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How to Store a Mattress

Let’s face it, your bed is your best friend. You spend one third (hopefully) of every day snuggled in and dreaming away. Finding the right mattress set is nearly impossible, not to mention crazy expensive. Once you’ve landed the perfect set, it could last well over a decade if taken care of properly. This means that you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your investment, even if you need to store it for a little while moving. So learn how to store a mattress!

You could be upgrading beds, downsizing your home ,just clearing out a little space. Whatever the case may be, it’s crucial to the lifespan of your mattress to take extra care when storing it. Here are some ways how to store a mattress and boxspring.

10 Tips for How to Store a Mattress

Believe it or not, there is a “right way” for how to store a mattress. Careless storage could lead to an unpleasant demise of your springy, comfortable friend whether by mold, pests or losing shape. Check out these 10 tips for how to store a mattress like a pro.

#1 Disassemble the Bed

This may seem like a no-brainer, but take everything apart before you move and store your bed. Leaving it set up in a storage space might be tempting, but it will make every part of the bed susceptible to damage. Take it apart and keep all the bolts in a safe place for reassembly later on.

How to store a mattress tip 1: disassemble

#2 Clean it Up

You probably wash your sheets regularly, but when is the last time you gave your mattress a thorough cleaning? You can keep pests and unpleasant odors away by cleaning the mattress before putting it storage or bundling it up when moving. Upholstery cleaner and a good vacuuming should get the job done adequately.

#3 Use a Cover

Even if all you can do is wrap your mattress in a tarp, some protection is better than none. Don’t leave your pillowy-soft cushion at the mercy of dirt and bugs. There are a variety of protectors available including vinyl covers, mattress bags, and good old-fashioned plastic. The same goes for other furniture you store or move. 

#4 Lay it Flat

You may have heard that standing a mattress on its side is the best way to store a mattress. While that may be fine for a short ride in the moving truck, it won’t work for storage. Let’s think about this logically. Mattresses were made to lay flat. That’s when they function their very best. Any other way is not how to store a mattress. Keep your mattress flat at all times–whether sleeping or storing. It will keep the padding in place and prevent any drooping.

#5 Don’t Stack Items on Top

I get it. Mattresses take up a lot of space, especially when set flat. In fact, depending on your bed’s size, your mattress could take up a good third of your 10×10 storage space. Even if you’re tight on space, you should avoid stacking items on your mattress at all costs.

Feel free to stack your mattress on top of level stacks, but don’t put anything on the mattress itself. This will cause permanent impressions in your mattress, making it impossible to use later on.

How to store a mattress tip 5: don't stack things on top of mattress

#6 Go for Climate Control

Extreme temperatures can be detrimental to furniture, so the storage shed out back might not be your best bet. Instead, choose somewhere indoors and climate controlled. This will ensure your mattress doesn’t fall victim to freeze damage or mildew.

#7 Mind the Humidity

Even if you are storing your mattress in a climate controlled environment, humidity could still sneak up on you. For example, if you decide to hole up your mattress in your basement, you should make sure dampness isn’t an issue.

Store your mattress elsewhere if humidity levels are too high. If you live in a naturally humid place and your entire home is constantly full of wet air, try using a dehumidifier or other ways to lower the humidity.

#8 Keep it Out of the Elements

Don’t throw your mattress out in your yard and expect to use it next spring. You will be sorely disappointed. Even wrapping your mattress in several layers of plastic won’t be enough to fully protect it from the elements. Always store mattresses indoors and away from rain, sunshine and dirt.

#9 Air it Out

Once your mattress has been in storage for months while moving, suffocating under those layers of plastic, it needs a breather. Take the cover off your mattress and let it air out for a while before putting sheets on it. This will get rid of any musty smells and prevent mildew growth.

#10 Clean Again Before Use

Once your mattress has been aired out, give it another thorough clean before sleeping on it. Everything in storage seems to develop odors and get coated in debris no matter how careful you are. Your mattress will likely be in need of a bath, even if you can’t see or smell any abnormalities. Pull out your vacuum and upholstery cleaner, and give that thing a good scrub.

Minimalist Mattress

5 Tips for Storing a Box Spring

How to store a box spring is strikingly similar to how to store a mattress. Chances are you’ll be storing both items together, so you’ll want to give each piece its own treatment. Box springs tend to be less expensive to replace than a good mattress, so throw it out if you don’t want to take time storing it properly. Anything worth storing is worth storing well.

#1 Clean it Up

Just like your mattress, you’ll want to give the box spring a good cleaning before moving or putting it in storage. The same technique of vacuuming and using upholstery cleaner will do just fine for the box spring.

Patriotic Mattress

#2 Use a Separate Cover

Don’t put the box spring in the same cover as the mattress. Mildew, bacteria and dust will thrive in the extra space, especially where material meets material. Purchase a second mattress bag, cover or double the plastic to keep your box spring wrapped up tightly.

#3 Shove it Wherever it Fits

Wait, you don’t have to lay a box spring flat?

Well, technically you should lay the box spring flat, but it’s much less crucial than laying the mattress flat in a moving truck or storage unit. You box spring will most likely not receive any damage from being stored on its side, so go ahead. (If you are dedicating floor space to laying the mattress flat anyway, though, you might want to just lay the box spring in the same place.)

#4 Climate Control

Just like your mattress, the box spring is vulnerable to temperatures, elements, and humidity. Keep it in a secure space away from the sun and rain, and make sure the temperature and humidity stay mellow.

#5 Air Out and Clean Before Use

When you’re ready to use your box spring again, follow the same practice as taking your mattress out of storage. Take the cover off and let it breathe for a while, and then give it a quick clean. This will take care of all the leftover smells and debris from storage.

Mattress ready for storage

Where to Store a Mattress

Mattresses need very specific sets of conditions to thrive. One possible set is being nestled in between your bedframe and sheets, dutifully cradling you to sleep. The other set is being wrapped securely, laying flat in a climate controlled space. Because these conditions are so specific, you won’t be able to get away with storing a mattress just anywhere.

Here are some things you should look for in your storage space:

  • Access to AC/heater
  • Low humidity
  • Plenty of room
  • Free from dirt and bugs
  • Away from direct sunlight

Need help finding a space that can provide all of these things? Try using Neighbor to find storage space listings near you! You can refine your search by specific amenities, size and price. After you’ve found the perfect space, you can get in touch with the host and move your mattress or other furniture in ASAP. Payments are automatic so you won’t have to stress about that mattress anymore once it’s put away.


Too many items waste away in storage units every year due to improper storage techniques. Don’t let your mattress be one of them. In fact, don’t let any of your stuff get ruined while it’s in storage. We can tell you the best way to store almost anything.

Have you ever stored a mattress? How did it go? We’d love to hear about it below!

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