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The benefits of renting parking spaces on Neighbor

Cost effective

By renting space from people with extra space, you can save up to 50% compared to traditional storage facilities

Safe and secure

Neighbor is 14x safer than traditional storage, requires host identity verification, and offers storage protection plans

Easiest way to store

Neighbor’s 60-second reservations, mobile app, automatic payments and messaging tool make storage easier than ever

Flexible access

Choose storage with access that meets your needs and easily coordinate with your host through Neighbor’s mobile app

Right next door

Find a storage location that is conveniently located near you giving you peace of mind that it’s never far away

Wide array of options

Find a variety of storage options, including indoor and outdoor, month-to-month, climate-controlled and 24-hour access

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verified review of 20 x 10 Driveway in Englewood, New Jersey

Verified review, April 2022

Very responsible with the parking spaces along with being responsive to our messages.

All Points

Englewood, NJ

verified review of 10 x 40 Parking Lot in Manheim, Pennsylvania

Verified review, October 2021

This Parking Location over exceeds what I needed. Great Location and Easy Access with a wide variety of Parking Spaces.


Manheim, PA

verified review of 20 x 10 Parking Lot in Nashville, Tennessee

Verified review, October 2023

The owner, Tammy, was super nice and kind. Her parking space was very roomy and was we’ll lit at night. I highly recommend her vehicle parking spaces.


Nashville, TN

verified review of 30 x 9 Parking Lot in Torrance, California

Verified review, December 2020

Nice location. Large spaces.


Torrance, CA

verified review of 20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Phoenix, Arizona

Verified review, September 2022

Alan has gone above and beyond expectations. He is a fantastic landlord. The space has video cameras, is easy to access and I highly recommend his parking spaces to anyone.


Phoenix, AZ

Storage unit size guide

Find the perfect unit size for your vehicle
Small one car garage
10 by 20 storage unit with Car

Great for compact cars

Search 10×20 spaces
Large one car garage
20 by 20 storage unit with Car

Fits majority of vehicles

Search 20×20 spaces
Extra large one car garage
20 by 30 storage unit with Car

Commercial sized cars

Search 20×30 spaces

How Neighbor compares to traditional storage facilities

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Traditional facilities

Wide variety of sizes

Lowest prices

Highest safety rating

Protection plans

Nationwide availability

Verified hosts

How to rent parking spaces on Neighbor

Simply put, Neighbor matches people that have vacant space with people looking for somewhere to store their things.
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Find the perfect space

Enter a location and browse thousands of spaces shared by local hosts.


Reserve it with a host

Reserve on the Neighbor app or website, choose a protection plan, and send a request directly to the host.


Store your stuff

Schedule a move-in time with your host and start prepping to move your things. That’s it!

Tips on how to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage

Properly preparing a car for long-term storage protects it from damage such as rust and mold and preserves its condition.

Clean the vehicle

Prevent damage and rust when storing outdoors by cleaning the car's interior and exterior.

Fill all fluid levels

Fill coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid. Add fuel stabilizer to a full gas tank. Drive around to circulate.

Change the oil

Avoid corrosion by changing the oil and filter and run the engine to circulate the fresh oil.

Protect the battery

Keep the battery charged with a battery maintainer or disconnect it and store indoors.

Use a car cover

Use a breathable, water-resistant, fitted covering that also protects the vehicle wheels.

Seal openings

Keep rodents out - plug the tailpipe and air filter box intake duct. Turn the A/C to “recycled air”.

Maintain tires

Keep tires inflated and drive regularly or store on tire saver ramps at a lower PSI.

Drive the car

Start the car and drive it periodically to circulate fluids and prevent flat spots on the tires.

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Types of Parking Space

Various types of parking spaces, such as those found at churches, malls, or empty lots, offer unique opportunities for monthly parking solutions. These options can provide cost-effective and convenient alternatives to traditional parking facilities, addressing diverse storage needs.

Church Parking

Churches often have ample parking space that remains vacant during weekdays. Renting a parking spot at a church can be an affordable solution for those seeking nearby parking options in residential or urban areas.

