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Foley, AL


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45’ × 12

Unpaved Lot

Foley, Alabama

3.1 mi

near 11661 Grantham Rd

Security Camera


 1st month

$80/ mo

20’ × 10

Parking Lot

Foley, Alabama

2.1 mi

near 3061 Boulevard de Sevilla

Private Space

No Stairs

$40/ mo

40’ × 12

Parking Lot

Foley, Alabama

2.1 mi

near 3061 Boulevard de Sevilla

Private Space

No Stairs

$80/ mo

20’ × 20

Unpaved Lot

Summerdale, Alabama

6.3 mi

near 15140 CR-49

Private Space

No Stairs

$53/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Foley, Alabama

30 x 10 Driveway in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"This looked like a very secure site for our camper trailer, and host was very communicative and responsive and friendly. Would gladly use this space should we need it in the future!"

Russell C.

Pensacola, FL

Jul 8, 2021

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Verified Review

"As advertised. Great area to park your vehicle or trailer. Easily accessible and extremely convenient location in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The bike path was a bonus from the location which was marvelous. Most importantly it is a very safe area to store any vehicle or trailer without worry. 10 Stars for this location!!!"

Armando M.

Gulf Shores, AL

Nov 4, 2022

25 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Melvin was great! He had a very safe space. I would not have a problem using him again. "

Brenden D.

Pensacola, FL

Aug 27, 2022

30 x 10 Parking Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Excellent space to rent convenient and safe."

Stacey S.

Pensacola, FL

Dec 30, 2022

40 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Excellent host! Always attentive to any of our requests & needs!"

Casey T.

Pensacola, FL

Jun 27, 2023

50 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Foley, Alabama

Verified Review

"great host. great communication "

Melissa H.

Foley, AL

Feb 2, 2023

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Summerdale, Alabama

Verified Review

"Awesome to work with! "

Sandra M.

Summerdale, AL

Aug 19, 2022

15 x 10 Parking Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Great space. Car was safe. "

Dominic T.

Pensacola, FL

Jun 13, 2022

40 x 12 Parking Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"They were a great host."

Craig E.

Pensacola, FL

Feb 20, 2023

15 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Great place, great people. Easy to come and go when needed!"

Nicholas M.

Pensacola, FL

Jan 14, 2023

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Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes

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Due to their large size, outdoor or covered storage is often necessary to accommodate the length and height of Class A motorhomes.

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Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes

Indoor or outdoor storage

Class B motorhomes, with their compact size, can often fit into indoor storage with height and length restrictions.

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Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes

Outdoor storage

Class C motorhomes typically have a size that only allows for outdoor storage options.

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Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

Indoor or outdoor storage

The storage needs of travel trailers can vary depending on their size. Smaller travel trailers can often fit indoors, while larger models may require outdoor storage.

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Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels

Outdoor storage

Due to their taller height and substantial length, fifth wheels generally require outdoor storage arrangements.

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Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers

Outdoor storage

Similar to fifth wheels, toy haulers typically necessitate outdoor storage due to their larger size.

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Small Campers

Small Campers

Indoor or outdoor storage

Small campers, being more compact, can often fit into indoor storage units with size restrictions.

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Pop-up Trailers

Pop-up Trailers

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Pop-up trailers, also known as folding campers, typically have a collapsible design that allows for easy towing and storage. They can often fit into indoor storage units.

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Truck Campers

Truck Campers

Indoor storage

Truck campers, designed to be mounted onto a pickup truck bed, can usually fit indoors which helps protect the camper from the elements and provides added security.

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RV parking lot

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Tips on how to prepare for your move

Properly preparing your items for long-term storage protects them from damage such as rust and mold and preserves its condition.

Find an outdoor space

Store your RV in a large outdoor space that is suitable for RVs. Safety features are a bonus.

Clean the RV

Clean both the interior and exterior of your RV before storing it. Remove belongings and vacuum.

Prepare plumbing

Empty all wastewater tanks and flush them. Ensure they are clean and odor-free to prevent buildup of odors.

Check for leaks

Inspect the RV for signs of leaks or water damage. Repair any leaks or sealant issues before storing RV.

Protect the exterior

Consider using an RV cover to protect it from the elements. Ensure it fits the RV properly.

Secure the RV

Use wheel locks or chocks to prevent movement of the RV while parked. This will reduce risk of accidents.

Prepare the battery

Disconnect and remove the batteries from your RV to prevent draining and potential damage.

Perform maintenance

Conduct maintenance such as oil changes, fluid top-ups, and tire inspections before storing your RV.

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Types of RV storage

Discover the convenience and security of renting outdoor storage for your RV in Foley, Alabama. Whether you own a travel trailer, a pop-up camper, a fifth wheel, or a motorhome, there is a suitable storage solution waiting for you in Foley.

There are three primary categories of RV storage options in Foley, each with their own unique advantages:

  • Covered RV Storage: Think oversized carports or canopies. These storage options offer ample protection against Foley's sunny weather and periodic rainfall. This open yet shielded space is ideal for larger RVs like fifth wheels or motorhomes.
  • Indoor RV Storage: These are spaces within larger buildings like barns, garages, or warehouses. While they may be a bit more challenging to locate, these spaces provide the most protection from weather elements and offer increased security for your travel trailer or pop-up camper.
  • Outdoor RV Storage: Open lots, driveways, and other residential spaces fall under this category. They are easier to find and perfect for any size RV. Outdoor storage, while offering less protection than indoor or covered storage, still offers a secure place to keep your camper when you're not adventuring around Foley. These spaces are often larger and more flexible in terms of maneuverability.

