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Fort Oglethorpe, GA


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20’ × 10



Chattanooga, Tennessee

6.9 mi

near 1636 Wilcox Blvd

Private Space

No Stairs

Pet Free


 1st month

$50/ mo

30’ × 20

Unpaved Lot

Chattanooga, Tennessee

7.8 mi

near 334 N Crest Rd

Private Space

Locked Area

Pet Free


 1st month

$100/ mo

20’ × 10

Unpaved Lot

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

1.9 mi

near 199 Amanda Ln

No Stairs

$49/ mo

20’ × 10

Unpaved Lot

Lookout Mountain, Georgia

7.7 mi

near 11991 Scenic Hwy

Private Space

Locked Area

$49/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Super helpful and kind. Helped me get set up and helped me get my camper turned around when I could get it moved to my property. Highly recommend! "

Alexandra H.

Chattanooga, TN

Mar 20, 2023

40 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Summerville, Georgia

Verified Review

"Very responsive host. Worked w me on just a weeks rental. Out of the way, not seen by the road. Totally felt safe leaving our RV here. Definitely would recommend "

Elyse C.

Summerville, GA

Mar 14, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Chickamauga, Georgia

Verified Review

"Very easy to work with, but the space just ended up being too far away for us to use."

Crystal M.

Chickamauga, GA

Jan 1, 2023

10 x 20 Driveway in Rossville, Georgia

Verified Review

"The parking space worked out just fine, and Samuel and his wife were both quite nice. No problems at all."

Robert A.

Rossville, GA

Jan 9, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Verified Review

"I parked my truck at the head of Sheanna's driveway, where it remained secure for about 7 weeks until I picked it up again. There were no problems, and the communication with Sheanna was very good."

Robert A.

Chattanooga, TN

Jul 2, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Was an amazing host! Very accommodating, and a perfect space for car storage:) thanks!!!"

Lauren W.

Chattanooga, TN

Jan 9, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Amazing host! Would highly recommend if you need a place to leave your car:)"

Lauren W.

Chattanooga, TN

Jan 9, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Sylvie took great care of my car! She’s a great communicator and easy to work with. "

Crystal M.

Chattanooga, TN

Jan 21, 2023

15 x 10 Driveway in Cleveland, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Good space for my car. Thank you."

Robert R.

Cleveland, TN

Jul 3, 2022

20 x 10 Driveway in Chatsworth, Georgia

Verified Review

"Sherry has a wonderful property with very good security! She was also very personable and helpful. Just an over all great experience!"

David C.

Chatsworth, GA

Jun 2, 2023

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Recommended storage options by RV type

Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes

Outdoor storage

Due to their large size, outdoor or covered storage is often necessary to accommodate the length and height of Class A motorhomes.

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Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes

Indoor or outdoor storage

Class B motorhomes, with their compact size, can often fit into indoor storage with height and length restrictions.

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Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes

Outdoor storage

Class C motorhomes typically have a size that only allows for outdoor storage options.

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Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

Indoor or outdoor storage

The storage needs of travel trailers can vary depending on their size. Smaller travel trailers can often fit indoors, while larger models may require outdoor storage.

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Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels

Outdoor storage

Due to their taller height and substantial length, fifth wheels generally require outdoor storage arrangements.

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Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers

Outdoor storage

Similar to fifth wheels, toy haulers typically necessitate outdoor storage due to their larger size.

View Toy Hauler storage
Small Campers

Small Campers

Indoor or outdoor storage

Small campers, being more compact, can often fit into indoor storage units with size restrictions.

View Small Camper storage
Pop-up Trailers

Pop-up Trailers

Indoor or outdoor storage

Pop-up trailers, also known as folding campers, typically have a collapsible design that allows for easy towing and storage. They can often fit into indoor storage units.

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Truck Campers

Truck Campers

Indoor storage

Truck campers, designed to be mounted onto a pickup truck bed, can usually fit indoors which helps protect the camper from the elements and provides added security.