Mall Parking

Malls typically have large parking lots, which can be utilized for monthly parking. This option provides easy access and ample space for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even recreational vehicles.

Unused Parking Lots

Empty or underutilized parking lots, whether commercial or residential, can offer additional monthly parking possibilities. These lots may provide secure and accessible parking for vehicles of various sizes and durations.

Parking storage size guide

When selecting the appropriate size for a parking space or storage unit, it's important to consider the specific needs and use cases. Here's a guide to help you determine the right size for your requirements:

Compact Cars

If you're looking to store a small car, motorcycle, or scooter, a parking space measuring around 10x10 feet should suffice. This size can accommodate most compact vehicles while providing some room for maneuverability.

Mid-Size Cars and Sedans

For mid-size cars, sedans, or small trucks, a parking space of approximately 10x15 feet will generally be adequate. This size should provide enough room for parking and limited storage of additional items, such as bicycles or small equipment.

Full-Size Vehicles and SUVs

Full-size vehicles, SUVs, or pickup trucks typically require a larger parking space, around 10x20 feet. This size allows for comfortable parking and storage of larger items or equipment, such as a trailer hitch or roof rack.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Boats

For larger items like RVs, boats, or trailers, a parking space or storage unit measuring 10x25 feet or larger is recommended. This size should provide ample room for parking and maneuvering, as well as additional storage for related equipment or accessories.

Commercial Vehicles

For commercial vehicles, such as box trucks, buses, or large vans, a parking space of at least 10x30 feet or larger is necessary. This size can accommodate the vehicle's dimensions and provide space for loading, unloading, or storing additional equipment.

When choosing a parking space or storage unit, it's essential to consider not only the size of your vehicle but also any additional storage needs or accessories. Taking the time to accurately assess your requirements will help ensure a suitable and efficient solution for your parking and storage needs.

Woman frustrated by traditional self storage

How much does monthly parking cost?

Pricing for parking spaces can vary based on several factors, including location, size, and amenities. Understanding how these elements impact pricing can help you make an informed decision when selecting a suitable parking solution. Here's a brief overview of the key features that influence the price of parking spaces:

  • Location: Parking spaces in high-demand urban areas or close to popular attractions may command higher prices than those in less crowded or more remote locations.
  • Size: Larger parking spaces or storage units capable of accommodating bigger vehicles, such as RVs or boats, tend to be more expensive than smaller spaces for compact cars or motorcycles.
  • Amenities: Additional amenities, such as 24/7 access, security features, or covered parking, can increase the price of a parking space.
  • Duration: The length of time you plan to rent the parking space can also affect pricing, with long-term rentals potentially offering discounted rates compared to short-term or daily rentals.
  • Supply and demand: The availability of parking spaces in a given area and the level of demand can influence pricing, with limited supply and high demand driving up costs.

By considering these factors when evaluating parking options, you can better understand the pricing structure and select a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Common reasons for renting a parking spot

There are various reasons and situations in which individuals may need to rent a parking space. Here are five common scenarios:

Commuting to Work:

Renting a parking space near your workplace can provide a convenient and stress-free solution for daily commuters, especially in areas with limited or expensive public parking options.

Turo Car Parking:

If you rent out your vehicle on platforms like Turo, securing a parking space closer to potential customers can increase accessibility and convenience, making your vehicle a more attractive option for renters.

Recreational Vehicle Storage:

Owning recreational vehicles such as jet skis, boats, or RVs often requires additional storage or parking space. Renting a dedicated spot for these items can help protect them from the elements and keep them secure when not in use.

Seasonal Parking:

In certain locations, seasonal parking can be a challenge due to snow removal or street cleaning regulations. Renting a parking space during these periods can ensure your vehicle remains accessible and compliant with local regulations.

Airport or Vacation Parking:

Renting a parking space near an airport or while on vacation can offer a secure and cost-effective solution for long-term parking, ensuring your vehicle remains safe and accessible upon your return.