement in Everett, Massachusetts

8×8 Basement

Everett, Massachusetts

2.9 miles

Nico's profile

Nico J.

Verified Host

35 x 15 Basement in Everett, Massachusetts

35×15 Basement


Everett, Massachusetts

2.9 miles

Mimi's profile

Mimi B.

Verified Host

12 x 12 Basement in Boston, Massachusetts

12×12 Basement

Boston, Massachusetts

4.2 miles

Todd's profile

Todd M.

Verified Host

11 x 12 Bedroom in Everett, Massachusetts

11×12 Bedroom

Everett, Massachusetts

3.1 miles

Lunise's profile

Lunise J.

Verified Host

10 x 10 Basement in Medford, Massachusetts

10×10 Basement

Medford, Massachusetts

2 miles

Elana's profile

Elana F.

Verified Host

7 x 4 Self Storage Unit in Boston, Massachusetts

7×4 Self Storage Unit

Boston, Massachusetts

2.7 miles

UDR's profile

UDR ..

Verified Host

15 x 15 Basement in Boston, Massachusetts

15×15 Basement

Boston, Massachusetts

4.8 miles

Vinicius's profile

Vinicius A.

Verified Host

20 x 20 Basement in Boston, Massachusetts

20×20 Basement

Boston, Massachusetts

4.8 miles

Vinicius's profile

Vinicius A.

Verified Host

30 x 8 Self Storage Unit in Boston, Massachusetts

30×8 Self Storage Unit

Boston, Massachusetts

3.7 miles

Sarah's profile

Sarah D.

Verified Host

4 x 4 Other in Newton, Massachusetts

4×4 Other

Newton, Massachusetts

8 miles

Kevin's profile

Kevin F.

Verified Host

8 x 6 Basement in Boston, Massachusetts

8×6 Basement

Boston, Massachusetts

2.9 miles

Darnell's profile

Darnell P.

Verified Host

10 x 3 Closet in Boston, Massachusetts

10×3 Closet

Boston, Massachusetts

4.6 miles

Abdi's profile

Abdi I.

Verified Host

10 x 5 Basement in Cambridge, Massachusetts

10×5 Basement

Cambridge, Massachusetts

1.6 miles

Marc's profile

Marc K.

Verified Host

20 x 10 Self Storage Unit in Malden, Massachusetts

20×10 Self Storage Unit


Malden, Massachusetts

3.6 miles

Melrose's profile

Melrose S.

Verified Host

8 x 12 Basement in Revere, Massachusetts

8×12 Basement

Revere, Massachusetts

4.6 miles

May's profile

May A.

Verified Host

5 x 5 Garage in Boston, Massachusetts

5×5 Garage

Boston, Massachusetts

6.1 miles

Hardik's profile

Hardik A.

Verified Host

10 x 10 Self Storage Unit in Everett, Massachusetts

10×10 Self Storage Unit

Everett, Massachusetts

3.5 miles

PNH's profile


Verified Host

2 x 3 Other in Acton, Massachusetts

2×3 Other

Acton, Massachusetts

18.4 miles

Justin's profile

Justin K.

Verified Host

18 x 18 Other in Boston, Massachusetts

18×18 Other

Boston, Massachusetts

6.6 miles

Adam's profile

Adam S.

Verified Host

10 x 8 Basement in Lexington, Massachusetts

10×8 Basement

Lexington, Massachusetts

7.4 miles

Pavan's profile

Pavan P.

Verified Host

20 x 10 Garage in Somerville, Massachusetts

20×10 Garage

Somerville, Massachusetts

2.2 miles

Dan's profile

Dan D.

Verified Host

20 x 20 Garage in Boston, Massachusetts

20×20 Garage

Boston, Massachusetts

5.5 miles

Brian's profile

Brian J.

Verified Host

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