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RV parking lot

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Tips on how to prepare for your move

Properly preparing your items for long-term storage protects them from damage such as rust and mold and preserves its condition.

Find an outdoor space

Store your RV in a large outdoor space that is suitable for RVs. Safety features are a bonus.

Clean the RV

Clean both the interior and exterior of your RV before storing it. Remove belongings and vacuum.

Prepare plumbing

Empty all wastewater tanks and flush them. Ensure they are clean and odor-free to prevent buildup of odors.

Check for leaks

Inspect the RV for signs of leaks or water damage. Repair any leaks or sealant issues before storing RV.

Protect the exterior

Consider using an RV cover to protect it from the elements. Ensure it fits the RV properly.

Secure the RV

Use wheel locks or chocks to prevent movement of the RV while parked. This will reduce risk of accidents.

Prepare the battery

Disconnect and remove the batteries from your RV to prevent draining and potential damage.

Perform maintenance

Conduct maintenance such as oil changes, fluid top-ups, and tire inspections before storing your RV.

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RV on a roadtrip

Types of RV storage

In Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, finding a home for your beloved camper, motorhome, or travel trailer when it's not in use can be a challenge. Renting an outdoor storage unit in the residential neighborhood can solve this issue, offering a safe and secure place for your recreational vehicle.

There are three main storage options to consider:

  • Covered RV storage: This category involves renting space under a roof or carport within a residential property. These spots offer protection from the elements for your RV, making them a popular choice for owners of travel trailers and pop-up campers. Think about the convenience of storing your RV under a large carport or even a commercial canopy.
  • Outdoor RV storage: This is often the most accessible and cost-effective option. It involves parking your RV in an open area within a residential or commercial property. It's suitable for all types of RVs, including fifth wheels and motorhomes. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your motorhome is in your neighbor's safe, gated yard.
  • Indoor RV storage: While less common, indoor storage provides the highest level of protection. These might be found in large residential garages or commercial spaces. Such units are perfect for owners of high-end motorhomes or vintage campers who want the best protection possible. Picture your RV stored away in a large, clean, and secure garage or warehouse.

Each option has its advantages, depending on the type of RV you own and your specific storage needs. By assessing these options carefully, you will find the ideal space to store your RV in Fort Oglethorpe.

RV with protective cover

Choosing outdoor RV storage

In search of a perfect outdoor storage location for your RV in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia? There are various aspects to ponder over when choosing a suitable site for your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer. To make this task a bit easier, consider assessing the three critical factors: the dimensions of the storage space, access, and location.

  • Evaluating the Space Dimensions: First and foremost, measure the overall size of your RV, including any additional attachments or extensions. The ideal storage space should offer ample room to park your RV and provide extra space for easy navigation around it. Additional space may also come in handy if you plan on storing other travel-related accessories with your RV.
  • Considering Accessibility: Look for storage options that align with your usage pattern. If your adventurous spirit often calls you on the road, then a site with 24/7 access should be on your priority list. Also, consider how easy it is to drive your RV in and out of the storage space. Ensure that the site has a wide entrance and easy road access to accommodate your motorhome without any hassle.
  • Assessing the Location: Finally, keep in mind that the location of your storage space plays a significant role. It should ideally be close to your place of residence or on your usual travel route for convenience. Additionally, a safe and secure neighborhood is essential to protect your RV from potential security risks.

Remember, finding the right storage location for your RV is not a daunting task, but it does require a bit of planning and consideration. So, take your time, think about these factors, and choose the location that best suits your needs.

RV parked on a driveway

Climate considerations

In Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, climate considerations play a significant role when storing your travel trailer, camper, or motorhome. During the summer, average high temperatures reach around 88.4°F, potentially causing heat-related wear and tear. To protect your RV, consider using a reflective sunshade or cover, which can minimize UV damage and help keep the interior cool.

Winter months in Fort Oglethorpe see average lows of around 32.7°F. It's crucial to winterize your RVs, including draining the water systems to prevent freezing and cracking. An outdoor cover can also shield your vehicle from ice and snow.