Remember, Foley is known for its humid subtropical climate. While each storage option has benefits, considering the local weather patterns when selecting the right storage solution can help keep your RV in optimal condition for your next vacation or road trip.

RV with protective cover

Choosing outdoor RV storage

Choosing the right outdoor storage space for your RV, travel trailer, or camper in Foley, Alabama, involves considering several key factors. These considerations ensure that your motorhome stays safe and accessible, while also fitting into your lifestyle without causing unnecessary hassle.

  • Considering Location: The location of the storage space plays a crucial role in your decision. Not only should it be in close proximity to your residence for easy access, but the neighborhood should also be safe and secure. Make sure to check the safety record of the area to ensure your RV stays protected.
  • Accessibility and Operation Hours: Understanding the accessibility of your storage space is also essential. You'll want to consider if you can have access to your motorhome at any given time, or if there are specific operation hours. Remember, the whole point of owning an RV is the freedom it offers, so don't let restricted access hours limit your spontaneous trips.
  • Size of the Storage Space: Lastly, make sure the dimensions of the storage space align with the size of your RV, camper, or travel trailer. There should be enough room to easily park your vehicle without causing any damage. Plus, extra space for storing additional equipment or travel accessories is always a bonus.
RV parked on a driveway

Climate considerations

When storing a recreational vehicle in Foley, Alabama, it's important to take into account the region's climate fluctuations. In summer, the city reaches an average high of 91°F. These warm temperatures can cause damage to your RV's exterior and interior, potentially leading to issues such as faded paintwork, weakened seals, and tire degradation. To protect your RV, camper, or travel trailer, a quality UV-resistant cover is recommended.

Winter temperatures drop to an average low of 40°F, which may not cause freezing but can still prompt condensation problems inside your motorhome. Using vent covers, dehumidifiers, and moisture absorbers can help counter these effects. Be sure to consider these climate impacts when choosing outdoor storage for your RV in Foley.

Renting outdoor RV storage in Foley

Foley, Alabama, nestled within Baldwin County, is a city revered for its Southern charm and outdoor appeal. This vibrant community is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Gulf State Park, and the beautiful Oyster Bay. These natural settings create opportunities for outdoor storage for your RV, travel trailer, or motorhome.

Foley is split up into distinct neighborhoods each with their own charm, including the bustling Downtown Foley, the serene Magnolia Springs, and the vibrant Summerdale. These communities often have residential storage options that could suit your RV storage needs.

"Great location to park your trailer!" echoes the sentiment of many who have utilized storage in Foley. The city's layout, along with the friendly neighborhoods, make it an ideal destination for those seeking secure and accessible storage options.

The warm hospitality of Foley's residents comes to the forefront when reviews mention, "They helped us a great deal with taking care of our RV." This highlights the level of care and dedication hosts in the area bring to their service, ensuring your motorhome remains in perfect condition.

The security aspect is also paramount in Foley. As one satisfied customer shared, "I felt very secure with my camper." The flexibility offered by hosts in the area is often appreciated, allowing you to access and check on your vehicle at your convenience.

In Foley, the hosts are not only hospitable, but also committed to maintaining a well-organized storage environment. One user commented on the host’s role, “Excellent host who keeps you apprised of proper storage techniques…” This professional standard is reflected across the city, ensuring your RV storage experience is not just beneficial, but also educational.

Finally, the high accessibility and spaciousness of the storage areas are often praised, as one user appreciated: “Great space - I appreciate her letting me park my RV there. Plenty of room and very accessible." Foley, Alabama, therefore, emerges as a city that marries convenience, security, and professionalism in residential RV storage.

FAQs About RV storage in Foley, Alabama

The price of RV storage in Foley is affected by various factors, including the location of the facility, the size of the storage unit, and the unit's features, such as climate control and security measures.

To select the right size of RV storage in Foley, consider the dimensions of your vehicle and any additional items or equipment you need to store. Generally, storage facilities provide various unit sizes to accommodate different RV types and sizes.

Preparing your RV for long-term storage in Foley involves cleaning the interior and exterior, emptying the tanks, maintaining appropriate tire pressure, disconnecting the battery, and covering the RV with a weather-resistant cover to protect it from the elements.

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Alternative Outdoor RV Storage Options near Foley

Even though traditional storage facilities are offered in Foley, Alabama, Neighbor.com typically features the lower-priced, more secure, and nearest outdoor RV storage.

Look at the below options for details:

A-1 Storage (0 miles)

11405 County Road 65

Foley, AL

Storage Choice Foley LLC (2.5 miles)

2801 S McKenzie St

Foley, AL

Southern Storage of Foley (2.6 miles)

721 N McKenzie St

Foley, AL

Life Storage - Foley (4.1 miles)

7775 State Highway 59

Foley, AL

Public Storage (7.3 miles)

3311 E 2nd St

Gulf Shores, AL

Executive Self Storage LLC (7.9 miles)

13901 Sherwood Highland Rd

Fairhope, AL

Highway 181 Mini Storage LLC (9.8 miles)

16925 AL-181

Fairhope, AL

Robertsdale Mini Storage (11 miles)

22289 Pine St

Robertsdale, AL

Knockout Storage (11.7 miles)

19940 State Highway 181

Fairhope, AL

CubeSmart Self Storage (12.6 miles)

9985 Gayfer Road Ext

Fairhope, AL

Red Dot Storage (16.3 miles)

23780 CR-98

Fairhope, AL

Belforest Storage Masters (16.5 miles)

10430 County Road 64

Daphne, AL