Year-round, your RV's roof can be vulnerable. Using a protective cover can reduce the risk of leaks or damage due to rainfall, common in this region, ensuring your vehicle remains in excellent condition throughout the year.

Renting outdoor RV storage in Fort Oglethorpe

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, an inviting city immersed in history and scenic views, is nestled near prominent outdoor landmarks. These scenic spots like Chickamauga Battlefield National Park, Lake Winnepesaukah, and the Tennessee River, often have accessible nearby options for outdoor RV storage.

Communities within Fort Oglethorpe like Battlefield Parkway, Dietz Road, or the LaFayette Road region are known for their quaint residential areas and could be the perfect locations to store your travel trailer, motorhome, or camper. Neighboring cities like Rossville and Lakeview also offer potential storage options when considering a location most convenient to you.

Users who have utilized outdoor storage options here often cite the "great location" of their selected storage spot. The convenience of being able to park a trailer within the city limits, near home or popular outdoor activities, is an often-mentioned advantage.

In this community, renters have expressed that hosts offer "great help" with the storage procedure. The recommendations from these RV owners highlight the high level of support and understanding shown by the hosts in Fort Oglethorpe.

A sense of "security" and understanding from hosts also seems to be a common theme among reviews. Hosts are reportedly "flexible" about renters visiting their stored vehicles, which contributes to the overall positive experience.

Many users also commend the "excellent" advice given by hosts on "proper storage techniques". This valuable guidance can help ensure your RV maintains its condition during the storage period.

The positive reviews from renters who appreciate the "great space" and ease of "access" echo throughout. Hosts in Fort Oglethorpe are known for their hospitality and willingness to accommodate the specific needs of RV owners. This results in a convenient, stress-free, and cost-effective storage experience for RV owners in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

FAQs About RV storage in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

The price of RV storage in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, can be affected by various factors such as the size of the storage space required, type of storage (indoor or outdoor), accessibility of the storage facility, and additional amenities offered at the location.

To find the right size of RV storage in Fort Oglethorpe, measure your RV's dimensions, including length, width, and height, and consider additional space for maneuvering and any accessories you may have. Look for a storage facility that can accommodate these dimensions, ensuring your vehicle is safely stored.

Preparing your RV for long-term storage in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia includes cleaning both exterior and interior, disconnecting all power sources, ensure proper tire inflation, removing any perishable items, and covering your RV to protect it from weather conditions and pests. Additionally, consider checking fluids and performing regular maintenance to keep your RV well-maintained and functioning properly.

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Alternative Outdoor RV Storage Options near Fort Oglethorpe

Despite the fact that traditional storage options are common in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, Neighbor storage often has cheap, close by and secure outdoor RV storage.

If you'd like information about self storage facilities nearby, check out the below facilities for more details:

Life Storage - Fort Oglethorpe (0.6 miles)

1013 Battlefield Pkwy

Fort Oglethorpe, GA

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1500 E 41st St

Chattanooga, TN

Extra Space Storage (6.5 miles)

824 E 12th St

Chattanooga, TN

Life Storage - Chattanooga (7.6 miles)

6601 Lee Hwy

Chattanooga, TN

Public Storage (7.9 miles)

2212 Polymer Dr

Chattanooga, TN

Your Other Attic (8.7 miles)

7862 Nashville St

Ringgold, GA

All Seasons Self Storage (9.5 miles)

4305 Benton Dr

Chattanooga, TN

KO Storage (10.7 miles)

4819 TN-58

Chattanooga, TN

Public Storage (14 miles)

5624 Highway 153

Hixson, TN

Mini Storage Depot (14.9 miles)

6485 Hixson Pike

Chattanooga, TN

Bolt Self Storage - Trenton (15.2 miles)

91 Sunset Dr

Trenton, GA

Mini Warehouses-North Georgia (19.6 miles)

1006 Trammell St

Dalton, GA